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Home > McIntosh > MR78
McIntosh MR78
McIntosh's best tuner Original List Price: 1699.00 EA

Grade: S1 S1: 2999.00 EA
Special Item Call for Details
Electrical: Meets or exceeds original specs, all funtions operate
Comments:Prototype on MR77 chassis. Circa 1971
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Grade: B1 B1: 1999.00 EA
Physical: Some light scratches - Excellent Condition
Electrical: Meets or exceeds original specs, all functions operate
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Grade: C1-AD2360.MOD C1-AD2360.MOD: 1899.00 EA

Comments:with Modafferi Mod.
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Grade: C? C?: 1799.00 EA
Physical: Some scratches or nicks, light oxidation - Good Condition
Electrical: Not graded AS IS
Call to order

Grade: C1 C1: 1199.00 EA
Physical: Some scratches or nicks, light oxidation - Good Condition
Electrical: Meets or exceeds original specs, all functions operate
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Grade: D1 D1: 1099.00 EA
Physical: Some dents or oxidation - Fair Condition
Electrical: Meets or exceeds original specs, all functions operate
Comments:Works fine, Nice front, corrosion on the rest.
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Grade: C7 C7: 999.00 EA
Physical: Some scratches or nicks, light oxidation - Good Condition
Electrical: Not checked, may work AS IS
Call to order

Grade: D4 D4: 999.00 EA
Physical: Some dents or rust - Fair Condition
Electrical: Does not meet spec, all functions operate AS IS
Call for availability

McIntosh MR78 The McIntosh MR78 is highly regarded for superior selectivity and sensitivity with low distortion. The MR78 was designed by Richard Modaferri and uses his patented RIMO filter, an IF passband filter with remarkable adjacent channel rejection and user selectable passbands.

Audio Classics has a limited number of these tuners that have been recently modified and aligned by the designer himself.

Performance Features

  • Multiple selectivity, normal, narrow and super narrow, switchable from the front panel. An elegant solution to a tough problem. Switching is done by means of diodes using DC switching; an ideal way to handle a difficult RF problem. A two position RF selectivity diode switching circuit for low and high gain antennas adds a useful parameter that is unique. One pair of balanced high level inputs and balanced outputs for all six outputs.
  • Linear phase (constant delay) IF amplifier for low distortion at even high selectivity and low distortion. Patented two eight pole filters are selectable as well as a four pole multi element crystal in the super narrow position.
  • A phase linear bridge discriminator provides distortionless conversion from FM to audio and exhibits a capture ratio close to 0dB. No active elements are used, providing a driftless, ideal detector.
  • Five element tuning capacitor improves RF front end characteristics; more tuned circuits for better selectivity. Silver plated chassis and RF coils for better shielding, lower losses and higher Q circuits.
  • Highest spurious rejection 100dB (IHF) and highest image rejection 110dB (88 to 108 MHz). This means you receive the stations at only the right place on the dial. You don't receive the same stations, or some mixture, as you tune across the dial.
  • McIntosh developed a special detecting circuit used in the multiplex section. An advantage of this circuit is the elimination of the critical adjustments necessary with commonly used matrixing circuits. The circuit detects the L - R sidebands, then automatically matrixes the recovered information with the L - R carrier signal. This yields the left and right program output with maximum separation.
The best analog McIntosh Tuner.
Designed by Richard Modafferi.
Shipping weight: 40 lbs.

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Feedback: I am so very pleased with the MR-78 Mods...and extremely happy. Just a short note of appreciation....It is amazing how expert tuning and mods have transformed the sound from the modest MR-78 to concert level reproduction with the mod MR-78!. I am fortunate to live in Raleigh, NC, where we still have a beautiful FM Classical Public Radio station and great programing. The sound I am receiving from the air waves is nothing short of magical..true detailed FM, with the quietest blacklist background ever imagined. It looks brand new, wonderful clean cosmetics and I don't know how he got the tuner glass that clean and transparent! The tuner is now beyond words, Stations lock in and have a stable rock solid musical flow as each note crescendos; and then decays ...it is just as good as my best digital music files. I hope the FM signal here lasts .....as this has been the best week of nightly classical musical I have ever experienced. (..and of note: I have owned several fine tuners over the years; and a few Magnum DynaLab's as well!) Highest recommendations to get this mod if you ever have the opportunity to grab a used McIntosh MR-78-----sent it in to the best at Audio Classics and Richard! ( They also were able to find a near mint wooden McIntosh cabinet for the MR-78 chassis as well!) Regards and Thank you for the very special gift of my new nightly audiophile musical experiences..., D.C. NC
Richard's mods on the MR78 are sooooooo worth it. E.K., MD
... thank you again for the amp and tuner...... Beautiful equipment. The tuner is awesome. You have always gone out of your way to provide me great service and prices. I can't thank you enough for the advice and insights on the equipment you have provided too. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate that. S.S., WA
Mr. Modafferi created a masterpiece. Please pass along my compliments and thanks! That tuner just hauls in the stations and with it's great selectivity there's no tromping from other stations. Stations tuned in Normal sensitivity with flickering or non-existent Stereo indications almost always produce a steady Stereo indicator when switched to narrow or super narrow. Sometimes there is audible hiss and that can be cleaned up with filter selection. That tuner rocks! I'm listening to a low wattage Detroit classical music station now that required narrow and 1 step of filter but it is now crystal clear with great audio fidelity. It's antenna is 70 miles from me ... D.K., MI
The MR78 arrived at my office yesterday afternoon. Not being able to stand it, I took the rest of the day off and rushed home to hook it up and give it a listen. I read Richard's notes several times, and even though I am an engineer myself (ME not EE), I know my limits and admit that I don't understand all that he wrote. No matter, the tuner sounds good. I can't say how much better, as in before and after, but I can tell you that my favorite station is approximately 60 miles away and before Richard worked his magic it was listenable in mono, now it is listenable in stereo. I am very impressed. Please pass along my thanks to Richard. BTW, I sold McIntosh at stores in Seattle and San Diego for most of the 1970s and had an extremely high opinion of the MR78, but never could afford one, even on accommodation (starving student syndrome), at that time. It is a great privilege to finally own one and know that it is working at peak efficiency. B.S., FL
Magnificent. Sounds great. Nice piece of electrical engineering legacy. Thanks to everyone involved. J.B., MA
would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a job very well done in the restoration of my C28, MC2205 and MR78 some time back...........The strapped pallet shipped back to me was so beautiful, I didn't want to open it up right away.......Your shipping technique is unmatched...........Nothing short of an explosion or fire could cause any damage to units shipped via your packing methods..........All is well and the units are looking and sounding, at least to my ears, like they did in 1973.........Thanks again for making the decision to have you ship them back to me a "no-brainer"........... I also very much enjoyed the book about the Amplifier Clinics, of which I took advantage a few times at Stuart's Audio in Westfield, NJ. J.G., PA
The MR78 is brilliant. Although not as warm sounding as the MR67 it makes better use of the external antenna, is much more selective and the sound is crisper and more detailed. The controls give me more control over the station tuning. Plus it is a beautiful unit. G.L., NY
The MR-78 returned home yesterday ..., as predicted. It worked perfectly right away. Thank you very much for the fine work in restoring and reinvigorating my tuner. It looks better than new, and plays better than ever. It also works perfectly, and pulls in more stations though these apartment walls. Stereo lock on all local stations is 100%, a huge improvement. Again, thank you Richard Modafferi for your work. M.H., DC
Received the Mac MR78 tuner yesterday in a tank like packaging, and fired up the unit right away…The best word to describe the sound of the FM music is AMAZING, and of course paired with my first Mac C28 preamp. I think the two units are meant for each other. I placed the MR78 on top of the C28. Never thought that FM broadcast sounds like CD or better. This should be the ultimate FM tuner and will beat any sophisticated and cost to no object digital tuner in the market today. The unit is really gorgeous from any angle, well built machine, built like a tank! Thanks again for an excellent service. My next venture will be the Mac MC 150. Hope to get this one soon for my collection. R.A., FL
This is great. i've taken the liberty of mounting my metz antenna on the outside of my townhome and i'm pulling in low-power, small college stations (and others) and using the functions on the MR-78 to enjoy stuff I was never able to (or knew existed) before. this tuner has redefined my feelings towards FM radio..... I told one of my younger friends about it and he was floored, he can't wait to come over.... I actually got a kick out of finding some tiny little conservative religious radio station in the middle of nowhere and listened to the preacher rant for a while as I enjoyed a nice cold vodka Mojito, thinking..... "wow, his voice is pretty clear and has good stereo separation!" Mr. Modafferi, you are the best. J.L. NC
Hope that all is well in Vestal. Please extend my most sincere congratulations to Mr. Modaferri and also to anyone else who worked on my MR-78. This is the best sounding tuner I have tried to date. Considering my location, that is one huge compliment. R.O., CA
finally baby is back home. It sounds wonderfully. My experience with Audio Classics was the best possible. Yous service was fast, professional, honest. I offered you the possibility to get more money: you did not take advantage. You charged me the freight you really paid, and did not charge the new box. Richard Modafferi did a wonderful job and an exhaustive report. Thank you very much for all of this, and for the joy I am feeling now. A.M., Italy
Another BIG thanks to the service dept. My MR-78 is back better than new. They did some major work on this unit last year. When it developed another problem, all got fixed under warranty. Like they say down here "Dont get no better than that" Thanks again. 73's J.Z., SC
The MR78 and MCD7000 arrived today. I just had to let you know how happy I am with each one. Not only do they sound terrific, the aesthetic value is absolutely first rate. I sincerely thank you. Your salesmanship and products are second to none. You've got my business for life! Thanks again. Sincerely, D.B., MI
The MR 78 tuner is truely a wonderful tuner and I am glad I got it repaired and modified by you folks. J.D., MD
wOW !!!!! What a fantastic job .., The piece never sounded better . makes my other mr-78 sound really distorted .. YOUR company really is the best I've had the experience to deal with ,THANKS for everything including the bulbs ...D.S., PA.
This is one week listening music from the MR78 : a fabulous pleasure ! We really enjoy this source of real music. Back to home we push out the stress of all the day with jazz or classical, uncompressed audio from some good radio companies in Paris. Thank you again, D.K., France
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with how things turned out on the Mac tuner and amp. Got everything hooked up and the system never sounded better. Your packaging for return shipment of the amp and tuner was super. My thanks to everyone at Audio Classics who made this happen. Hope to work with you folks again. J.D., MD
Received my wonderfully packaged and restored MR-78 (Modafferi-mod) .... and can only say WOW! I am blown away by the tuners musicality, improved stereo separation, and outstanding S/N ratio on FM stations 60 miles away that I normally listen to. On vocals it lets one hear the timbre of each voice better than before. My thanks to Mr. Modafferi for his work .....I also appreciate the nice detailed invoice of what was done. Again, thank you J.D., MD
.... I just wanted to say that the MR78 is absolutely fantastic in every way. Since I unboxed it, believe it or not we've put over 200 hours on it, running almost 24/7 in my studio, making these endless long hours bearable! Incidently, this one is the best sounding MR78 I've heard-and I've heard some damn good ones... Thanks again for the "deal"-whatever it ultimately cost me, it's worth it. Till the next transaction- B.C., CA
Just wanted to mention that the MR 78 got here on Monday. I am more than happy with the cosmetic condition of the tuner. More importantly, it sounds wonderful! Im still contemplating a CD player.... Thanks for your help. Best regards, B.M., N.J.
..my modified MR78 is nothing short of spectacular in terms of sound and soundstage. Thanks for a great job. R.F., NJ.
I recently purchased an MR78 with the modifications of Rich Modafferi, from you and I am wholly pleased with it. ... The '78 is dynamite. J.Y., OH.
The McIntosh equipment I bought from you is working great...especially the MR78 with the Modafferi modification. R.S., NY.
Received the C34V yesterday and as with the MC2002 and MR78, it is in pristine condition. Your honest representation of condition and service make your company unique in todays business world. D.I., MI.
...Thank you for the great job you did on both the MPI4 and the MR78. The MPI4 functions as it should. In fact it works better than when it was new...Thank you for your prompt courteous attention. M.P., FL.
I sent my MR78 for the full "Moda-Mod". To say that I am happy or satisfied with your work is an understatement! ... this MR78 now outperforms, in any specification or subjective criteria you wish, a number of 1990 state-of-the art tuners as well as a fully restored 10B. The quality of workmanship, packing and the fact that some of the work I requested ... was performed at minimal or no cost, make your service an excellent value. J.W., MD.
We are so pleased with the modified MR78 that the superlatives are flying all over the house. This tuner is quite simply put "Breathtaking with good signal source. R.H., FL
Re: Modafferi MR78 Modification: I've recently purchased an old MR78 and had this modification done -the result being th best tuner I have ever heard. My previous tuner -Onkyo T-9090 (I) - may be an "eye lash" better at receiving weak & distant stations; but the audio qualitiy of the mod MR78 is far superior. I have tried most of Stereophile's Class A tuners in my system, and the Mac-mod. is in a class by itself. By the way, I would rank the Magnum FT-101 best in sound quality amoung currently available tuners. J.V., TN
My MR78 Tuner is doing just fine - It was well worth the wait and I appreciated your finding such a fine instrument. J.C., NY
I'm very pleased with the results of our MR71 venture. The sound quality is truly amazing with good programming. Soft, lush top end & detailed throughout the entire range. I've never heard a tuner image like this before and it is truly exceptional in this regard. In comparison with my MR78 modified by RM, it seems to be an equal in sensitivity and general sound quality. The 78 sounds more truncated in the highs, but more extended. Also the special controls offered on the MR78 make selectivity better. I now own two of the finest sounding tuners that money can buy (yes I've heard the 10B & Sequerra) and can vigorously recommend both units to music lovers! Thanks for your advice on the RM modifications to these specimens. R.H., FL
I would like to thank Richard for developing such a great product. The MR-78 provides great overall performance, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the unit even more after Richard is through with it.J.L., MI.
I just wanted to say \"thanks\" for the L-52 cabinet I recently ordered. It arrived the other day, perfectly packed, and in the Original shipping carton! It was in mint condition; I almost felt like I had bought a brand new cabinet. My MR-78 looks great in it! J.H.,CA
Re McIntosh MR78 repair: It arrived Friday and I have been listening to it all weekend. I think it actually sounds better than when new...R.B., WA.

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