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Professional Service Department:
Audio Classics has the three essential elements required to give you the best possible repair service on your stereo equipment should it need it.

1. Professional and experienced repair technicians whose knowledge is continuously upgraded to keep current with the rapid changes and advances in electronic technology.

2. Today's sophisticated circuits and electronics require sophisticated test instruments. Dual trace scopes, distortion analyzers, alignment generators, and more are all a part of the more than $30,000 investment we've made to protect your investment.

3. You are assured of the quickest repair possible using the correct parts and procedures. Rapid, complete service depends on rapid receipt of authorized factory repair parts. Audio Classics uses the fastest method of communication consistent with factory requirements. Audio Classics is committed to you, your enjoyment and your peace of mind.

Service Department

Ryan Ryan Kilpatrick
Service Manager · 8:30-5:00 M-F · 607-766-3501 x104

    Ryan is our highly experienced sales consultant and manager of our service department. Ryan began working with Audio Classics in 1992. Call Ryan for any sales related questions or service inquiries.

RichRichard Modafferi
    Inventor and independent consultant to Audio Classics, Rich Modafferi has established himself as one of the world's foremost authorities on tuner and loudspeaker design and development. He holds Masters degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the NJ Institute of Technology. A Senior Engineer at McIntosh Laboratories from 1968-74, he designed the MR77 and MR78 tuners and the famous "Rimo" filter. The MR78 tuner has received world wide acclaim for its State of the Art performance. From 1974 to the present, Richard has been a self employed inventor at Modafferi Acoustical Systems, Inc. He has been granted a United States patent for Phase Shift Bass Loading and for the Infinite Slope Crossover. These patents are currently being licensed to Joseph Audio of White Plains NY for use in their speaker systems. Richard also serves as a writer, reviewer and test lab for Audio Critic, and The Sensible Sound.

ATTENTION MCINTOSH TUNER AND TUNER PREAMP OWNERS (any model, any age) NOW Your McIntosh Tuner or Tuner preamp will perform even better. RICHARD MODAFFERI has agreed to do repairs, modifications and updates for customers of AUDIO CLASSICS. His intimate knowledge of the circuits allow him to improve the units audibly and measurably beyond their original performance limits. Your investment in this service is protected by a limited one year parts and labor guarantee.

KevinKevin Schmalz
    Kevin comes from a musical family and began playing the French horn when he was 12. He became interested in audio around the same time and started building kit audio equipment and speaker enclosures for friends while in high school. With the ongoing improvement in the quality of electronic components over time, he realized that older equipment could often be tweaked to sound better, and this discovery began a life-long interest in audio equipment. He attended Carnegie-Mellon University and earned BFA and MFA degrees in music performance, and was a member of the Caracas Philharmonic for several years during the early 1980s. When he returned to the States in the mid 1980s he continued to freelance around the Buffalo NY area, but got a day gig working for NYSEG which turned into a 30-year career in various capacities beginning with performing energy audits, marketing, credit, and finally program management. He recently retired from NYSEG and now is having a blast working for Audio Classics. His specialty is restoring vintage tube and solid-state equipment.

I contacted Audio Classics for a support issue and it was literally the best support experience I have had in my life. Ryan Kilpatrick was amazing and I cannot recommend Audio Classics enough. Thank you! JJ
I wanted to take a moment and thank you and the team who worked on my MA6100. It sounds great and I am very happy! PS - I should have contacted Audio Classics years ago! JA, NY
Fired it up today and WOW!!! I was on the fence about spending the money to get it reconditioned but it was worth every penny. Cant get over how good it sounds and looks, thank you very much for taking care of me and repairing this (McIntosh MA5100) family heirloom. JS, MA
Thank you for getting the C1100 repaired and shipped so quickly. Very much appreciated. FL, NJ
Received the amp today, hooked it up, and have been letting it rip for about half an hour. Its so great to have this link back in the chain. I wanted to thank you and the rest of the AC team for being so transparent and comprehensive in getting my amp on the books, on the bench, and back in my hands. I trust the shop explicitly and really appreciate all that you folks do. V.F, PA
I received my McIntosh stereo yesterday, all in good shape. I have to say Wow! Sounds better than I remember. Absolutely stunning warmth, depth and soundstage. Im glad I decided to hang on to it and have you guys get it back in playing condition. It brings my old Klipsch Fortes back to life. Great job! Thank you, MC, OR
Re C22 MC240 I got these set up and connected to my CD player and Turntable and they sound great. Thank you and the techs that serviced my unit for their help and attention to detail. Working with you and Audio Classics was a great experience from start to finish. Thanks again! PC, NY
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Ryan resolving an ongoing problem I had with my C22. Ryan always promptly responded to my emails and was very patient and helpful answering my questions when we spoke over the phone. Also, I appreciate the technician who worked on my C22. It's now performing great. I'm very pleased with the results. I hope your business continues to be around for many more years to come. Audio Classics is a class act! GN, NY
I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with Ryan resolving an ongoing problem I had with my C22. Ryan always promptly responded to my emails and was very patient and helpful answering my questions when we spoke over the phone. Also, I appreciate the technician who worked on my C22. It's now performing great. I'm very pleased with the results. I hope your business continues to be around for many more years to come. Audio Classics is a class act! GN, NY
The vintage audio set up is complete (for now)! My vintage preamp is back from service and sounding great. Thanks ... Audio Classics Ltd for the service on the preamp. BB, IA
Please send my regards to the tech(s) that worked on my MA6100. It sounds amazing now! Thank you! PC, SC
Tweeter repair.....Success! Well done Howard! David Bowie never sounded better.in this house anyway! FD, NY
I was a little skeptical before I had AC work on my C28, but the customer service experience was great and the quality of work done on the preamp was so impressive (and I'm not easy to impress) that I became a cheerleader for you on AK and other discussion groups. I'm a big Mac fan that came to the party late in life. Thanks for helping make used Mac gear attainable for we, the lesser wherewithal gifted! DR, NC
Thanks so much for what you guys do in keeping our old McIntosh stuff going strong! GC,
I bought my MA-5100 used in 1981, my first McIntosh piece. It has never sounded as good as it has since I received back from your shop. I have been listening to it nearly every morning. I look forward to doing business with you into the future. PR, RI
About the subject of knowing who your HIFI man is...it is important to know your HIFI man. Audio Classics Ryan is great to work with. Audio Classic Ryan does CATER to his customers. CATER Customers Are The Entire Reason. The humans at Audio Classics are greatly appreciated as they maintain and preserve the beautiful sound from Binghamton! C.G. IL
This is a follow up to a previous post. My Model 150 Turner had been out of service for a few years. After taking it to a qualified repair shop on Long Island, who held it for four months, it came back in even worse shape. Thanks to the group, I found some suggested repair places in NY. Eventually, I was able to find Audio Classics in Vestal, NY. I called them, and they said send it up. The first time they had it for about two weeks and then sent it back to me. It was better, but there were still some issues. They said send it back, without discussion. I received it back after two weeks and it is 100. There was no additional charge. It was packaged better and safer than the original Marantz box (which I still have). These people are the real deal. Inexpensive, no. But, if you love your classic Marantz products, they will treat it as if you were a relative. First Class service. Period. Ryan Kilpatrick is the service manager, and he is an honest and pleasant, classic enthusiast. Dont go anywhere else. J.M. NY
I am writing to thank you for fixing my McIntosh MX110. It is working great and apricate the notes on what was fixed. Thanks very much, W.A. MO
Amp was delivered today. What an incredible packing job. More importantly, what an incredible difference. It was a nice amp before...now its exquisite. Thanks!B.R.
UPS just dropped off my C26 and its back in its cabinet and on my audio rack where it belongs. It looks and sounds fabulous! A big thank you to you and AC for the always outstanding service! M.O. PA
Ryan and you crew just completed a restoration of my McIntosh MX110. They did an outstanding!! Job. I dont know what to say but thank you. Im utterly speechless on how beautiful it looks and sounds. Awesome job and much thanks. D.V. FL
Ryan finally got around to hooking the C1100 back up today. Everything works as it should... You guys are the best. I have and will continue to tell my friends and family what a great service you provide in both sales and service. M.H., MI
RE MAC1700 I39m on hour three of my return of my 1700 and I39m really pleased. I39m listening to a Grant Green CD I39ve played many times and CD playback on this unit has always been as close to vinyl as I39ve ever heard and the level of detail is really impressive. The improved tuner response has me thinking about putting a roof antenna up. I should have sent this to you sooner. Thanks. Have I mentioned that the phono playback sounds better than ever Nicely done. I owe you and the techs a beer. J.T. PA
Howard did a great job on the Rectilinears they are sonically perfect and I am happy to have them. G.S NY1310
I am really happy with the two repairs that your shop did for me in the past couple of months. The MR71 and the MC30 work great and I enjoy using them. Again I am really pleased with the repairs that Audio Classics did. N.U. CA
I have been listening to my refurbished 240 for several days straight through now and I am beyond pleased with the results. It was great meeting and talking to Ryan he did a an amazing job going through the amp top to bottom. It sounds better than I have ever heard it sound. not to mention super clean. The entire experience was top notch. Great customer service amazing store to visit in person Ryan and everyone I met were just awesome Also huge shout out to whomever packed her up for shipping you my friend are an artist You have a customer for life. D.D. OH
I wanted to follow on the return of my repaired MC2100. I39ve had a chance to blast through a few records and the amp sounds incredible. It39s obvious that the Audio Classics team put in a lot of effort to get this monster back on its feet and working out of both channels. HA From the Misfits to Lee Morgan to Ash Ra Tempel this MC2100 handles them all with ease and expresses sounds in every way a McIntosh should. Thanks again to you and the AC crew for getting my amp back in working order. I really appreciate it V.F. PA
I wanted to send a note thanking you and your team for the service done on my Marantz 10b. Richard39s work was incredible. Hard to believe you can get someone today with that level of experience and sophistication to bring a classic piece of equipment not only back to working condition but obviously better than it was when it was new in 1964 I am constantly amazed when listening to it now. It puts the other tuners I have to shame. The return packaging was excellent as well. I will certainly look to your group for my next audio service opportunity S.P. CA
Thanks youre a good PERSON I enjoy working with you C.R. IL
I have been listening to my system with my newly repaired MC1.2 kw. It is running fine. Thanks for your good work and excellent customer service. I knew that you would do a great job right from the start. I am glad I decided to use Audio Classics to do the repair. S.R. NY
I just wanted to say thanks for your great service on my c22 and mc240 that you restored .... The equipment sounds fantastic better than I would have imagined. But I hope that you don39t tire of hearing this kind of praise G.F. NY
I just wanted to inform you that I received the MR71. Everything looks good and the unit sounds great. Thanks for the great customer service that I received from Audio Classics. I will contact you again in the future if another one of my McIntosh components needs service. - N.U. CA
Your new technician who did my Scott 299 did a FANTASTIC job I am pleased as can be - the unit sounds as good as my way more expensive separate components including the phono section It drives the big Rectilinear III39s effortlessly and beautifully I am not parting with those. The Stromberg-Carlson 433 he fixed is also sounding amazing. I can39t tell you what a relief it is to have great service through Audio Classics G.S. NY
Thanks to you and crew for your continued after sale support. I always look here first for my latest gadgets. E.W., IL
My McIntosh MA6300 arrived yesterday as promised. You did a great job re-boxing the unit. I have it installed and running. It sounds great and works perfectly. Thanks again for your great work. T.E., MI
The MA5100 arrived yesterday afternoon. ...The amp sounds more fuller and deeper. ... Audio Classics has renewed my faith in the MA5100. The MA5100 is now performing the way it should. A big thank you to everyone who had a hand in working on my amp, and especially to Ryan and Steve who have been super to deal with. Thank you for everything you have done for my MA5100. AC continues to give superior customer service. T.G., WV
... my MC2125 that you worked on sounds great. I look forward to getting many years of great sound out of it. R.L, NY
... thank you and the rest of the team. ... I could sense and see the level of attention and caring put into restoring the two units. Cost is a factor with these equipment specially for someone new, and I did not quite know what to expect from them. I do enjoy listening to the radio and prior to the service the MR77 was disappointing but I had no idea what was normal. It now sounds absolutely beautiful and so does the humble MA6100. You guys are like Pediatricians as you cure our babies of their ails and put a smile on their parents! I hope you all enjoy the great work you do. K.A., PA
Thanks for the excellent service on my MC2505-2, it looks right now, functions correctly and sounds great. D.K., MI
I just have to ... tell you how great an experience it has been doing business with you guys. The excellent repair that Ryan and the tech staff has done for me on the Mac1700 receiver is just truly amazing and appreciated. You guys are definitely professional and know your business. The receiver has been totally brought back to life like it never has before. Power, realism, I can't thank you enough! Please feel free to use my comments on your website. D.T., PA
... thank you for doing the firmware updates…………….that is something that I wasn’t looking forward to doing! Not to get all mushy………..but I really appreciate the confident feeling of transactions with you and Audio Classics. I just don’t worry about it, knowing that your representations are always honest and full of value. S.A. TX
... I want to thank you for the work you guys did to it. .... I knew immediately the tuner sounded better but wanted to check everything out before I contacted you. You guys have refurbished that unit for me and I have purchased an MR77 tuner and MC2105 amp from you. I am extremely pleased with each piece and the fantastic sound I get out them. May be old stuff, but it sounds great to me. You have been excellent to work with and I appreciate all of your work and help with my various transactions. ... I could not be more pleased with the performance of the MA6100 and other pieces I have purchased from you. J.E., VA
I have to thank you for the EXCEPTIONAL service my MAC1700. It sounds better than new and the radio is sweet-sounding and clear. I realize it had been a long time since you looked at it and still you guys took great care of me. I will need speakers at some point and there is no other place I will look. Many thanks for all your effort it has been very much appreciated. R.C, NY
You are a worthy humane cause to and for Everything McIntosh ! You did a fantastic job refurbishing my Dad' vintage 68' C22 Preamplifier and MC250 Amp which coincided with a personal visit to AUDIO CLASSICS, you arranged... a free MAC FACTORY TOUR and kept me busy ... while you did your magic to my McIntosh gear . ...."I DON'T FORGET A GOOD TIME by your presence and detailed efforts..! R.R., CT
Mr. Modafferi created a masterpiece. Please pass along my compliments and thanks! That tuner just hauls in the stations and with it's great selectivity there's no tromping from other stations. Stations tuned in Normal sensitivity with flickering or non-existent Stereo indications almost always produce a steady Stereo indicator when switched to narrow or super narrow. Sometimes there is audible hiss and that can be cleaned up with filter selection. That tuner rocks! I'm listening to a low wattage Detroit classical music station now that required narrow and 1 step of filter but it is now crystal clear with great audio fidelity. It's antenna is 70 miles from me ... D.K., MI
I received the CD player after its repair and it is working fine. ... I convey my thanks and appreciation to both of you for the service and courtesies each of you extended to me. Again, thank you for your service and assistance with the CD player. J.G., NY
... my MA6100 Integrated Amp has arrived and is working perfectly. Thank you for your rapid response to my concerns. All of the people I talked to at Audio Classics were great. When all connected, everything was perfect !!!! and I mean perfect !!! T.Z., PA
The MR78 arrived at my office yesterday afternoon. Not being able to stand it, I took the rest of the day off and rushed home to hook it up and give it a listen. I read Richard's notes several times, and even though I am an engineer myself (ME not EE), I know my limits and admit that I don't understand all that he wrote. No matter, the tuner sounds good. I can't say how much better, as in before and after, but I can tell you that my favorite station is approximately 60 miles away and before Richard worked his magic it was listenable in mono, now it is listenable in stereo. I am very impressed. Please pass along my thanks to Richard. BTW, I sold McIntosh at stores in Seattle and San Diego for most of the 1970s and had an extremely high opinion of the MR78, but never could afford one, even on accommodation (starving student syndrome), at that time. It is a great privilege to finally own one and know that it is working at peak efficiency. B.S., FL
Thank you and your team for a GREAT repair and tune-up job on my MR74, Stromberg-Carlson tuner and MPX adapter. L.G., NY
Audio Classics has consistently provided me excellence in service and equipment for over 30 years and is second to none. My new from Audio Classics MAC4100 is more beautiful sound from Binghamton and Audio Classics in the house to go along with my other “Black Beauties” from Binghamton and Audio Classics. Ryan Kilpatrick is the best…C.G., IL
Just a note to thank you for the great service. The amplifier works great and I'm enjoying the music once again. S.G.,VA
You guys did a great job on my mc-240. Amazing sounding 50 year old amp. Very happy. Thanks again. J.N., NY
I've listened the MC2105 and C28 for several hours since returning home. They sound great. Thank you for getting these done ... and doing such a fine job. I appreciate your help and will certainly pass on my experience to others looking for McIntosh pieces to be worked on. D.C., N
Thank you for the repair of my MA6500, for which I am very grateful. I appreciate you and your teams effort to help me. T.O. OH
Owning early vintage McIntosh audio equipment is akin to having a ‘67 Mustang in your garage. There is a significant amount of responsibility in owning both. They should be kept looking their best, and they must always be fully operational. It takes a little time, and sometimes it costs a little money. This commitment will insure a reward of sweet music with mellow depth, vitality, and clarity. Those of us who are fortunate enough to own vintage McIntosh audio equipment are equally fortunate to have the good folks at Audio Classics available to us. They are McIntosh people who fully understand the McIntosh customer. To begin a repair or maintenance process, Audio Classics will sell the customer a tried and true shipping box system which is custom designed for the specific component along with clear directions for packaging to assure that the equipment is fully protected during transport. They provide an accurate estimate to complete the necessary repair along with a lengthy bench test and calibration to return the component to factory specifications. I have had a number of customer/vendor interactions with Audio Classics, and they have always met and/or exceeded my expectations. T.W., MD
... The sound coming out of my speakers is stunning. Everything I had hoped for. Just wanted to express my thanks to everyone involved including the lead tech who brought my 4300v back to spec, to the person who packed my 4300v as though it were a a rare vase from the Ming Dynasty, and and special thanks to Dave Newmark who knows how to look after a customer from initial inquiry right through to after delivery service. This is my second purchase from your company. I would recommend you folks heartily to anyone I know. I can only wonder what my 3rd purchase from you guys is going to be! M.S., Canada
I've had some time to use the C28 and thought I'd get back to you with my impressions. I am very pleased! The amp is as good or better than new, and I'm sure I will get many years of great service from it. Knowing that makes it easy to amortize the investment I've made. Thank you to you and to your tech(s). I'm glad to see the passion for this old analog gear, and I'm happy to patronize such dedicated professionals. D.H., CA
Receiver FM sounds superb ! Thanks for everything ! W.F., OH
I reinstalled my C26 into my system ...and have had it on constantly since then. Thanks again for the incredible service. After the overhaul it sounds noticeably clearer and with the new gold I/O RCA jacks, faceplate, and side trim you’d never guess it was manufactured in 1972. The work you did was top notch and after such fantastic service and unbelievably quick turnaround time, I would never take my precious gear anywhere but Audio Classics. C.Z, NY
I just got my C-28 back from you after having a drop-out problem fixed. WOW!! The C-28 looks like new and sounds fantastic. R.P. VA.
I just wanted to let you know that I received the C37 and I'm enjoying it very much. It sounds and works great. Thanks for the great work, A.M., PA.
... after more than a year with it, I am extremely happy with the C20. Your tech did a masterful job on the updates. It seems to get better every time I turn it on. LP listening is more enjoyable than ever. Even some of my audio-snob friends have started watching and waiting for a C20 on ebay for a reasonable price. C.J., CO
would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for a job very well done in the restoration of my C28, MC2205 and MR78 some time back...........The strapped pallet shipped back to me was so beautiful, I didn't want to open it up right away.......Your shipping technique is unmatched...........Nothing short of an explosion or fire could cause any damage to units shipped via your packing methods..........All is well and the units are looking and sounding, at least to my ears, like they did in 1973.........Thanks again for making the decision to have you ship them back to me a "no-brainer"........... I also very much enjoyed the book about the Amplifier Clinics, of which I took advantage a few times at Stuart's Audio in Westfield, NJ. J.G., PA
Great job! I cannot believe how quiet and clearer it sounds, and obviously how noisy it must have been. Thank you. D.S., NY
I received my MC2105 on Friday and just have to say the packaging was incredible and as a result arrived in perfect condition. I hooked it up and all I can say is the sound is amazing in comparison to what I had before. It is amazing what you guys were able to do with this amp. I could not be any happier with the work or service I have received from you guys. J.F., WV
Not sure what you are paying Ryan, but if you don't know (and I'm sure you do), you are getting him cheap. I've dealt with Ryan on several past Mc purchases.....most recently on the repair of my MC501's. As usual, he did an OUTSTANDING job. If you look on ANY Mc audio forum, you'll see that Ryan has become "the face" for your company. Please be sure to share with him, he did a fantastic job on the repair of my 501's. Congrat's on having such a wonderful employee. J.W., IN.
UPS just dropped off my MX-113 that I had restored at Audio Classics. ... The difference is amazing on much more detail and balance I have again with this tuner/pre-amp. The folks at AC did amazing work and even provided me with the specs report of how well it now tests out. I am so happy with my set up now. I think I am done for a little while on upgrades and will just enjoy this sweet McIntosh sound for a few years to come. J.F., WV
... thank you for the tour of the facilities and the tube work on my preamp. It was a great pleasure to meet and be greted by you and your wonderful staff. I do not think I would have driven 428 miles roundtrip if I did not have great faith in the integrity and workmanship of your fine facilities. The recommendation to change the stock tubes for good quality Teles/Siemens has made a hugh difference on my rig.... Thanks for a wonderful experience C.A., NY
Got the 5100 back this afternoon, and it is all set up and sounds perfect. Thank you very much for your and your team's attentive fast service--i am so happy. Old-school service--there is nothing like it. J.B., MA
C2200 repair: It sounds fantastic just like it did all these years. When I opened the box I thought that you guys might have sent me a new Pre-Amp since it was cleaned and packed very well. Its nice to see that in addition to the repairs the entire Pre-Amp has been cleaned - nice to see the gold knobs and end-caps in shiny new condition. Thanks a lot for all your efforts in getting the pre-Amp repaired, cleaned and upgraded to LED lighting. Thanks once again J.M., TX
I just wanted to let y’all know the amp arrived…………….and is in service! Ryan did a fine job on it. I hooked it up this evening and it’s perfect!! Many thanks to all of you – it took a while, but it was worth it. R.O., AZ
... you provided impeccable, professional service for one of my most prized possessions, my McIntosh 2105 power amp. I really appreciate your friendly, professional help and care that you gave to my Mac. The 180 mile drive was well worth the time, as you and Ernie really made me feel at home. I wish I lived closer. Audio Classics is McIntosh heaven!!! You and Ernie made my day, .... it was so nice to get away and devote some time to my audiophile passion. The McIntosh factory tour was a dream come true for me, as I have wanted to do that for a very long time. Thank you again for calling them and setting up the tour for us. I look forward to doing more business with your great store in the near future. T.G., PA
When you see all the corrections Richard Modafferi had to make to an OPERATING unit to fix past poorly done repairs one can only come to the conclusion that having him work on MAC tuners is NOT AN OPTION BUT A NECESSITY FOR BUYING ANY MAC VINTAGE TUNER. In the tuner shootouts site it's obvious that testing a 40 Year Old functioning MAC tuner does not represent all it can be! R.P., IL
I just received my MAC1700 yesterday and have just finished setting it up with my JBL Sovereign II speaker system and it sounds wonderful!!!!!!! Thankfully, my best friend... insisted that I send my unit to you instead of using local McIntosh repair services. I can't wait to hook them up to my JBL Olympus system, but for now I will just relax and enjoy listening to the crystal clear music. Thanks for a job well done...make that thanks for a job MORE than well done! C.W., IL
I can't believe how good this tuner sounds after the mod. This is so incredible. I had expected some subtle differences but this is just too fantastic. Thank you so much. N.D., VA
The MR-78 returned home yesterday ..., as predicted. It worked perfectly right away. Thank you very much for the fine work in restoring and reinvigorating my tuner. It looks better than new, and plays better than ever. It also works perfectly, and pulls in more stations though these apartment walls. Stereo lock on all local stations is 100%, a huge improvement. Again, thank you Richard Modafferi for your work. M.H., DC
The MC502 amp arrived a week ago. I've used it every day and it's working flawlessly. Thank you again for great service and a great repair. W.B. OH
Just another "Shout-out" to Mike and everyone at Audio Classics!!! Thanks for the prompt attention to my 1st service issue to complete satisfaction! I have purchased a number of items from "y'all" and have always been happy. I had to have an item serviced recently and just received it back with perfect timing and results. "Shout-out" to the service and shipping departments as well! Thanks, B.L. in TN
Thank you for the quick turn around and your personal attention in getting the tuner back to me in a timely manner. I had a chance to listen to the unit last night and this morning and it sounded terrific; as it had 15 years ago when Richard Modafferi did his magic on it then - with the Modafferi Mod. Stereo imaging is crisp and detailed. Hum is no longer a problem. Everything sounded “just right”. Within a week of me sending the unit back, I was surprised to get a call from Richard Modafferi himself... explaining the tuner problem and what he had to do to repair it. Please thank him for me and let him know how happy I am with the result. I want to thank Audio Classics and its staff in serving the audio community. Thank you for having the knowledge and know-how in repairing classic equipments (like the MR71) for audiophiles to enjoy. Please accept my sincere thanks to you and your staff for the attention to detail and for the services you provide. Happy listening and look forward to doing business with you and your company again. D.Y., NY
RE MA230: It sounds like a million bucks! Thank you!! K.K., OH
Now that I have had my Marantz 10-B home for a month, I needed to tell Richard Modaferri and you how pleased I am. As I may have mentioned when in your shop, I got into the hi-fi hobby in the early ‘60s when I was in my early teens. I purchased the tuner new in 1967 and have always considered it my most valuable hi-fi possession. Knowing the complexity of the unit, my concerns over the years have always been who could work on it. Aware of Audio Classics’ reputation for vintage Mac and Marantz equipment, I always suspected you were the place and finally just made the phone call. There are other people out there who say they can work on 10-Bs. However, knowing of Mr. Modaferri’s fame with his MR-78 and other products, I was relieved that he could and would work on it. As you said, it is now good for the next 50 years. I will have to let my daughter (who when little would sit in front of it when I turned it on and clap when the STEREO light came on -- and who today has a vintage Mac system purchased from your store) cross that bridge. Again, many thanks to you, Audio Classics and especially Mr. Modaferri. JE, ME
RE Marantz 8B: I received my amp today and hooked it up, all is well. Thanks to George for doing everything I needed- I failed to mention I needed a new power cord, but he did it anyway. Great packing, very impressive turn around time, you guys are the bomb- D.Q., IL
MAC1700: Just a note to let you know I received my receiver last week and it sounds terriffic. Nice Job! R.P., CA.
I just received my Marantz 10-b and you guys have shipping and packing down to a science. ... I am very satisfied with the repairs and alignment done to my unit. Thank you. P.N., CA
My appreciation for the good workmanship of audio-classics . It also applies to your repairs. Thank you very much for the way you conducted the handling of the repair. It sounds as if it was new. H.G. Australia
...the c32 you repaired for me sounds great ,good job. I do think that replaceing all those alum foil ribben cables could make this one of the best c32 around. Again Great JOB W.B., MI
Just wanted to let you know that my refurbished MC2100 arrived safe .... I set it and the 2100 I recently bought from AC up in mono mode over the weekend. The sound is just wonderful. Thanks for doing your usual excellent job. It is obvious that AC treats this old Mc equipment with a lot of TLC. It was great finally visiting your shop and meeting you face to face. Looking forward to the next visit. B.J. TX
I am very happy with the service you and your service dept done on my mx-113. Very clean and sounds great. Thanks for dealing with me and for have patients. To you and all of the service dept, I just wanted to say great job and thank you for a wonderful service. D.C., IN
....I had the pleasure of having several of my Mc Intosh components serviced by your fine company. I was very delighted by both the quality of work and prompt turnaround. A.D., NJ
Just wanted to let you know that your employee, Ryan Kilpatrick, has been a great help in setting up my equipment. You are very lucky to have such a nice guy, never gets uptight, stays with it till it all comes together. I cannot say enough just wanted to let you know. Thank you. J.H., AZ
Thanks for the help on the phone today. I followed your directions and the amp works great. I spent the afternoon listening to music and love the sound of the amp. Thanks again and I look forward to doing business with you again. A.G., VA
The MA5100 is back safe & sound. .... As we hear the warm, delicious McIntosh sinuous waves, we both thank you for your expertise and the very timely repair and delivery of our unit. In closing, we will never quite understand the lemmings who migrate to the new toy store to purchase their inevitable listening displeasure. The MR65 will follow shortly for you and Modafferi to give your special attention to. R.S., PA
I have received my MR71, given it some burn it, as it has a lot of new parts, and now feel that it is fully burned in. My thoughts on the Unit follow: 1. Magnificent sound quality - it has returned to its Marantz 10b killer status. After break in, I came into my house and heard in the living room Bach's Unaccompanied Cello played by Starker. I have the original Mercury album by Starker and frequently play it. I immediately accused my wife of using my TT to play the Mercury Starker, as it sounded so close to the LP that I did not think that it could have been FM. I have asked my wife to stay away from the LP head end and was initially cross with her until pointed out to me that the TT was not operating, that the same Starker album was on FM. I was surprised as the Starker album sounded on FM so close to playing the original LP on a super tweaked TT/TA and cartridge that I could not hear anything that told me that it was FM only. I believe that this story says it all. 2. Stereo separation and selectivity - excellent. Please give my thanks to Richard for having done his magic again with my Unit. Each time he has it (three times now) it comes back better than ever. G.M., NY
As I wrote earlier, our MA6900 encountered the same sort of failure that others have described - a sudden loss of output, with both meters pegged at the top of the scale, and both powerguard lights on. After discussing the issue with Audio Classics' Ryan Kilpatrick, my wife and I decided to make the three-hour drive up to Vestal with the amplifier... Ryan was ready for us when we arrived shortly after the store's opening, and he immediately went to work on the amplifier. We relaxed in one of the sound rooms, enjoying a superb McIntosh system, and in short order, Ryan confirmed that the problem was a faulty capacitor, and he assured us that he could complete the repair during our visit. Ryan also let us know us that he had quickly arranged a private tour of the McIntosh factory while he made the repair on our amplifier! At McIntosh, we met Chuck Hinton, who took us through the factory, providing terrific background information, and kindly answering our many questions. We got to see transformers being potted, as well as the fabrication of those famous glass faceplates. Chuck concluded our tour with a listening session in the McIntosh theater, and words just are not adequate for the experience - what a system! On returning to Audio Classics, Ryan had the amplifier wrapped, and ready to go, confirming that the repair had been successful, and our trusty MA6900 checked out perfectly. In a nutshell, this was the single best customer service experience that my wife and I have ever enjoyed - far beyond anything that we expected, and clearly a standard for others to shoot for. Ryan and the folks at Audio Classics could not have been nicer - they are genuinely friendly people with a passion for their work, and a high regard for their customers - their relationship with McIntosh is quite special, and it shows.We join the many who sing their praises - thanks, Ryan, Chuck, Audio Classics, and McIntosh! S.E., PA
Just wanted write and tell you that George did a great job inspecting and servicing my MC 7270. Plus he was a treat to talk to for a while and most hospitable. It may have only been some minor oxidation on the input level switch but cleaning it and the input level paths seems to have added new life to the amplifier. I use Legacy Audio Focus speakers and they have never sounded so good. Thanks again and see you next time. D.C., NY
Just a short note to thank you for the exceptional work you did on my MAC4100 Receiver. It sounds absolutly wonderful, as good or better than when it was new. Not only that, but it looked new too. I was somewhat concerned sending my Mac to NY from Kansas. Needless to say that was not a problem Thank you and your team for the outstanding work. C.K., KS
Just wanted to say thanks. The Marantz 3s are killer once again. In addition to playing vinyl and fm, porn bi amped is the only way to go. actually bi-bi amped porn is something that you need to experience. R.B., IL
Not that I ever had a single doubt. I've been dealing with you guys indirectly since the mid 80's and nothing but 1st class. Now I have to admit 700.00....plus shipping is a LOT more than I figured to spend on this old dog..considering the big parts had already been replaced. ....BUT it IS totally spec! I have a hearing loss in my left ear from stage monitors...43 years of rock and roll....My loss is in that 3.5k snare drum trauma range....but I must say today I feel like you gave me back some....this amp NEVER sounded this good. I do have pretty good high frequencies surprisingly enough and there are transients in the left speaker that haven't been there...in 20 years. ....It suspiciously looks as if you put some really nice preamp tubes in there....all matching yellow print sylvannias....me likes! Whatever unknown extras I sent were well worth the outcome. Thank you so much for being a first class operation, and if the other one ever gets dodgy enough for me to warrant the expense....or if I have a windfall....you know where I'm sending it! Great box too! I'll just hang on to that in case.T.T., TX
Long overdue "thanks" to helping resolve the C2200 issue! It's been back for a couple weeks and performing flawlessly! J.M., MD
....have not talked to you in a while. But as I listen to my system I can not thank the staff at Audio Classics enough. I still marvel at the quality of the sound. But then again, its a McIntosh. G.B., IN.
received MX113, it's perfect thanks a lot S.D., Italy
The amp arrived safely and I allowed it to warm up for a few days. Since then it has played brilliantly. It really does help to bring an amp up to spec. So thanks very much again for the high quality work. W.L., WV
I never would have believed how much difference an amp would make in my system. As a long time Audiokarma guy I always bought the wisdom that the speakers are the first place to spend money, and sources are second. I now know better! I really appreciate the service I've received from you (and the gang on Saturday, when I picked up the box). The amp sounded and looked way, way better than it did during my first visit, I believe new gels or equiv were done to the meters, since instead of faded and streaky they are now ballsy Mac blue. The unit really looks like it just drove off the factory lot instead of being 30 years old. THANKS!!! I can tell you one thing... I am done messing with Audiogon, eBay and CraigsList for used audio. You guys simply make those choices obsolete. Once again, thanks and I hope to see you guys again soon. C.L., NY
I just want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for a job well done! My speakers have never sounded so good, and the amplifier is cleaner looking, sounding and more powerful than ever. Your quick turnaround time and flexibilty in drop off/ pick up situations is second to none. You have earned a customer for life! G.V., NY
Just wanted to let you know that the MR73 arrived intact, looks fantastic, and is working very well. I appreciate the hard work by Richard Modaferri and everyone else involved. Thanks for the terrific service! A.G., OH.
Thank you for all your help it is very nice to have someone you can trust and think highly of and respect their opinion on things and I like to listen to what you have to say so I can learn things to thanks again B.E. CA
As my restoration project of my late Father-in-law's McIntosh system draws to a close, I would like to thank your company for your patience and understanding while working with me. In particular, Ryan Kilpatrick has represented Audio Classics as a kind, receptive, and knowledgeable gentleman. He always demonstrated respect to me as a customer and to my McIntosh components while they were undergoing restoration. I feel fully confident in recommending Audio Classics to any one searching for a truly customer service oriented organization where quality can still be found in great abundance. T.W., MD
I truly appreciate your time spent and advice. The guys at Audio Exchange were definately positive in mentioning you all, noting your willingness and ability to source high quality gear, and your service & support. They were clearly placing you right on par with the factory itself for your service and support, and noted only a couple primary differences ... That you all were generally quicker and more responsive when it was within your bailwick, and that the factory was ultimately more capable of resolving it beginning to end when things such as laser & disc drive repair were involved. Both to be expected, I'd say. For my part, I will continue to recommend you all, and I have even more confidence and reason to now. Can't say thanks enough, E.C., VA.
the MC225 .... was brought to spec by George Melnyk at AC last year. It sounds amazing! Ryan was a great help in coordinating the repairs, please say hello to him from us. N.A., NY
My Mac1500 arrived in perfect shape (thanks for retiring my old, beat up McIntosh box and sending along a fresh one), and I just finished getting it back into my system. It sounds great and is operating flawlessly. Please extend my thanks to Richard M. J.A., PA.
RE: MR78 Repair This is great. i've taken the liberty of mounting my metz antenna on the outside of my townhome and i'm pulling in low-power, small college stations (and others) and using the functions on the MR-78 to enjoy stuff I was never able to (or knew existed) before. this tuner has redefined my feelings towards FM radio..... I told one of my younger friends about it and he was floored, he can't wait to come over.... I actually got a kick out of finding some tiny little conservative religious radio station in the middle of nowhere and listened to the preacher rant for a while as I enjoyed a nice cold vodka Mojito, thinking..... "wow, his voice is pretty clear and has good stereo separation!" Mr. Modafferi, you are the best. J.L. NC
With the stress of the day with my video project and then people coming in the evening for a movie, your positive attitude and support in getting me the replacement Mac amp is truly appreciated.R.D., PA
Hope that all is well in Vestal. Please extend my most sincere congratulations to Mr. Modaferri and also to anyone else who worked on my MR-78. This is the best sounding tuner I have tried to date. Considering my location, that is one huge compliment. R.O., CA
finally baby is back home. It sounds wonderfully. My experience with Audio Classics was the best possible. Yous service was fast, professional, honest. I offered you the possibility to get more money: you did not take advantage. You charged me the freight you really paid, and did not charge the new box. Richard Modafferi did a wonderful job and an exhaustive report. Thank you very much for all of this, and for the joy I am feeling now. A.M., Italy
I received my MAC1500 yesterday. It arrived just fine, thank you for the fine packaging!! The receiver works and looks fabulous. Pass along my thanks to all involved. R.P.IL
The AC team resurrected a MC2155, C29, and MR80 for me 5+ years ago. Expensive, but they were like brand new. Maybe the best audio $$ I ever spent, nearly all of which was recovered when I sold them to upgrade. Savvy buyers will pay a lot for those Audio Classics receipts and shipping boxes! P.L., IA.
MC60: Audio Classics cleaned up the units to look almost like new - far better than they looked when I left them for repair. Better yet they sound fantastic, much better than I remember when I replaced them for a better(?)sounding solid state unit - argh... where was my head? A.P., PA.
I just received my MA6100 back from a quick trip to Audio Classics in Vestal George Melnyk gave it a good going over and restored it to what I can only imagine to be factory condition. He is a gem; there arent too many left like George. Ryan and the team at Audio Classics are spectacular to deal with; the entire service experience was wonderfulAnd, while I know that Audio Classics is not directly affiliated with McIntosh Labs, I just wanted to make it clear that in my opinion there are only a handful of companies on the planet that elicit the kind of passion that McIntosh garners Porsche, Rolex, Singapore Air Lines. In the consumer audio space, there is only one McIntosh. This machine came from Binghamton close to 35 years ago and still performs at levels that are head and shoulders above most of todays equipment in the price range or beyond. And to have a passionate partner like Audio Classics, well most companies would do anything to come even close to that level of third-party support. Im a Mac customer for life. Thanks so much for making the music sound like, well music. D.S., IL.
My C32 arrived today and all I can say is WOW! This unit looks like it just came out of the box from the factory! The packing was perfect and once again, you have proved to me why I need to keep you at the top of my list for quality components. Thanks again for your professional advice and excellent service. Best Regards, C.P., TX
If you are willing to drive to B'ton, then take it to Audio Classics. I am 4 for 4 on service jobs with them. Superstars. AudioKarma subscriber.
Now gear with the Audio Classics LED kits allready installed is a blessing & i'd be willing to pay a bit extra for such gear,i wouldnt classify putting a better lighting system from AC in Mac gear a mod, more like a must. from AudioKarma.com listing
Received the MR67 back ... It sounds just stunning. Listened to an opera broadcast last evening - it sounded transparent, present, real! Beautiful singing voices and instrument sounds, fantastic portrayal of a huge stage, etc. (The MR67 was so involving I couldn't turn if off and I don't even like opera.) Thanks to Richard for the great modifications, Ryan for the quick fix of the power switch and tuning eye tube, and to you for proactively replacing its glass and including an original owner's manual with the tuner. Your customer service, as always, is the best in the business. Very Best Wishes, C.G., IL
Another BIG thanks to the service dept. My MR-78 is back better than new. They did some major work on this unit last year. When it developed another problem, all got fixed under warranty. Like they say down here "Dont get no better than that" Thanks again. 73's J.Z., SC
Amp received and working. What a great packing job you guys do. So good I took pictures. You should brag more about it. It was a pleasure working with your team. The amp is purring as I write this - playing some great old Dave Brubeck on vinyl that sounds like he is sitting right next to me. You did an A-1 job cleaning up the amp and bringing it back from the dead - too many pieces to count. Well worth the drive from Rhode Island. J.S., R.I.
The Mc3500's are performing flawlessly. Used them about 3-4 hours a day for the last three days and they are only getting better. The only thing better than the performance of the amps is the way they look on my audio rack. George really did a great job in the restoration and handled them as if they were his own. worth every penny and them some. Thanks allot guy's and I look forward to future business together. E.K., CT
My MC240 & Mx110 were stored away for several years because they did not sound right. Ryan Kilpatrick described the quality of ACL's repair service. The entire process went smoothly, just as he promised. My sincere thanks to Ryan and with much appreciation also to Richard Modafferi. Richard, you are an true artist in your profession. The system sounds awesome, great job!Your shipping Dept takes a lot of pride in their work too. Keep up the good work. C.V., N.H.
I value my McIntosh equipment beyond words. It is a huge leap of faith for me to leave my most valued possession in someone elses care. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!! Thanks a million for fixing my baby. J.K.,
The MR 78 tuner is truely a wonderful tuner and I am glad I got it repaired and modified by you folks. J.D., MD
Aside from his technical talents, Ryan Kilpatrick has got to be one of the best customer service people ever. He's he is such a relaxed, fun, cool guy to deal with. A real asset to Audio Classics. I hope to be just like him one day,...when I grow up!! Regards, D.W. , NY
Just wanted to send a quick thanks for the C11. It is beautful and sounds great...... Thanks again for your help. The work you all do with vintage gear is simply the best. S.A., OH
Just a note to let you know I received the Marantz 10B tuner today without incident. It's perfect; it arrived in such great condition and so beautiful! You were right; Audio Classics certainly know how to pack up a tuner! The 10B is such a marvelous machine, and a pure joy to operate. Everything I imagined it to be, and more! Now I can enjoy, in the best style, what most likely will be the 'waning days' of analog FM listening in this country. Can't think of a better tuner to do this on than the beautiful Marantz 10B. Richard did a great job on this unit. It performs flawlessly, and sounds even better. In fact, I've never heard FM like this before! It's just amazing! I am happy. Again, thanks to you and Richard for this opportunity to own one of the world's best tuners in such excellent cosmetic and operating condition! R.H., CA.
I thought I would write and let you know that although I usually do not impress, I was completely blown away by your service and shipping. The packing job was as good as it gets. Triple boxing? Yikes. The attention to detail in the repairs was nothing short of astounding, right down to wrapping the cord properly and protecting the plug prongs. In running my company, I have always felt that going the extra mile helped ensure repeat customers who were beyond satisfied. Your customer service has ensured that when I buy Classic, or whatever, you guys will come to mind first. Thanks again...D.S., TX
Just realized I totally forgot to thank you and Audio Classics for your exceptional service on my tuner last month. Not only were you guys quick and responsive, you actually fixed the problem! J.S., CA
the Fisher 500c sounds great. L.V., NJ
I orded some McINTOSH parts from you today was very impressed with how you handle your self, thank you for the great service. I figured you guys were good when McINTOSH parts dept. said to call you... J.D., MI
RE: MC240 Repair It sound great, better than I've heard it sound in the 25 years that I've owned it! Ryan was a pleasure to deal with, he was helpful and informative, and got it back to me quickly. I had a very tight schedule and he worked it out to meet my time frame. You have a new and very satisfied customer! Thank you and please thank Ryan for me, I owe him one. J.W., MO.
Thank you so much for working with me on this...and I'll be emailing Ryan a big "thank you" also for all of his consideration in this matter. AC is number one in my book and I'll keep coming back for more! Is George your relative? George did a terrific job of finding the gremlins in a Mac 250 power amp I bought in January...he is a genius and can fix anything, that's for sure! It now sounds amazing! Again, thank you for everything! S.T., PA.
Thank you for the wonderful deal you gave me on the Mac MR77 tuner it is just great! The overall sound of this tuner is just outstanding; surely the best Ive ever heard! It goes nicely with the MC250 / MX 115 combo for my vintage system and I will of course be using the 88 with the mighty MAC6900 if I can ever get away from this beautiful 60s sound generated by these components! As usual you came up with a sweet deal my budget could handle I am most pleased to be a steady customer at Audio Classics; everyone there has done well by me and the service you guys provide is top shelf thanks for all the assistance you, Ryan, and George have given me!Thanks again! S.T., PA
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with how things turned out on the Mac tuner and amp. Got everything hooked up and the system never sounded better. Your packaging for return shipment of the amp and tuner was super. My thanks to everyone at Audio Classics who made this happen. Hope to work with you folks again. J.D., MD
We don't always get it right the first time, but we'll make it right: Thank you for re-repairing my Marantz 8B amp. ..... it sounds wonderful. I heard the same system all through my youth and bringing it back to life means a lot to me. With that in mind I sincerely appreciate your efforts to make things right. Thanks again. E.L., NY
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service you provided when my Mac 250 started to act up in a rather mysterious fashion. I picked it up at Audio Classics on March 1st and have been running it ever since and it has been truly fixed! You did a great job on this unit! I have turned it on and off repeated times and have run it for hours on end and I can truthfully say that it sounds better than it did when I first bought it.... The 250 does in fact sound tubey and somehow really the La Scalas sing...and I am most pleased to have this beautifully rebuilt unit in my amplifier stable I really appreciate the time and effort you put in the 250 redo and the fact that you telephoned me to help get to the heart of the problem really shows how much you care for the welfare of the client. Audio classics is very fortunate to have you to turn to when the going gets rough and a component needs that special someone who knows the ins and outs of all the Mac devices from the tube era on up to today and you are that man! Thanks again for solving an enigma and returning a classics piece of audio to the land of the living. S.T., PA.
I think I have to agree, however, that Audio Classics is hard to beat. I have never been there (I plan to make the pilgrimage to the Bing this summer), but they have serviced two of my units and did a great job and were a pleasure to deal with. another AudioKarma.com posting
Received my wonderfully packaged and restored MR-78 (Modafferi-mod) .... and can only say WOW! I am blown away by the tuners musicality, improved stereo separation, and outstanding S/N ratio on FM stations 60 miles away that I normally listen to. On vocals it lets one hear the timbre of each voice better than before. My thanks to Mr. Modafferi for his work .....I also appreciate the nice detailed invoice of what was done. Again, thank you J.D., MD
I wanted to thank you for the great job you did restoring my MAC 1700 receiver. In addition to the expected items, Mr. Moddaferi made some important upgrades (like an inrush limiter) that most service departments wouldn't even think of. It looks and sounds great and I am listening to it in my office right now. Makes coming to work fun. Almost. Thanks for such careful work. J.A., PA.
The service on the Citation was great. It sounds absolutely first-class. C.S., Bermuda
Thank you whery mutch for this fast and Professional service from me bulb order. thanks you where mutch. M.C., Switzerland
Thanks for bringing my McIntosh 4300v receiver back to life. It sounds better than it ever did. J.R., N.Y.
Wanted to Thank You ....when I picked this up, Again great service..Dan is Lotsa fun too. D.W., NY
Thank you and all people from ACL alot for your support. It was a real rocky start, but I've got a happy ending now. Definitely if I consider buying used equipment again, ACL would be my first stop shop. V.N., Vietnam
Thanks for following up with the info on my equipment (MC2205 and C28). You might be surprised at how few places have the selection of equipment I am used to, can repair what I already have, and where the people are friendly and actually know what they are talking about. I look forward to doing more business with Audio Classics in the future. Thanks again for your help. J.M., NJ
I want to thanks you and McIntosh experts for the fast and good service. Another reason to buy from your company. E.M., Italy
I want to thank you for the curteous service extended to me and my wife while I visited your store .... I have been dealing with your company for over ten plus years and find your group of people rare in the industry. Once again I want to thank you for securing the glass plate for my MC 6200 and bringing back its beauty. I also want to thank you for arranging the tour of the MC plant and various production stages, WOW.... I wll continue to be a loyal MC user for the rest of my life and other members of my family who owen MC equipment.... Terrific tour hosted by Barbara!!! L.A., NY
Thanks for your follow up and keeping me informed along the way. It's good to know that Audio Classics stands behind what it sells!! Thanks again! D.D., NY
Thank you very much for your expert help about Mac tuner valve replacement. I much appreciated your kind reply. I already know your professional skill in vintage McIntosh: some time ago I found from AC some obsolete parts that even at McLabs are not available! G.N., Italy
Once again, I bow and kiss your gnarly feet. Thanks for helping me troubleshoot yesterday. Now I know why I've resisted selling off my "spare" 2155! Nice to have a back-up, and I still think it's one of the loveliest amps Mac ever made (not too big, not too small, great punch, etc.). Speaking of which, having now really heard what my refurbished 225 can do, you can bet I won't be selling its "spare" brother either!! I know that by real high-end status, I'm a "mid-high" audiophile. But the synergy you have helped me achieve on my budget, the intense love and respect you have helped me form for my classic Mac gear, is all I'll ever need. I'm happy. I listen to a lot of music. My systems are musical.Thanks as always for being there for me! J.M., MD.
Last year you rebuilt my MC240. I was a bit apprehensive until the amp returned & I took it for a spin. I'm 100% satisfied. No component went unchecked. Since your kind of quality service is a rare find these days, I've saved my pennies and I'm ready to send you my C20 preamp and MR65B tuner for their 1st overhaul. After many nitemares with repair shops over the years, it's a pleasure to finally find someone you can trust. G.D., NJ
...how pleased I am with the work that was performed on my McIntosh MR71 Tuner by Richard Modafferi. The unit was packed as thought it came straight from McIntosh. I am pleased with the test results that Richard included with the tuner. Also the tuner was very clean when I received it. This is service of the highest order. Please give Richard Modafferi my sincere and warmest thanks for a job well done. P.M., GA
..my modified MR78 is nothing short of spectacular in terms of sound and soundstage. Thanks for a great job. R.F., NJ.
I recently purchased an MR78 with the modifications of Rich Modafferi, from you and I am wholly pleased with it. ... The '78 is dynamite. J.Y., OH.
I wish to thank you for a most impressive upgrade of my MC40 amp. Your responsive courteous and professional approach to business was most refreshing. F.B., CT.
...Thank you for the great job you did on both the MPI4 and the MR78. The MPI4 functions as it should. In fact it works better than when it was new...Thank you for your prompt courteous attention. M.P., FL.
I sent my MR78 for the full "Moda-Mod". To say that I am happy or satisfied with your work is an understatement! ... this MR78 now outperforms, in any specification or subjective criteria you wish, a number of 1990 state-of-the art tuners as well as a fully restored 10B. The quality of workmanship, packing and the fact that some of the work I requested ... was performed at minimal or no cost, make your service an excellent value. J.W., MD.
We are so pleased with the modified MR78 that the superlatives are flying all over the house. This tuner is quite simply put "Breathtaking with good signal source. R.H., FL
Re: Modafferi MR78 Modification: I've recently purchased an old MR78 and had this modification done -the result being th best tuner I have ever heard. My previous tuner -Onkyo T-9090 (I) - may be an "eye lash" better at receiving weak & distant stations; but the audio qualitiy of the mod MR78 is far superior. I have tried most of Stereophile's Class A tuners in my system, and the Mac-mod. is in a class by itself. By the way, I would rank the Magnum FT-101 best in sound quality amoung currently available tuners. J.V., TN
I was extremely pleased with the upgrade Richard did on a C22.... T.B., VA
I just wanted you to know that I received my McIntosh MX-115 back in great shape. I'm very happy with the repair and restoration of the unit and feel that the alignment and modifications done by Richard Modafferi gives me a Tuner/Pre- amp that is even better than when originally built by McIntosh. Thanks keeping up the McIntosh tradition of superior workmanship. L.H., OR
I'd also like to tell you what a great company you have. You found a market niche and provide what has to be the best service available. The relaxed atmosphere, combined with the knowledge and professionalism of the staff gives you an unbeatable edge. I wouldn't think of using anyone else. I also have a MAC1900 receiver which was serviced by you also. It would have been impossible to distinguish it from brand new when I unpacked it. On both occasions, I dealt with Ernie. He's got to be the best customer service guy around. He knows just about everything and is pleasant and funny to boot. I never feel rushed when talking with him. I feel as though we've been buddies for a long time. Thanks for being there, S.S., NJ
I am writing this letter to let you know of my absolute 100 percent satisfaction with both the customer service, and the work done on my MX-110. I am very impressed with the craftsmanship, and full written description of repairs done by Richard Modafferi. To rebuild the 7 transformers that he described as a "tedious nerve wracking job," is just incredible. Indeed, his attention to the minute detail of eliminating the flicker in the MPX Stereo Lamp elevated this to a work of art. To simply say that I appreciate this would be an understatement. SH, CA
Just received my SCOTT 310E you repaired and have to comment on how impressed I was by the way this was handled. When the box arrived, it looked like a brand new component. And that is the way the tuner was handled. Moreover, I just could not believe the care and respect expressed. It was wonderful enough to receive a repair record, but to have it begin with a reference to my piece as a "Scott treasure" is something to remember and cherish. Also, it sounds superb. Again, want to thank you for the care and obvious expertise that went into the repair. Have often heard your name mentioned, and just want to add this was one of the rare occasions when a legend is justified. I ... have always wanted to visit Audio Classics. After this experience it is something that is a must. ADA, NY
I was happy to see George Melnyk listed as an associate of Audio Classics. I am a pipe organ technician by profession, and have spent time at George's amazing "magic toy shop" of a house. I really think he can make or fix anything. Some of the machines he has invented for his own shop are amazingly ingenious and practical. C.M.,
I would like to thank Richard for developing such a great product. The MR-78 provides great overall performance, and I'm looking forward to enjoying the unit even more after Richard is through with it.J.L., MI.
Richard Modafferi truly brought my MR71 much further than back to life: I have a loaned Marantz 10b in my house. It was comparing the two that caused me to send my MR71 back to Mr. Modafferi. THE NEWLY REPAIRED AND FURTHER MODIFIED MR71 OUTPERFORMS THE 10B IN THE FOLLOWING PARAMATERS: The 10B sounds distorted in the highest frequencies in comparison. The MR71 easily tunes and locks in stations that are challenges to the 10B. The overall presentation of the MR71 is just plain lovely. My best thanks and congratulations, Mr. Modafferi. You have done it again! In my humble opinion, the Modafferi MR71 is a masterpiece. GMC, NY
You recently repaired/serviced my 10B tuner. Wanted to let you know that it arrived without incident. I am listening to it now - what a difference!! It sounds GREAT! Just had to let you know that I thought your level of customer service is incredible. Certainly makes me want to do business with you again. Many thanks!! F.M., RI
I just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with the work your service department did for me. It's very rare these days to find a company that really cares about the quality of their work and you folks are top notch in my book. Please thank the folks in your service department for me. When I have a need in the future for stereo equipment or repairs I will certainly send you my business. Thanks again, M.C., KY
A quick "thank you" for the superb job your staff did in restoring the MC 30s. On everything from Morrison to Thorogood, Horowitz to Enya, my XRT-18s never sounded as warm, crisp, and musical as they do now. They put the B&K EX442 to shame, 200 WPC or not. Hat's off to Modafferi for a job well done! N.D. PA
Thanks to you and your staff. I received the repaired unit right on time. Again, you guys did a great job. Thanks! J.B., OH
Just a note of thanks for the work done on my MX110. It was well worth the wait.Also, thanks for the prompt delivery of the front glass. It was installed and the unit looks almost new. Sounds great, too. Thanks also to R. Modafferi for the work done, not only on this unit, but also on a MR 71 J.G. IN As always, I am so glad I chose Audio Classics as my "Stereo store." You have been so devoted to making me happy and I greatly appreciate it. R.F., SC
Just wanted to inform you of the excellent service I have been receiving from Ryan Kilpatrick and Richard Modafferi. I have used Audio Classics to refurbish several Marantz 10B tuners and they always come back to me in tip top condition and at a reasonable service charge. I am a customer contact person myself, and it isn't often that I am so pleasantly surprised with the overall quality of an organization. It is reassuring to now that Audio Classics is there and will be (hopefully) providing the same high quality services well into the future. K.T., PA
Mike, I am SO happy I became acquainted with you and Audio Classics. I think it is great that Mr. Modefferi is so throrough and careful. PLEASE pass my thanks and regards on to him. R.F.,S.C.
Re: MC240 Repair It ran a bit over what I expected but I must say that it's money well spent. I also appreciate Richard's detailed description of his work. I was quite surprised at the extent of the disrepair. It only goes to show that when something comes at a bargain price, there is usually a catch to it. Please relate my thanks to Richard for his quality work...... C.Y., CA
I just wanted to take a minute to say thanks for all of your guidance, patience and help in my recent purchase of two McIntosh power amplifiers. The real test of a dealer (or man) is when the deal doesn't go as smooth as normally expected due to equipment failure problems. These problems are really not the fault of either the dealer or client. In electronics, things can be wrong with even the best equipment. This was true in my case. You came through quickly and solidly to correct the problem better than any dealer that I have ever seen. This is especially true in this case due to the high cost and weight of the problem equipment. I would not consider buying a large ticket item from any other dealer even if they are geographically closer. I....will send you as many clients as I can. L.W., FL
Thanks for spending so much "quality time" with my MC225. It now sounds better than ever before (and that's saying quite a lot, because it was super before the R.M. treatment). I am happy to report that the demons are now exorcized and I am a very happy camper. A big bonus to me is that my amp was worked on by an industry legend. Thanks again. P.G., Pioneer USA, GA.
Thanks once again for your help and service. I know that the piece was in very good and capable hands. To think that I can still get such a level of service on equipment I purchased over 30 years ago! Thanks to all! T.G., MN
Re NHT amp repair: It sounds very quiet...... It sounds very good. I appreciate your help. Pass the word on that I am very satisfied with the repair job. M.D., NY.
...just a note to let you know the job you guys did on those speakers was way beyond what i thought would happen...i'm a real nut...you know me...and i can tell, you guys have jobs doing what i do for fun (insert envy here). Now, for the first time, my speakers are louder than the voices in my head! The (McIntosh) ML1c's are museum quality ....thanks. D.O., GA.
Re McIntosh MR78 repair: It arrived Friday and I have been listening to it all weekend. I think it actually sounds better than when new...R.B., WA.
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