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Help Wanted: Service Technician Career opportunity with a relaxed, slow growing, long established audio company. An associate's degree in electronics technology would be nice, but experience with testing, troubleshooting and repairing all types of audio circuits to the component level would be even better. You should be familiar with tube, transistor, analog and digital audio equipment. You will be working with some of the best and brightest technicians/engineers in the audio industry. Submit your resume to careers@audioclassics.com or Audio Classics Ltd · Steve Rowell · 3501 Vestal Road · Vestal, NY 13850

80 WPC 160 Watt Mono Tube Amp
NEW*4999.00  B1*3499.00  

McIntosh MC1.25KW
1200 Watt amp mono block
B1 call us

McIntosh MR80
FM/FM Stereo 1980-1985
B?*1299.00  C6*1199.00  D?*1199.00  B4*899.00  C4*699.00  C5*599.00  B5*499.00  C?*499.00  

McIntosh MT-10
Wanted! McIntosh Turntable
B? call us
B1 call us
D? call us

Moving Coil Preamp

Wadia A102
50/80 WPC 8/4 ohms Amp

McIntosh MA5300
100 WPC Integrated DAC
B1 call us
B? call us

McIntosh MC3500-MKII
360 Watt Mono Tube Amp

Wadia A315
150/250 WPC 8/4 ohms Class D Amp
NOS*2099.00  B1*999.00  B?*999.00  C1*999.00  D?*449.00  

JL Audio F212V2-GLOSS
2x12" 3600 Watt Sub

McIntosh MC2301
300 Watt tube monoblock
B1 call us
C1 call us

McIntosh MVP901
Blu-Ray 3D HDMI 1.4 CD Player
B1 call us

Wadia M330
Media Server with 1TB Drive
NOS*2999.00  NOW*2999.00  DEMO*1999.00  B1*1299.00  C1*1299.00  B?*699.00  D3*599.00  D?*399.00  

McIntosh MC240
Wanted! 40 WPC Tube Amp circa 1960s
S1*5999.00  C1*4199.00  C3*4199.00  D1*3499.00  

Wadia 321
Digital Preamp DAC
NOS*1799.00  B1*999.00  D1*799.00  C1*599.00  B?*399.00  D?*359.00  

McIntosh MC2KW
2000 Watt amp mono block

McIntosh C53
Meters, DA2, 8 band EQ Preamp 2019-
B1 call us

Legacy AERIS
6 Driver, 4.5 way dipole mids 500 watt Icepower

McIntosh MC1.2KW
1200 Watt amp mono block
B1*7899.00  B?*7899.00  

Classic Century Speaker

McIntosh MC611
600 Watt mono block
B1 call us

Tower Speaker System

McIntosh MA352
200/300 8/4 ohms Tube Hybrid Integrated
B1 call us

McIntosh MC901
600 Watt SS 300 Watt Tube mono
B? call us

McIntosh MA9000
300 WPC analog/digital integrated

Wadia A340
400 Watt Mono Block
NOS*2399.00  B1*1899.00  

Wadia DI122
Digital Preamp DAC
B1*799.00  B2*399.00  B?*299.00  

4 way floor standing system
NEW-LA22023BG*13999.00  DEMO-LA21-255.2*13079.00  NEW-LA22100*11999.00  DEMO-LA21160NCA&B*11962.50  

McIntosh MC462
450 WPC Balanced Stereo Amplifier
B? call us

Audio Research Corp PH9
Phono Preamplifier

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