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We may be interested in purchasing any of the following 154 items as of Friday, Jul 30.     Showing items 1 to 50.
Acclaim Audio IDS25 Full range line array
Accuphase E202 70 WPC Integrated Amp
ACL ACP1 Moving Coil Preamp - See ACP2
Acoustic Research AR303 Reissue AR3 sold each
Adcom GTP750 AC3 DTS tuner preamp
Air Tight ATM1 Tube Amplifier
Air Tight ATM300 Tube Power Amp
APT HOLMAN Classic Solid State Preamp.
Aragon 47K MC or MM phono preamp
Aragon 8008BB 200 WPC Dual Mono Amp
Audio Research Corp D250 250 Watt tube amp
Audio Research Corp D76A Classic 75 WPC Tube Amp
Audio Research Corp D79 75 WPC Tube Amp
Audio Research Corp LS16 Remote tube preamp
Audio Research Corp LS16-II Line Stage Tube Preamp
Audio Research Corp LS7 Line Stage Tube Preamp
Audio Research Corp M100 100 Watt Tube Mono Block Amps.
Bowers & Wilkins 800-FILTER B&W 800 High Pass Filter
Bowers & Wilkins 802 Original version of the 802s
Bowers & Wilkins 803D 3-way floorstanding Matrix
Bowers & Wilkins 804S 3-way floorstanding Matrix
Bowers & Wilkins DS6-S3 Dipole Monopole Surround Spkr
Bowers & Wilkins HTM2-DIAMOND See HTM2D HTM2D2
Bozak B302A Classic Bozak System
Bryston BP1 XLR/RCA RIAA phono stage
Carver TFM35 250 WPC With Analog Meters
Cayin A100T Integrated Amp
conrad johnson PREMIER-3 High end Tube Preamp
Crown D75 55/40 WPC 4/8 OHM
Crown REFERENCE-1 790/1170 WPC 8/4 ohms
Crown REFERENCE-2 355/560 WPC 8/4 ohms
dbx 100-DBX Sub-harmonic Synthesizer
dbx 110-DBX Sub-harmonic Synthesizer
dbx BX1 2-3-4 Channel Amp
DCM TIME-WINDOW-7 Classic DCM Speakers
Denon POA1500 150 WPC Amplifier with meters
Dunlavy Audio Labs SC1 Compact Reference Monitor
Duo-Tech CABLE-ENHANCER The name says it all
Duo-Tech CE1000 Cable Enhancer
Eico HF89 Tube amp
Harman Kardon CITATION-11 Preamp with EQ
Harman Kardon CITATION-17 Preamp with EQ
Harman Kardon CITATION-IV Stereo Tube Preamp
Infinity IRS-V Infinity tower systems
JBL 2440 4" Horn Driver
JBL 375 2" horn driver
JBL 4312B Classic Monitor Speakers
JBL 537-509 Straight Horn
JBL D208 8" full range driver
JBL L112 JBL Speakers
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