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Boys & Girls Club Donation Original List Price: 10.00 EA

10.00 EA
Call to order.

GuitarPlayers of the Twin Tiers
presented by AudioClassics.com

Guitar Player's of the Twin Tiers This year, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Binghamton celebrates 100 years of service to the young people of our area. In that time, children have become grandparents. All the while, through more changes than anyone can count, our mission has remained the same. To inspire all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances. To overcome obstacles and realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

We have been extremely successful in this mission, due in no small part to thousands of friends and supporters who share our vision and love for youth. Backing up that empathy with more than words, their hard work and generosity has been the fuel that changes and saved lives.

We are tremendously grateful and proud for the time, talent and energy that has made "Guitar Players of the Twin Tiers" possible. Steve Rowell's generosity has given us all the opportunity to experience the amazing talent and artistry of our future.

Enjoy every minute of this wonderful collection and know that your generosity will have lasting benefits for thousands of young people, long after the final note is played.

Mary Beth Smith
Mary Beth Smith
Executive Director
Boys & Girls Clubs of Binghamton

  1. Christopher Brown - "Now and Then" (2:11)
    Written by Christopher Brown. "Being a long time admirer of the 12 string guitar and the handfull of really good performers (Leo Kottke, Peter Lang, John Fahey in particular) I decided to finally buy one in January of 2004. This song was the result of taking my guitar licks from past years and combining them with "newer" guitar licks of my more recent attempts at playing". Performed on a Taylor Leo Kottke 12 String.

  2. Dave Carey - "Jones Rd." (1:56)
    Written by Dave Carey. Performed on a 1996 Taylor 810.

  3. Christian Sezenias - "Old Cork Capo" (2:55)
    Written by Christian Sezenias. Performed on a Sears & Roebuck Parlor Guitar circa 1920. Band Affiliation: The New Rockefellers

  4. Lou Ligouri & Mike Whitney - "Perception #3" (7:39)
    Written by Lou Liguori & Mike Whitney. "This song was written for the Endicott Performing Arts Center's production of Sensory Perceptions". Performed on a Taylor 714CE and Simon & Patrick Acoustic 6. Business Affiliation: Lou Ligouri, Endicott Performing Arts Center 607-785-8903 www.endicottarts.com Band Affiliation: Mike Whitney, Higher Ground http://higherground12.tripod.com

  5. Tom Quigley & Dannielle Spindler-Swart - "Sidh Beag Agus Sidh Mor" (3:17)
    Written by Turlough O'Carolan (Old Irish). Performed on an Epiphone F5 (Tom) and an Art & Luthrie Cedar 6 string (Dannielle).

  6. Michael W. Lurie - "Come Back Baby" (2:34)
    Traditional - "I learned this tune from David Von Ronk (R.I.P. Dave) sitting in a small park near Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. Dave was a great guy and a superb musician and he's sorely missed. They've named a street in New York City for him". Performed on a 1969 Martin D21.

  7. Lee Campbell - "Snow Showers" (4:29)
    Written by Lee Campbell. "This song was written in February 2004 and came together during a week or so of looking out the window while working on the song and watching snow showers, hence the title. I'd like to dedicate it to my Dad".
    Performed on an Alverez AC605 Classical.

  8. Roger Bacorn - "Last Flight Out" (2:49)
    Written by Roger Bacorn. Performed on a Bacorn J45 Flattop. Business Affiliation: Bacorn Guitars www.bacornguitars.com

  9. Tom Rasely - "Words Are Not Enough" (3:21)
    Written by Tom Rasely "A song about prayer - written in 1993". Performed on a Yamaha 245S Classical.

  10. Marisa & Gary Reynolds - "Ahab's Dance" (2:51)
    Written by Gary Reynolds. "If Captain Ahab could dance with a wooden leg, this would be the beat he'd stumble to". Performed on a Taylor 814CE-Ltd (Gary) and a viola (Marisa).

  11. Harris Thor & Marc "Tiny" Rando - "Just Do It" (5:11)
    Written by Harris Thor and Marc "Tiny" Rando ©1985 Screaming Headlines. "Just Do It was titled after rough sketching the tune, playing it and allowing ideas to flow. We are now celebrating 20 years of writing, playing and performing together". Performed on a Taylor 710 and 855 guitar courtesy of Audio Classics, Fender Jazz bass - Epoxy Fretless Conversion by HG Thor, HG Thor Viking custom guitar, Sunn T50-C combo amp, Boss pedals. Contact Info: HG Thor Guitar Lab, 607-786-3749 www.epoxyfretless.com

  12. Mark Ciacelli - "Mucka's Mood" (2:45)
    Written by Mark Ciacelli and James Mucka. "Jim Mucka and I met when we started working at IBM Endicott after graduating college. After playing together for a while and having worked through the blues and rock tunes we both knew, we would jam on various progressions that we came up with through the course of an evening. I settled on this arrangement and came up with the melody line after introducing it to other friends. I haven't seen Jim in many years, but I always think of him when I play this tune. This one's for you, buddy". Performed on a 1992 Taylor 412.

  13. Mark Breno - "Good Morning, Rooney Mountain!" (3:03)
    Written by Mark Breno. "Watching the day & Rooney Mountain wake up! Good Times, Good Friends & Good Music!" Performed on a Guild D55. Business Affiliation: Americas Business Express 607-772-0432 www.americasbusinessexpress.com

  14. Rob Stachyra & Scott Harrington - "The Merry-Go-Round" (2:01)
    Written by Rob Stachyra ©2004. Performed on a Martin Eric Clapton Model 00028EC and a 1946 Gibson L50 (Rob); 40's German upright bass (Scott).

  15. Steve Frankel & Jonny Owens - "24 Hours a Day Blues" (4:48)
    Traditional - Performed on a '56 Blonde Relic Reissue Stratocaster, '57 Tweed Deluxe, '64 Reverb Tank, 1934 Gibson L00(Steve); 1977 Fender Precision Bass (John). "Dedicated to my beloved Mother Harriet Frankel, whom I'll cherish always". Band Affiliation and Contact Information: Kemosabe, Pete Kupilas 607-692-4463

  16. John Farrell, Robert Farrell & Luke Brookhart - "The Gospel Hymn Porch Medley" Rock of Ages, A Closer Walk with Thee, Amazing Grace (3:26)
    Traditional - Performed on a '69 Gibson J45, Fender Jazz Bass Plus, Jay Turser 134 DC Vine, Japanese Strat. Business Affiliation: John Farrell, Exit Realty 607-760-5000

  17. Gerry Sherwood - "Tears of Venus" (4:14)
    Written by Gerry Sherwood. "An old melody I had been toying with and when called upon ...arranged and recorded it". BMI © 2004 # 821718 Shertunes Ink. Performed on a Paul Reed Smith Standard 24, Tech 21, Fender P Bass, Ludwig Drums, Zildjian Cymbals. All Instruments played by Gerry Sherwood. Band Affiliation and Contact Information: "The Shakes" www.gerryandlori.com

  18. Roger Bacorn - "Great Dream from Heaven" (0:44)
    Written by Joseph Spence with arrangement by Ry Cooder. Performed on a Bacorn J45 Flattop. Business Affiliation: Bacorn Guitars www.bacornguitars.com

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