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Our Customers Comment on the AUDIO CLASSICS difference!
General Feedback: your parcel finally arrived safe and sound yesterday evening. Hooked it up and listened to it for a couple hours to see if everything works. What can I say - incredible performance and soundstage! Never thought that redbook CDs could sound THAT good - holy moly. Thanks a lot!!!! SL, Germany
I am so happy! You made my day. The speakers work fine and being a retired wood shop teacher I cleaned up the cabinets in about an hour. Thank you DS, TX
Blindingly fast shipping... exceptional packing! Item arrive in flawless condition. Thank you. Great service. ER, NY
Thanks for your expertise helping me build a great stereo system with a new amp, speakers, and turntable. The MA230 I just bought from Audio Classics is one of the best amplifiers I've ever heard. Your recommendation to add Klipsch Heresy speakers and Rega 3 turntable gives me a nice, clean sound with great tonal quality. And it all arrived in Texas in perfect shape! TP, TX
Lightning fast shipping. Excellent communication, the packing was bomb-proof, extremely well packed. These folks get my highest recommendation. If you see something these folks are selling that you just have to have, by all means, buy it! ... Well done, thanks!!!! HR, MI
I contacted Audio Classics for a support issue and it was literally the best support experience I have had in my life. Ryan Kilpatrick was amazing and I cannot recommend Audio Classics enough. Thank you! JJ
Re MXA60 This thing is actually phenomenal. I wont list all its accolades. I'm floored. Was good to meet you. And see that lil piece of americana shop of yours) SJ, DE
Audio Classics is an amazing Audio/Video/Home Theater Store. I purchased a Musical Fidelity M8 Preamp from Audio Classics 2 days ago. They were so easy to work with. Great Communication. Ultra fast shipping (Received the Preamp in 2 Days) Original Packing and Double Box. Top eBay Seller. I would purchase from them again and recommend Audio Classics to everyone. Thank You!!!!! AC, NJ
I wanted to take a moment and thank you and the team who worked on my MA6100. It sounds great and I am very happy! PS - I should have contacted Audio Classics years ago! JA, NY
The Best owner, Very Good Communication. The Best Store in NY. Highly recommended, The Best HiFi devices The Best prices, the Best packaging Thank you. JB, NV
Lightning fast shipping. Excellent communication, the packing was bomb-proof, extremely well packed. These folks get my highest recommendation. If you see something these folks are selling that you just have to have, by all means, buy it! I haven't had the chance to play the tuner I bought, but with all the care that was put into getting it to me in one piece, I have to believe it will work just fine. Well done, thanks!!!! HR, MI
Ya know what . . . that ol MC275 just kicks ass on my XRT22s! My girlfriend never listens to music just no patience for that. When I had it connected, she just stopped in her tracks and sat down. That sounds like Im at the concert. AC, AZ
Fired it up today and WOW!!! I was on the fence about spending the money to get it reconditioned but it was worth every penny. Cant get over how good it sounds and looks, thank you very much for taking care of me and repairing this (McIntosh MA5100) family heirloom. JS, MA
Shout out to Ryan and Steve at Audio Classics in NY state. I've been buying gear from Audio Classics since 1990- they're a huge McIntosh used and new dealer, along with tons of other interesting stuff. Three weeks ago I bought a used C53 from them that just had a new information display installed, I love the unit and it worked great until last Saturday when I turned it on and the display was dead. I called Audio Classics, sent it back Monday morning, they got it Tuesday, worked on it Wed morning, went to McIntosh which is nearby, got the parts, found a bad ribbon cable, fixed it, tested it and shipped it back to me same day. I got it a day later and its up and running great. Now that's customer service ! Highly reccommended ! AC, NY
Just wanted you to know that the MC312 arrived today, in perfect condition. Im listening to it now, and it sounds glorious with my Revel F226be speakers and the C220 pre-amp. Thanks so much! JC, IL
I wanted to tell you what a pleasant transaction this was. The tuner was all I hoped it would be. Your packing job was fantastic, I will use your methods when I ship. I have wanted this tuner for a long time, and will rebuild it to perfection. MA, MI
Received the McIntosh MB20 BlueTooth Receiver/Transmitter this afternoon. I connected it to my McIntosh MAC4100 and my Klipsch Cornwall II speakers. Outstanding, warm and rich sound! Have been trying to concentrate at work today with the music in the background but the sound is just too good! Have streamed favorite Jazz tunes like Weather Report's Birdland, some Maynard Ferguson trumpet and a lot of Dave Koz, David Sanborn. Just so pleased. I have always loved the sound of my MAC4100, but felt like perhaps I would have to upgrade to newer McIntosh equipment. This streaming device is first rate in build quality and sound. We are back in business and in the 21st century. Thank you Steve and your team at Audioclassics for your great support. Shipment was well packaged and the product arrived safely. AG, GA
Thank you for your hospitality on Monday. My wife and I really enjoyed our visit. I appreciate that you worked with me on the trade in items. I am very happy with the Matrix 802s (driven by an MC7270 that I previously purchased from you). It was nice to meet you in person. You have a phenomenal store and great team. Derek was very helpful. JP, CT
Thank you for send me that fuse so promptly. Every person I have delt with over there has been very customer based. PZ, MI
After all these years and ebay purchases, that transaction with the two turntables is still my gold standard for packing. I have received so many damaged items in the past few years, and whenever I do, I recall how well packed the turntables were. I am so glad to support a top quality seller! I have added you to my saved seller list and look forward to purchasing from you again! ES, CT
Just wanted to thank you for the great packaging and shipping on the Klipsch Cornwall II speakers. Just arrived this afternoon. They are beautiful, the sound is fantastic and I could not be more pleased. Thank you for the overall great experience. AG, GA
I wanted to let you know how delighted I am with the MC152 that I recently bought from you. It is sitting happily in my rig with the MC225 that you rebuilt for me a few years back a slot once occupied by the MC275 that I also bought from you. The sound is musical and captivating Miles Davis on vinyl in the dark at night I am a happy customer. Thanks to Mike, Steve, and (previously) Ernie- you are my go-to audio shop. I couldnt be happier. CM, NC
I just wanted to extend my thanks for your exceptional customer service, I heard nothing but rave reviews about your customer service prior to making my purchase, and from my experience your reputation is well deserved. The MCT450 fits my needs perfectly. JW, TN
Good seller! Outstanding packing job! I Ill buy from again! Recommended!
Absolutely love the MX 110. It is as if I received new speakers too. The warmth and delicacy heard now is a dramatic difference from the past. Thanks so much for your help in selection, and my regards to the shipping department for their excellent packing. TC, PA
There may be a lot of other overly priced equipment out there claiming to be the greatest and the bestest, but with the right setup and knowledgeable individual (you) MAC whether solid state or tube, will out perform them all. Keep up the good work. PS, NY
Professional packing on a fragile turntable, arrived as listed! TL, MA
Wonderful people! As described! Couldnt ask for better!! EK, VT
Expertly packed and very fast shipping. The condition is excellent and as described. This vintage DAC is truly an amazing piece of gear, sold by ...seller who truly appreciates audiophiles. CS, VA
Professional packing on a fragile turntable. TL, MA
The MR55 arrived .. amazing condition, ... Unit is in remarkable shape after 64 years. It will be well cared for and will be fully restored. Very well packaged .... GT, VA
We feel very fortunate to have done business with you folks and cherish our equipment. Always look at the equipment for sale. TW, TX
Good Lord peoples! How can you make any money shipping audio gear so well? Love buying my treasures though you. Its always top quality and above reproach. The Marantz 4400 is a Beaty, and a beast of a unit. Looking forward to restoring this one, thanks for the great deal and secure shipping. CH, WA
Thanks for packing the Thorens TD126 MKII cover so nicely. It arrived in great shape. I just installed it, and everything is good. Fits fine, and stays open perfectly! RM, CA
Received the amp today, hooked it up, and have been letting it rip for about half an hour. Its so great to have this link back in the chain. I wanted to thank you and the rest of the AC team for being so transparent and comprehensive in getting my amp on the books, on the bench, and back in my hands. I trust the shop explicitly and really appreciate all that you folks do. V.F, PA
The MC8207 arrived looks and works perfectly. RS, NV
Great communication , Shipping was a little more than it should have been in my opinion but great pre-amp . MK, PA
The Tice cable arrived quickly and working well. Interesting to learn about Audio Classics. Thanks a lot! JK, SC
I wish I could leave 6 stars! PT, CA
AudioClassics team earned my respect for fast and pleasurable transaction. Item arrived on time and excellent condition. Thank you very much! NS, SC
RE MC100 Just thought Id pass along two observations 1) this is the fourth vintage mac Ive owned and its in by FAR the best shape of any of them 2) it sounds amazing. Much closer to my MC50 than to my 2100 or 2120, which is exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you for the expedience and for the customer service!! CJ, MD
I left you guys a 5 star review on yelp. Thanks for the extra attention and for working with me.CW, AZ
Audioclassics are top notch professionals. A bunch of guys that know their stuff. Super easy transaction and a great deal. Thank you Audioclassics. Highly recommended. KM, CA
It was a pleasure meeting you and your staff in person. You have a great store/museum. Its better than a museum because you guys know the stuff inside and out and all the stories. Awesome! TF, NY
Thank you so much for the attention. The equipment arrived perfectly and is more than expected! Very happy with my acquisition! FL, FL
Mike, for the third time youve hooked me up quite nicely. If youd have told me 30 years ago Id pay for stereo gear sight unseen or sound unheard I wouldnt have considered it for a second. But from your recommendations and all info I found online youve helped me put together my idea of the perfect system for me. Starting with amp then speakers and I received the preamp yesterday. Ive enjoyed this morning so much going through all functions and it not only sounds great but its aesthetically a handsome looking rig in my opinion! Mike, until we do business againthank you. KC, LA
I cannot thank you enough for your time yesterday. (The others) just went on and on about you and the store. Totally impressed. BS, CO
I want to give my strongest of compliments to Mike Sastra at Audioclassics. My strange noise issue with my MA 12000 was not rectified after a few solutions I tried at home. Mike has sent me a replacement and the customer service has been superb. THANK YOU! I have returned to an evening with some classic vinyl, BJ, AZ
Just wanted to say thank you again. I brought the speakers (Klipsch LaScala) home and they sound great, my entire day and buying experience could not have been more positive. It's so nice doing business with people who care about the quality of their interactions. I'll be reviewing your online store and look forward to future purchases. ... I just wanted to thank you for your great help--so glad (and still surprised) they fit in my wife's car. Take care! DB, NY
When I was a kid, I watched Woodstock at a movie theater. The McIntosh power amps were love at first sight. I did care about the music, but those amps... They stayed forever in my mind. Thanks Mike for making my dream come true. FP, FL
I ... purchased a pair of Klipsch (Heresy III) speakers. It was an absolute pleasure meeting all of you. Speakers are outstanding!!! Thanks so much. RC, NY
Just received the item, a Luxman L-430. Talk about taking care of your customers! The Luxman L-430 was sold "for parts or repair" yet it arrived triple-boxed with the two internal boxes being original Luxman boxes, the original packing was included as well as what was probably the original interior plastic cover. Won't hesitate to buy from you again!! FC, CA
Every time I sit down to listen I am just filled with satisfaction, thanks to you and Tom and McIntosh. LG, TX
Time at AC is better than factory tour....Steve knows more... DG, Canada
I did a legacy speaker deal with Mike last fall. Totally satisfying. SW, PA
Satisfied customer of AC- it is the high temple of McIntosh- a fun place to visit!! NE, FL
All my equipment came from AC. I have nothing but good to say about that place and those people.....especially Mike. He can take money like no other!! MK, OK
Great place to visit. The only place to purchase from. Mike is the best!! FS, CT
Bought lots of stuff from them , super professional .Thank you Ryan . MB, Canada
Great store great service all because of great people like Mike S. FF, NY
Purchased a fair amount from them, an excellent company to work with. JM, MA
Great experience at AC and Mike was very helpful with speaker selection. ... I purchased the McIntosh ma 12000..a beautiful BEAST. I live and hear a lifelike concerts daily. Awesome store. Thanks Mike. FF, PA
Visited Audio Classics and McIntosh. I was not able to get into a tour of the factory today. Talked to Mike at AC for a couple of hours. Heard the Klipsch Jubilees. Wow, what a monster! Look at the photos, they make the 1.2ks look small. Amazing sound but too much speaker for the room size. Ive never seen so much Mc gear in one place in my life!! CP, CA
Thank you for these updates each month. You have created a great company, Audio Classics. I appreciate your audio passion and your services. Thank you, again... for your products and customer service. SN, IN
Thank you guys for working with me on pricing. I could never afford to buy a McIntosh new. AL, NY
Thank you once again for the terrific B1 quality used Mac gear. I'm on cloud 9 now that everything works SO well with my new C49. All the very best to you and Audio Classics! CP, AZ
We received the MAC1500 the other day. It arrived safe and sound. Im amazed at the way you guys packed it up with the double box system. It looks fantastic for its age! SM, FL
I received the MR74 today. Wow, you guys know how to pack a McIntosh box! The MR74 looks beautiful. You ranked it B1, and I can barely see any cosmetic issue. And it sounds great, everything is working, as I expected from you. I would easily buy more Mac gear from you, no question. MM, CA
just set up the Denon and 607 BW speakers, wow for the money in my condo with neighbor friendly volume the set up is amazing. the speakers are just the right size and sound great. MR, ME
Thank you for a fantastic purchasing experience as well as a great store! Looking forward to buying from you again!! CL, MA
Tim and I both enjoy working with Derek regarding our obsession with high-end audio gear. We are really happy working with the Audio Classic team, and Derek makes it easy for us to continue to improve our two channel systems, and with my latest upgrades with my 5.1 system. RW, NY
Thank you for going over board safely packing the ACL sub I bought from you. It arrived in perfect shape and works like a champ. ... Anyway thank you again for being great to do business with. The sub is actually in better shape than your pics suggested so again thanks for not overselling and for being 100 honest and forthcoming. Youve earned my loyalty as a customer!! MW, AR
Thank you for such a great packing job. MM, PA
Just wanted to say thank you. Great packaging for shipping such a heavy unit. It works great, I am very pleased with my purchase. Again thank you. LH, VT
Great service. McIntosh components often damaged in Transit. Audio Classics took the time and effort to package the unit and make sure it arrived in pristine shape. Great job! MC, MS
thanks again for the opportunity to save these beautiful speakers! Im all done restoring and they are now in their new home as my featured speakers in my main system. It was a pleasure saving these and doing business with you! BM, MI
Very fast shipping. Well packed, which was VERY important for this item. YAMAHA NS SERIES MODEL YP-D6 TURNTABLE - WORKS! DF, VA
To say that I am pleased would be an understatement. The MDA200 DAC is fantastic!!! I have finally found the sound that I have been looking for, very balanced and quiet.....The highs are perfect, not over-bright and the lows make the SVS subs shine. Very nice soundstage now and the Klipsch Forte IVs handle the output very well. No raspiness now which has been my major complaint. I guess it costs money to get good sound. Much pleased with the McIntosh equipment. FW,NY
Very fast shipping. Well packed, which was VERY important for this item. YAMAHA NS SERIES MODEL YP-D6 TURNTABLE - WORKS! DF, VA
I want to say that the 509 is everything that I could have hoped for. Huge sound stage with such precision and clarity in every way. Its only going to get better!! Derek was great. A pair of Legacy speakers could be down the road in the future? Once again thank you for such fine service... GJ, PA
I received the speakers. They are plugged in and sound amazing!!! I let my 15 yr old son choose the first piece. Rachmaninov string quartet No 8. Holly cow! These speakers are so nice. I followed with some Bach cello suites. Again thank you for you patience with my negotiations. Most people cannot appreciate the amazingness of the speakers they will be well taken care of.CB, GA
I was a little skeptical before I had AC work on my C28, but the customer service experience was great and the quality of work done on the preamp was so impressive (and I'm not easy to impress) that I became a cheerleader for you on AK and other discussion groups. I'm a big Mac fan that came to the party late in life. Thanks for helping make used Mac gear attainable for we, the lesser wherewithal gifted! DR, NC
just wanna say thank you for my MA-6200 glass front plate! The plate is perfect, was very well packed and even if We are base in Canada, shipping was fast! Be sure that I will refer you to my contact and will do further business with you! VR,Canada
Thanks for making this available. As described but BETTER! Pro packed shipped STAT. ZP, PA
Fine product and service as always with audio classics.JB, AR
I received the Crowns yesterday, great packing. Always good to do business with you. CZ, FL
Thoroughly pleased! Love the speakers (Legqacy Signature SE) and Audio Classics was great (Mike Sastra) RB, IN
The tuner was in better condition than expected Excellent purchase MC, FL
I re-arranged my system to accommodate the short Realization XLR cable... I installed it between the DAC and the Preamp. That allowed me to move the one pair of Elations I own to between the Preamp and the Power Amp. What an amazing difference. In a word I was gob smacked. DB., NY
I just received my new to me amp from you. I was very impressed at the care in which you packed it. Truly the best packing job Ive ever seen! (Ive purchased 100 components over the years). I love the amp! Thanks again! I will definitely be following your store given the amazing service I received. NF, NH
thanks for your help with the C22MkV, its a great preamp and Im a happy camper. It sounds incredible, looks great, and Im really enjoying itTHANK YOU very much. AG, TN
I write to thank your team for cheerfully loading this heavy masterpiece into my car and for the limitless hospitality I enjoyed while I admired your inventory. Special thanks to Derek for the coffee mugs. TC, PA
Maybe the best packing job I've ever seen. Better than some factory packing! Thank you. JW, UT
Great service, packing and selection - great place to buy demo and gently-used McIntosh gear. KH, WI
Thanks so much for what you guys do in keeping our old McIntosh stuff going strong! GC,
I just wanted to thank you guys for packing and shipping out my order so quickly. And, many more thanks for packing this ... so perfectly. Double boxed. WOW. The machine arrived in excellent condition. Youz Guyz are great ! GS, MA
I am extremely happy with my Pioneer quadraphonic stereo system. It sounds extremely good and it's condition is as good as stated. Proper operation was confirm so no shipping damage occurred! Units were packaged in their original containers. That did the trick. I can't tell you how happy I am with my purchase but I am looking you up next time I am looking for audio equipment. You guys are the best. Thank you for putting a permanent smile on my face. SM, MI
I think this is the best packaged item I've ever received. great job . and after all the shipping the seller texts me that they forgot to send the manual . then paid out of their own money to send, I don't think it gets any better than this. A . MJ, FL
Thank you ... for the excellent packaging in the shipment. JD, CA
Suffice it to say that I get enormous pleasure out of my evolving McIntosh system, and it has been that way for over 40 years.KH, NY
Very happy with all the equipment from you. MB, CA
Please know how much we enjoyed and appreciated all that you did to make our visit a wonderful and truly memorable experience. As the younguns love to say, it was amazing. A special thank you to Derek for lugging all those speakers into position and the various amps as well. We know having a couple guys wandering around your shop for a couple days took some patience. We thank you for that, too! Congratulations on the exceptional vibe at Audio Classics where you all love what you do and do it freely. Thank you! LG, TX
Just wanted to let you know the Dragon arrived on Saturday. Thanks for the great packaging and quick shipping. GL, NY
I don't think anything that I have listened to compares to McIntosh speakers hooked up to all McIntosh equipment. KS, FL
Love you guys and gals and all you do. ER, MT
I swapped the cables on my CD player for a set of Kubala Sosna cables and the improvement is unbelievable. I have much deeper bass and the much better detail. No digital harshness at all. CM, Canada
I recently bought a McIntosh amp (MC462) for great price from Audio Classics and I needed some help for setting up my amp and called, I was surprised how nice and helpful they were at the office. I spoke with Derek who was a pleasure to talk to. He made sure that I got all the help I needed and happy. F.J., FL
I have recently made two McIntosh purchases from Audio Classics, a MC152 amplifier and a MHA200 headphone amplifier. Having heard about and read so many positive reviews about this establishment I decided to make the 4 hour drive from Connecticut and see it for myself. I met Mike Sastra who gave me a personal guided tour of the facility and their museum. Came home with the MC152. A month later I called Mike and ordered the MHA200. It was packed excellently, shipped promptly, and arrived safely. Another excellent purchase. Audio Classics is a great establishment staffed by great people who go out of their way to make sure that their customers are pleased with their purchases. I am glad that I made the drive and look forward to my next trip. Thanks! F. S. CT
AC is Number One in my book your customer service is unsurpassed! S.T., NY
Quick follow up to my C2600 purchase . First, the unit arrived in perfect condition. Looks like a new interior box. The condition is 10/10 looks new- thank you!! However, the most important thing is the sound- love it!! L.W.NC
Received the turntable yesterday. I really want to let you know how much I appreciate you answering my questions and coming down to a price that was right for me. The packaging was over the top perfect. I know you hear that a lot but there is plenty of reservation about ordering a turntable online. It sounds fantastic by the way! TEB
About the subject of knowing who your HIFI man is...it is important to know your HIFI man. Audio Classics Ryan is great to work with. Audio Classic Ryan does CATER to his customers. CATER Customers Are The Entire Reason. The humans at Audio Classics are greatly appreciated as they maintain and preserve the beautiful sound from Binghamton! C.G. IL
I've been impressed with your mission, policies and business model since day one of my patronage, and will remain loyal into foreseeable future. W.S. OK
I just wanted to let you know that I received the McIntosh MA6600 on Thursday. I got it set up and everything is working great. The unit really seems very close to new condition. I couldnt be happier. Thanks so much for everything. As always you guys are great to deal with. B.B.MI
Quick follow up to my C2600 purchase . First, the unit arrived in perfect condition. Looks like a new interior box. The condition is 10/10 looks new- thank you!! However, the most important thing is the sound- love it!! L.W. NC
Received the turntable yesterday. I really want to let you know how much I appreciate you answering my questions and coming down to a price that was right for me. The packaging was over the top perfect. I know you hear that a lot but there is plenty of reservation about ordering a turntable online. It sounds fantastic by the way! T.H
I wanted to thank you, your tech and Audio Classics for the outstanding work to repair my McIntosh C34V! The C34V arrived perfectly packaged and in perfect condition without any fingerprints and looked just as new as when it came off Binghamton assembly. Within a few minutes of re-installing the C34V back in its place and giving the MC-275 (from Audio Classics, of course!) 15 minutes to get some temperature, the BEAUTIFUL SOUND FROM BINGHAMTON had returned to our home! Audio Classics repair has been a huge relief for me and the C34V was received fully restored. I cant say enough that after being an Audio Classics customer for 36 years just how much I appreciate your work and team efforts to keep the beautiful sound from Binghamton coming from my McIntosh equipment in top condition. There are few firms I can say provide outstanding service. Audio Classics actually tops my list. Since 1984, when I was apprehensive to U.S. mail from the Lombard, IL post office my C20 to Audio Classics for repair and pay for the repair via U.S.P.S. money order, Audio Classics has always provided me outstanding consistent excellence in sales, customer service and service repair support. C.G. IL
I appreciate your prompt and professional assistance, and look forward to doing more business with you. B.G. KS
I wanted to thank you again since Ive had my system a while now and tell you that you did me right. I wouldn't ever imagine leaving it up to someone else to select for me a rig like this having never heard it and only having reviews to read for selection. As compact as it is it still sounds as big and fat as my Crown and Lascalas. You and your company have my respect and ill refer you to anyone i know looking for equipment. K.C. LA
I've had nothing but excellence in equipment and service buying used equipment from Audio Classics since 1984. C.G. IL
I received the speakers (Klipsch RB5-II) and was wonderfully surprised with the packing. The speakers are in great condition and wanted to just give you a Big thank you. I would recommend Audio Classics to everyone! C.C.
I just wanted to send you a word of thanks for the McIntosh MC-60 amplifiers that I purchased from Audio Classics earlier this year. The amps were very well packed and were strapped to a palette for their long journey across the country. I carefully brought them into my house one box at a time. Unpacking them I felt like I was looking at something brand new considering their excellent condition. I am listening to them right now and they sound sweet! K.K. Canada
...you have made the year extra special. So my Hat is off to you with many thanks for all your efforts. And thanks for your gang helping you keeping the doors open. There is no way I could afford new Mac speakers even if I liked the sound. But allowing so many of us to enjoy pre-owned Mac through your efforts is one of my great joys in this period of my life. T.I. TX
Thank you so much for all of your help. While I have always had great customer service from Audio Classics and all of its associates I continue to be amazed at the level to which you stand behind everything I have purchased from you. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it and I am a customer who doesnt take that for granted. C.S. PA
I bought from Audio Classics in 1990 when I was living in Boston (I am French) a whole used McIntosh stereo system that included a McIntosh MC7270 amplifier (to replace a McIntosh 2205), a McIntosh C31V preamplifier, a CD player McIntosh MCD 7007, and a McIntosh tuner MR7082. At that time everything was perfectly converted to european specifications, i.e. 220 V and an accurate de-emphasis setting for the tuner. I contacted twice Audio Classics after that to replace a spare part of my Mc 2205 and these days for a spare part of my tuner. Everytime, I got a perfect service. Therefore, do not hesitate to buy from Audio Classics if you are living outside the USA. These guys are experts, sell at very reasonable prices, and offer long time professional service... DA from France
I just wanted to follow up with you since my purchase. The MX100 and MI347 are working GREAT !! I absolutely love the sound they produce! I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me with my latest purchase and THANK YOU for the tour of your awesome McIntosh Museum ! Im very much looking forward to my next road trip and future purchases from you! D.R, NJ
I just wanted to drop you a note saying how happy I am. That is the best packing I ever seen and turntable arrived perfect. Thank you very much. K.F. WY
I just wanted to drop you a note saying how happy I am. That is the best packing I ever seen and turntable arrived perfect. Thank you very much. K.F. WY
Thank you for recommending the Luxman SQN 150 Integrated Tube Amplifier for my system. The quality and pristine sound the SQN 150 delivers to my RCA M114 LCA1 Loudspeakers is beyond anything I have ever heard. Simply Top Notch! Once again you affirm why I, and so many others, put our trust in you and the Audio Classics team. Well done and thank you again for the recommendation and sale of such a find product. S.C. IN
We sure are enjoying our "new" receiver (McIntosh MAC4100) !!! Thanks for sending us such a nice piece of equipment...we can always count on you to do it right!!! B.S. TN
Never feel bad about your passion and your hobby! The haters have no right to tell you how to live your life. I have spent more than a Honda Accord on my gear from Audio Classics and I have no regrets. Life is short and it needs to be an adventure! R.W. NY
I knew I like doing business with yall. C.W., MS
Ryan finally got around to hooking the C1100 back up today. Everything works as it should... You guys are the best. I have and will continue to tell my friends and family what a great service you provide in both sales and service. M.H., MI
ebay There's just no comparison to amazing diligence, astuteness, services and professionalism demonstrated by this seller. After numerous purchases over more than a decade now, I can safely attest to their unparalleled exemplary services. Item are always better than projected or described, well packaged and shipped expeditiously. I'm always delighted by my purchases and associations with this seller. They stand steadfastly confident behind their items. Highly, highly, highly recommend this seller.
I received the check for 1,200. I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of my husband and myself, we appreciated doing business with you. T.K., NY
ebay feedback Excellent pack job. TT Arrived as safe as could be. Ok, I have been on Ebay for like the last 16 years, I have never had a transaction of this nature, this seller is like the god of sellers, seriously, this seller has won my heart, like no other, out of this site. Best I ever dealt with, highly recommended. Exactly as described. Very well packed. Fast shipping! Great seller. Perfectly packed. Outstanding product! Thank you so very much A reliable seller, fast delivery and great packaging. I highly recommend to everyone.
My wife told me she was really impressed by your store, she said your shop made each unit look like something she could imagine being in the home. P. NY
I have much respect for Audio Classics, Ryan and the late Frank Gow from whom I purchased (at least) my McIntosh C22 Commemorative, MC275 Marantz 10B Apogee Slant 8's. Yes, I am old and began "Hi-Fi" when the Fisher 80C was a big deal. I spent a number of years in location classical master recording and there are still a few CD's (what's a CD?) out there I recorded. I also am privileged to hear the best sound extant, since I still conduct a 45 piece Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Bottom line - Audio Classics is THE place for audio needs. I may have as well as the best perspective of audio down through the years beginning with "High Fidelity" in the 1950's. I don't usually take the time to write stuff like this, but wanted you know there are those of us still out there who appreciate your existence, even beyond the selling of audio equipment. J.W. NY
Just wanted to take a minute and say thank you. The amps (MC275-MKVI) arrived in absolutely perfect condition. Can't tell them from new units. I could not be more satisfied with our transaction. I have known about your company for a while now, but never utilized your services until I got deeper into my McIntosh ride. Needless to say, as long as you remain in business, I will be a loyal customer. S.R.
Wow nice job of boxing these up You guys don39t mess around. I recently bought a Panamax M5400 off of ebay that should have been packaged this well instead of wrapped in a layer of cardboard and plastic wrap. I left you positive feedback you deserve it. B.B. IA
Ernie sold me all of my Mac gear that I bought from Audio Classics since April of 2012. I will miss the great conversations we had over the phone. A long and happy retirement Ernie B.H. PA
The two cabinets both arrived yesterday. I cannot wait to set them up this weekend. I am one happy man. T.Z. Canada
I39ve tried a little of everything over the years but have settled on McIntosh as being an outstanding value and an excellent product. M.B OH
I am very happy with your customer service over the years. No organization could be better. M.C. VA
Just want to say thanks for everything The MA6500 arrived on time and in perfect shape. It is rated as a B1 though I cant find any issues in its appearance to keep me from thinking this is closer to A condition. As far as the sound goes the amp has surpassed all expectations. I find myself staying up way too late listening to LP after LP hearing things I had never heard with my previous set-up. It is absolutely amazing to listen to open and powerful and a great fit with my system. My wife and kids who are notoriously skeptical about audio have even noticed the difference and are impressed I wont hesitate to recommend Audio Classics to any friends that are also looking to upgrade. S.S. GA
I received Mc speaker XRT18 in good condition. All pieces arrived safely thanks for the great packing. I am very satisfied with the purchase. V.P. Thailand
it would be irresponsible of me if I didnt mention that I have a World Class McIntosh System from Audio Classics. Mike Sastra has been a splendid mentor regarding what I would enjoy the most. A.M. ID
as always I ENJOY doing business w/ reputable people 38 Audio Classics LTD. such as yourself ErnieRyan to name few....Thank you again J.S. NY
just a quick email to say I39m extremely happy with the VPI turntable and associated equipment. VPI Aries Scout JMW 9 signature tonearm Dynavector DV20X2H moving coil cartridge and Gingko Cloud -9S Base.We have achieved system synergy as the resultant exceeds the sum of the elements.This is the best outcome I have experienced in a phono section in all my years of HiFi hobbying. Happier than a kid at Christmas Got my old VPI HW 16 Record cleaner in full production and enjoying LP39s from way back in time.You may recall in recent years you have helped me put together an excellent system consisting of a McIntosh C2200 preamplifier MEN220 room correction system Audio Classics ACL9B Power amplifier that has made a fabulous sounding system through my very adequate speakers. The VPI addition has taken it beyond that. Thank you and all the folks at Audio Classics for their help in achieving this outcome all the way over the pond in UK. A very pleased R.H. UK
Sometimes I cant believe how lucky I am. ...I love my C2600 and my MC452 and I have you to thank for it all. ....I just wanted to end-game-land the proper preamp and amp for life and then take my time with the rest. So once again my deepest thanks for not putting me in the poorhouse on my purchases but it will take some time to regain money-steam to handle the speaker upgrade. I applaud your honesty and A business ethics and I hope all is well on your side of the country. I do my best to give you positive plugs out there on Facebook from time to time not that you need any. C.R. AZ
You are one of the longest-running and busiest audio stores in the world it seems you are doing very well. ... I really appreciate having Audio Classics so close to home and the great service I39ve always received. G.S. NY
I wanted to say THANK YOU for the MC275. It is gorgeous and sounds even better. It is now hooked up to my C47 and my Martin Logans. I always appreciate the personal attention you give me and my audio requests Thanks to you and Audio Classics.D.N. OH
Steve just a note to say how much I appreciate you and the whole staff at your shop My grandson is so very happy with his new system. I told his mother to get ear plugs. Please thank all the boys for me. J.L.NY
I deeply treasure the way I am treated by your and the rest of the staff at Audio Classics like family. I highly recommend you to my friends. Best wishes and God Bless J.G. OH.
Just wanted to close the loop and let you know that the MR74 arrived safely ... Great packaging and great service - you guys are the Professionals You and Audio Classics are great to work with I know that I will be back soon and refer you to anyone looking for high end audio gear . S.B. Canada
A special Thank You to Mike Sastra for your time and visit .... We had spoken on the phone before but never met in person. I had also never been to the Vestal store. Thanks for taking the time with me. I really appreciate it. When its time to buy again I will not forget you. M.L.
Wanted to say how much I enjoyed the virtual tour link. Would give anyone the true sense of what a first class operation this is and dispel any concern of buying online. This is much appreciated in California where the brick and mortar dealers are for the most part gone certainly true in the Bay Area. We are mostly relegated in Silicon Valley to visiting a so called dealer at his residence listening to equipment in their living room while the family dog runs around with kids screaming and the wife asking the dealer if he took the trash out yet. Did I mention the screaming kids Good business B.L. CA
Aaron you39ve outdone yourself on this one. Item shipped out last Thursday arrived in my hands yesterday Monday. No customs charge currently installed and working. R.H. UK
thanks very much for hosting me... for working with me on the various transactions and for arranging the factory tour. The factory and demo room were unbelievable and Chuck did a terrific job. Great to meet you and Im hoping this is just the beginning C.F. NJ
I spoke w/ my buddy.... on my way home and we both agreed that yesterday was a day Ill not soon forget ...how much I enjoyed my time at Audio Classics from your wonderful staff to the different sound rooms and all the equipment both old 38 new. Your store is almost one half museum and the other half retail. But the most important factor of the day was the way that you genuinely reached out to take care of my needs in every way possible. Not a wonder that your business is such a success. J.C. MD
Package received today Incredible packing Its always an excellent experience to deal with ... Audio Classics. Thank you S.B. Canada
I wanted to thank you for such a professional packing job with the amplifier. Wow what a difference. It came back perfect. T.K.
I wanted to send a note thanking you and your team for the service done on my Marantz 10b. Richard39s work was incredible. Hard to believe you can get someone today with that level of experience and sophistication to bring a classic piece of equipment not only back to working condition but obviously better than it was when it was new in 1964 I am constantly amazed when listening to it now. It puts the other tuners I have to shame. The return packaging was excellent as well. I will certainly look to your group for my next audio service opportunity S.P. CA
Received the MR73 tuner a few days ago and it is great It is without a doubt the finest tuner I have ever had sounds just wonderful with a good FM signal. This was the second item I have bought from Audio Classics and also the second time I worked with Ryan. Item was shipped promptly and the double boxed packaging is practically bulletproof. Certainly a pleasure dealing with Ryan and the Audio Classics staff. F.E. TX
It was a pleasure working with Derek and your company He made it as easy as possible I love the McIntosh MA252 its the perfect integrated amp for my system. Look forward to working with Audio Classics again in the future. D.G. MT
The c2600 arrived safely last night already up and running it sounds and looks great. Thank you again for your counsel and incredible customer service. Ill be in touch when I get the itch to continue my audio journey. J.P. MO
Got the MC502 up and driving my office system... It sounds great ... Always a pleasure doing business with AC. M.C. TX
Hey just wanted to give a shout out to Aaron. I needed a cabinet for my McIntosh MX110X and he made sure I had exactly what I needed for a great price. He packed it perfectly and made sure I had tracking information. He was a cool laid back guy to talk to and I enjoyed speaking with him. Thanks for the great service J.W. VA
I must say that the packing you guys did was first rate. R.E. Spain
I could not have been more pleased with the service and help that I received from Audio Classics and Derrick. ... Audio Classics is McIntosh heaven and I wouldnt hesitate recommending you to anyone looking for McIntosh equipment. P.M. NY
Ryan as always thanks for your help In a world where customer assistance is dwindling by the day Audio Classics is a shining beacon of what can be achieved and a standard that other companies only wish they could obtain. E.S. KS
I received both Crown39s today in perfect condition your packing is supurb. Let me know when you get any Crown R/R39s I am usually a buyer. C.Z. FL
Glad I found you guys...Never thought I could get this quality of stereo equipment for the price. Ive wanted MacIntosh forever but its been out of reach. Unbelievable equipment. Absolutely looks and sounds beautiful driving my Klipsch Cornwall 3s. Mac7200 looked perfect coming out of the box. Great job packing and shipping. A.B. VA
Wish to let you know I am very pleased with the speakers you sold me. They sound great. D.S. FL
listened Sunday to some great...music Bach Handel et al - living room filled with magnificent sound - sound played by McIntosh MX110 tuner/preamp MC250 solid-state amplifier and KLH 5 bookshelf speakers- fabulous sound I bought the Mac stuff from you years ago - still playing flawlessly F.H.MD
Thank you Appreciate your efforts and follow up. One Very Happy Customer A.B. VA
RE MA7900 The amp is absolutely awesome. Most rewarding item Ive ever bought. Thanks I will be back for upgrading speakers later. J.S. MO
Thought I would drop you a note to say that the MCD500 arrived safely. Packed to perfection and looked like new. You even added a couple of trigger cords which although a small item was a very nice touch. Of course the big question always how does it sound and did I make the right decision Id answer with a resounding Yes Absolutely love what the mcd500 does with my CDs. It did not take long before I quit listening to the player and just enjoyed the music. For my tastes this player is as good as it gets. Thanks again for the great experience and dealings with Audio Classics would not hesitate to do it again. T.W. CA
I just wanted to express 34our34 complete satisfaction with our Classic HD39s. They stage so well and the sound is so good as if the musicians are in our living room For reference we are driving them with McIntosh MC60139s with a McIntosh C47 preamp. We purchased them recently from Derek at Audio Classics in Vestal NY. Derek and his organization did a wonderful job and have become our 34Go To34 audio source. We simply have no reason to look elsewhere. I was fairly firm that I wanted to purchase B38W 80339s then we auditioned the Classics.We auditioned your Classics and two other Legacy monitors for over 4 hours. Then we auditioned the B38W 80339s. The B38W 80339s made it for about 3 minutes and we made our mind up. The Classics simply blew them away THANK YOU for designing and producing such wonderful monitors. Again Thanks for making an American made monitor that can truly take on the worlds best J.H. PA
Mike thanks for A1 service again. The MA252 is a millennium beast. Love the new Mc sound from this Hybrid. Better than expected. This piece sounds a lot more expensive than it39s current price point. The pizza and wings were perfect for the ride back to Canada.Very kind. You guys at Audio Classics are the bomb Keep going D.M. Canada
Re MC75-60th 38 C22-60th I just received the Bundle. Wow A great job with shipping prep. All the boxes and equipments are in a great condition. I want to say thank you again for an awesome customer service. Ill definitely would deal with AudioClassics again. P.K. CA
Boy do they do good work. W.S. NY
Just received my first McIntosh component an MHA 100. It is beautiful listed as B1 looks perfect to me. Thanks for an excellent buying experience. A.J. MN131013101310
Hey I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone involved for this great deck. I had a BX300 that was recapped and had some other TLC but this is a really awesome Nak. So thanks again and keep up the good work. M.C. OR
Thanks for your hospitality. Audio Classics is a great place to visit recommended for kids of all ages R.H. England
The McIntosh c26 arrived safe and on time. Thanks for the great service. The preamp is beautiful; Audio Classics does amazing work on these vintage pieces. I've enjoyed listening tonight. So far it is sounding great with my tube amp. B.P., AL
I just wanted to thank you for packing the unit so well - very impressive. Wish other sellers would put as much care into the transport of goods as you. I hooked up the unit and found it received AM fine on both channels... Thanks again for your flexibility on the purchase cost and your care in packing! G.S., CA
I received my amp through eBay through you guys. Preamp; Mcintosh. Very impressed. The packaging is very impressive. You guys are professionals. I would recommend you to people. Definitely. R.R., NY
I received the parcel ...Everything is perfect, the packaging was awesome, so thanks a lot. O.J. France
Just wanted to thank you, ... It looks great! Please pass my thanks to your shipping department, it was really well packaged! P.L Canada
everything set up by 6:30 Monday evening. Spent that evening and virtually all day yesterday listening....it is awesome. System sounds great! Playing familiar CD's is like listening to new music.... so much more going on that I had heard before. I want to thank you for all your help. I've never been to an audio store where I was given such personal and competent attention. The fact that you were willing to set up the identical system I thought I wanted, and then insert the alternative components, was very instructive and gave me confidence I was getting the best system for my needs (and budget). And it was also just plain fun too! The recommendation I got from a friend in Houston,TX was spot on and the 4 hour drive from Vermont was well worth it. I will be recommending you and Audio Classics to anyone who is looking for high-end equipment. G.R., VT
Wonderful! I really like the sound and system. Thanks again for your recommendation for the system, especially McIntosh MA6300. H.C. VA
Just a note to let you know that my wife and I could not be more pleased with our recent purchase at Audio Classics. We drove up from New York this past Saturday with the intent of purchasing classic McIntosh vacuum tube equipment (I had purchased an MR67 tuner from you about five years ago). I have a very large record collection, over 20,000 LPs, and I was way overdue for a sound system upgrade. We spent a couple of hours with Ernie Schleider who was extremely courteous and helpful. He set us up in the listening room and left us to our own devices. I had brought along a dozen LPs, both jazz and classical, with widely varying voice and instruments for comparison testing purposes. My wife really got into the comparative testing mode and she played an active part in the selection process. After listening to three different MC275 power amplifiers, coupled to both C20 and C22 pre-amplifiers, we selected the MC275 and C22 combination that seemed to be producing the best sound. Of course, there is nothing like hearing the equipment in your own home and listening space. All I can tell you is that the equipment has exceeded our best expectations. The clarity and depth of sound coming out of the LPs is just spectacular. There is also a notable improvement in the sound quality of FM radio broadcasts. Bottom line: we could not be happier and we couldn't think of shopping anywhere else for this classic equipment. We should have made this purchase years ago and we sure are glad that we did it now. N.C., NY
... I just wanted to provide you some feedback. Firstly it was indicated on the site that the unit was in excellent condition, a totally accurate description. Not only does it look near perfect, more importantly, it works like new. It was really well packaged, box in a box....anyway I got a great unit at a great price - thanks. Loving it! P.L., Canada
Just wanted to commend you on your attention to detail in the packing of the IMA. Having purchased several electronic components on Ebay, yours is the closest to a factory sourced packed shipment. It would be nice if other Ebay sellers would follow suit. G.S., CA
Really enjoying the MT-5 and MVP 891. Running through my MA 7000 w/ Klipsch Belles; extremely satisfied. J.P., VA
Thanks again to you and to Audio Classics for the outstanding service. This is my second purchase from you guys within the past year and I'll definitely be back! M.O., PA
If I didn't know it was B1 I would have thought it was brand spankin' new. ...Sounds fantastic. ... So, again thanks very much for your help, quick reply to my emails, and a quick and smooth transaction. Hope to deal again soon.B.S, MA
Good gear, good prices, and everyone has a sense of humor. I wish you folks were a lot closer. B.S., MA
...it arrived safe and sound, excellent packing job! It is beautiful. Thanks so much for all your help, you and your team are top notch! I only had time to fire it up for a quick listen but I am very happy and it is working perfectly. Exactly what I needed. I truly am a customer for life, no more EBay here. BTW took a virtual tour of the store and really enjoyed it! Biggest inventory of Mcintosh I have seen. J.W. , IA
I got my unit yesterday; the 7900 and what a booger. That’s a big heavy rascal. ... First of all, it’s gorgeous and looks brand new. I don’t know how it can sound as good as it looks. Right off the bat, once I figured out how set everything, it is just super. ... I’m 63 and it’s the best thing I’ve ever purchased in audio. I tell you, it’s wonderful. Thanks a lot. I’ll be back to you for anything else I want to get. I love it. It’s a fantastic unit. Super. D.E., NV
Like always, couldn’t be happier with Audio Classics and the tuner. Milwaukee has a good number of HD radio stations, and the MR88 is picking up most of them without even properly setting up the antenna. J.S., WI
We hooked up the Mac this evening, and just finished a six hour listening session. All I can say is....Holy Mackaday!! We love it! S.P. CT
Arrived safely and Sounds over the top great. J.P., MD
I unpacked the MC302 from the awesome triple box packaging, ...The tonal chemistry between it and the C2300 is awesome………makes beautiful music. Much more texture and dynamics and sense of untapped power. Beautiful equipment and thanks for another great example of McIntosh heritage. S.A. TX
....The blue - ray player arrived according to schedule, very well packaged, and everything was working It was actually in much better shape that I anticipated!!' I'm very happy and will come back to order more in the near future.M.B., MO
I did not get a chance to say thank you for locating the Mac XLS 112 SubWoofer for me. I have purchased several pieces of Mac gear from "AC" over the years and I have never been disappointed. Hoping to see you on my next visit to the store. C.A., NJ
McIntosh 2100 is up and running and sounding great-can't believe how great looking this thing is for such a vintage amp. Thanks for sending a really nice unit. J.W., MO
i have received supplies and the front of mc300; Great packaging! P.B., France
The absolute best to do business with. I have been doing business with Audio Classics for over 20 years now and every purchase is a wonderful experience. They have also been very helpful with the correct purchases. Mike Sastra is great as my contact there.M.M., MO
Wanted to let you know I received the pre amp today. It looks brand new! ... Normally I wouldn't make a purchase like this unless I was face to face, as I'm very particular. I'm extremely pleased with your service, and look forward to more translations in the very near future. F.S., SC
I am very pleased & the packing was terrific. Great doing business with you. C.Z., FL
got the knob today....wow very fast and beautiful knob, perfect fit! Thanks again! J.B., DE
RE XR7 Speakers: Spectacular in every way. The best cleanest full range sound I ever heard. Incredible job on the packing. T.B., VA
I was able to get the speakers mounted this week... everything seems to be working and sounding great! J.R. NY
The new to me speakers sound killer. D.L. NY
Wonderful item as described. Shipping and packing impeccable. Great seller. B.B., MA
I just wanted to tell you how excited I am about my new Sonos system at our lake house. I have been playing all my cd’s and music from the nas drive. Howard was great and patient in explaining the obvious to me. M.W., NY
I love the LS360s, the Marantz processor, and the MC452 I bought from you. I really love them. Best stereo setup I have ever owned. M.C., PA
... thank you for doing the firmware updates…………….that is something that I wasn’t looking forward to doing! Not to get all mushy………..but I really appreciate the confident feeling of transactions with you and Audio Classics. I just don’t worry about it, knowing that your representations are always honest and full of value. S.A. TX
You are a worthy humane cause to and for Everything McIntosh ! You did a fantastic job refurbishing my Dad' vintage 68' C22 Preamplifier and MC250 Amp which coincided with a personal visit to AUDIO CLASSICS, you arranged... a free MAC FACTORY TOUR and kept me busy ... while you did your magic to my McIntosh gear . ...."I DON'T FORGET A GOOD TIME by your presence and detailed efforts..! R.R., CT
Exactly as advertised, nicest packing job I have ever seen. Will buy again W.M., OR
holy crap! ups just delivered it! that's less than 24hrs! i never even had a chance to check tracking info. thank you very much. to say you guys are customer oriented would be an understatement. thanks again R.P., NY
Kudos to the exceptional customer service provided by Mike Sastra and Audio Classics. Mike went above and beyond.S.S. WA
I’ve bought several McIntosh items, including this one, from a great guy at Audio Classics... Andy. When friends of mine talk about upgrading their stereo gear I always recommend Andy right away since besides being a really nice guy, he’s very professional, has a lot of integrity, and is easy to deal with (which can be hard to find in the high end stereo world). J.B., CT
I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan, at the Decades Audio event in Virginia Beach. This was my first experience with an "audio show" get together. ... it was a real treat to hear equipment that Decades and Audio Classics were able to bring together for the show that I've only seen online or reviewed in magazines. I was really impressed with the sound. Ryan was very courteous and very professional in answering all our questions. He really know his stuff. Thanks for supporting this event. I.B. VA
I received the CD player after its repair and it is working fine. ... I convey my thanks and appreciation to both of you for the service and courtesies each of you extended to me. Again, thank you for your service and assistance with the CD player. J.G., NY
I bought a C41 McIntosh preamp over two years ago, and it developed a problem where the balance control was cutting out. I took it back yesterday, expecting to pay for service, since it's been over two years, I did not buy it new and it had only a one year warranty. Much to my surprise, they fixed it while I waited, and did so for free!!! I would have expected such treatment form McIntosh itself, but I got this from a dealer!! Albeit the world's largest dealer, but I never expected this.W.S., NY
Love my MC240, C20 & MR67 that Andy sold me!! It was everything I expected & more. I hooked it up to a pair of vintage JBL C38's and it was pure heaven. Even the tuner sounds great listening to my favorite jazz station.B.M., CA
... the Mac arrived on schedule and everything operates as advertised. The receiver sounds great. I had forgotten how well my speakers sound with a good receiver. Been putting up with an inferior for far too long. Thank you for taking care of me. P.B., MI
ACL is a first-class organization and you have been great to deal with. The speaker arrived in good shape and I am listening to it now. Exactly what I had hoped for. E.S., VA
I just gave you the highest praises I could write is such a short space on the feedback. When I purchased this item judging by the pictures it looked like the chrome trim around the edge of the faceplate was worn out in certain areas. When I unwrapped this item and saw how pristine and excellent condition it was in I literally has to take a deep breath. I could not believe the awesome condition it was in. And the wrapping job (don't get me started on that) but it was the best wrapping I have seen so far on a piece of audio gear excellent job. I can't thank you enough how pleased I was when I saw this item. Keep up the fantastic work, you guys are great. I could not help myself but to give you FIVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK STARS. Morris ebay
I want to thank you for taking the time in assisting me yesterday on the guidance and final purchase of the MCINTOSH MC-7150 amp. I sincerely enjoyed speaking with you and learning more about you. And your Company. I feel confident that I made the right decision purchasing the Mcintosh MC-7150 amp from Audio Classics. Yes I could have found it less expensive but your service after the sale and your companies reputation is very important in any purchase. J.A., N.J
... the MS300 arrived safe and sound. ... Sounds great and I am very happy with the transaction. E.K., NY
Omg what an awesome rig. J.G., NY
What people do to manage stress? 44% listen to music. USA Today
I received the McIntosh RAA1 Remote Antenna last week in excellent condition, and I am very pleased with the way it performs with the MX132 that I had purchased from you. Your people do a nice job in packing and in shipping. I want to thank you for the extra expense and service that you went through to get this missing item to me. ....You operate a high class firm and it always is a pleasure to do business with you. I.F., IN
...I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate you sales team . Andy took my order ... what a great guy to have on staff . I wish all sales people were like him , GREAT SERVICE / GREAT HELP . I will look forward to doing business you in the future ! J.G., GA
Thanks once again to Mike Sastra for helping me with my trade in, to upgrade to the C42! The unit is super clean and sounds fantastic! Audio Classics' policies, customer support, and packing / shipping quality are all top notch. You're my first choice to shop for used McIntosh gear. E.H., CA
...They are really nice looking. ... Thanks for the good service and nice pricing on these. I'll come back to you when I'm ready to get into some McIntosh equipment. D.K., MI
... the Mcintoch MCD751 vrds transport , looks and works Beautiful,and the sound is wonderful you guys had a grade B1 on It though it appears just out of the box new in every way unreal, I'm looking forward to dealing with you guys again soon. P.M., PA
Audio Classics has consistently provided me excellence in service and equipment for over 30 years and is second to none. My new from Audio Classics MAC4100 is more beautiful sound from Binghamton and Audio Classics in the house to go along with my other “Black Beauties” from Binghamton and Audio Classics. Ryan Kilpatrick is the best…C.G., IL
Fast, very neat sending, compliant product , very good communication thank you. P.P., France
...it never ends does it... Thanks again for the great deal.. B.G., MD
I received my McIntosh 6100 Integrated Amp from Audio Classics. You really know how to pack the equipment to prevent damage. Great job ! Although the equipment is several decades old, anyone be hard pressed to mistake it from new. Your grading system is quite conservative. I always wanted a McIntosh and I was not disappointed.It does not produce sound, it produces music to the listeners delight. T.Z., PA
Just a short note to let you know the MV125 made it... After just a few hours of listening I can say definitively that the amp exceeds my expectations. It's in much better cosmetic shape than I expected, and better than your conservative rating. The amp and tubes were packed very professionally and with great care. The amp sounds wonderful, gorgeous... Lots of sweetness, depth and size. The sound far exceeds my expectations. When there is no signal present, the amp is as quiet as if it were turned off. I could say much more. However, suffice it to say I am very happy with the amp. I feel as though I got a good deal and a superior product that I look forward to enjoying for a long time. T.H., WA
Thank you for speaking with me today and sending the cable The system is up and working sonically perfect! Thank you. Thank you again for your help. You are an asset to Audio Classics and Audio Classics is the best! D.R., NY
Thanks for taking some time to speak with me today. Listening to Steely Dan right now and it sounds great. I want to spend some money with you. T.M., NJ
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my first visit to Audio classics. You have a terrific store and a very friendly, professional staff. Ryan did a great job "tuning up" my C26 and MC2105. Sorry I missed Bailey! JM, NJ
...our 1 year old daughter loves our 275! She stands in front of it and says "on", and will start to dance when the music plays. However, she does not understand it takes time for tubes to warm up, as she keeps saying "on" and gets mad until then. B.S. WI
Just a quick note to say how I was newly reminded why, for me, there is no other place I would ever purchase a piece of vintage McIntosh gear from than AC when I opened the box containing my C29. As a long-time loyal customer of our beloved dear friend Frank Gow, under whose guidance I discovered the true beauty of vintage McIntosh, I was worried after his sad passing that perhaps with him went the soul of AC. But the way you and your crew have treated me, the care with which this preamp was prepared, tested, and packaged, tells me that Frank's spirit is indeed very much still present in your business ethos. You guys may not be the least expensive on the block. But the peace of mind those few extra dollars buy me -- knowing AC stands behind what it sells and digs vintage McIntosh for the all the same reasons I do -- is worth every penny. Many thanks. J.M, MD
The MX110 sounds great for a unit that is 50 years old. Your techs did a great job. I really liked the hand written notes from the tech. It adds a personnel touch that is lacking in todays world. ... Thanks again for a job well done. J.S., IN
Many thanks for the fast delivery of the Mcs-... Everything was packed securely, and arrived in 'as new' condition. Everything works perfectly & the aerial picks up all the radio stations we listen too- and the MC352 is sounding great! Again, many thanks- your service & friendless is a credit to Audioclassics! N.K., Australia
Thank You for allowing Ryan to come to my house and set up my McIntosh system! Obviously, I am challenged in that department. It is because of your kindness and outstanding service that I drive 6 hours to buy my equipment from Audioclassics. I wouldn't even consider buying elsewhere, even if I found it for less, which I don't believe is possible. Ryan is a credit to your business, as well as an outstanding person. You guys are the best. You just don't find businesses that offer the care and service that is found at Audioclassics. Thanks again for everything and I look forward to visiting you soon. D.B., PA
Thanks for your help last week. ...I am very pleased with my purchases from Audio Classics. C.R., NY
thank you for the great day and all the time you spent with us to make a decision. Certainly it was way above and beyond what I would have expected in the scope of a sale. J.J., NY
I wanted to comment on this transaction. 1st, dealing with you was very pleasant, Wish I could buy more from you. 2nd, the packaging was perfection. It was a bit of a struggle to get it out of the box, but that just shows how well it was packed. 3rd, your rating of C1 was, I think a bit conservative. I would have no problem thinking this was a B1,but I guess it's better to error on the conservative side. I have plugged the unit in and as you said there is absolutely NO Hum or Buzz. Looking forward to many hours of listening this weekend. Thanks again, M.L., CA
I got my order everything super good !!!!! I set up with my Mcintosh MC402, C50 Mcintosh preamp and pair of B&W 803 Diamond ...... oh my god ...sound wonderful make me can not leave the stereo room. Thank you very much for such you are a very good and super sale man and easy deal ..... I just want to leave you and audioclassic the positive feed back but I don't know how to do it . In future I will contact you again and will refer any friend to you when ever we need stereo stuff .... The Marantz SA11S2 super sound !!!!! K.L., MC
Received the C42 in very good shape and hooked it up over the weekend. Really nice preamp. I'm quite happy with it and the overall AC experience. Thank you again. A.D., NY
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy my Klipsch bookshelf speakers. It has that smooth spacious sound that I remember from Klipsch. M.D., NY
many thank you. The radio arrived well. Is absolute top M.D., Germany
Great deck, in good condition and one of the best packing jobs seen. Everything perfect - top quality - top packs -1A+ salesperson -thank you These are the real Pros for service, advice, and sales of vintage audio! More of the same excellent service. Will continue to buy from Audio Classics The item was perfectly packed! Very professional, a true pleasure to deal with! Germany
Got it yesterday. Excellent service! Many thanks! P.H., Germany
Just want to thank you and Steve for being so accommodative and nice; it’s always a pleasure. Soon, I’ll probably have reverse buyer’s remorse for not buying this amp. R.L., LA
Thanks for your assistance in the purchase of a cabinet for my recently acquired MCD500; I enjoyed talking with you about McIntosh. J.S., GA.
We're enjoying the MC275 and still talking to our friends about the McIntosh tour you arranged for us. P.L., NY
Just a quick note I am still enjoying my C33 pre very much. Great transaction. Future customer for sure. W.O. OK
The item finally arrived. I'm so pleased!I just want to compliment you for packing the MC2505 glass so carefully and so professionally! This must be the most well packed item that I've ever received for shipping. T.S. Singapore
Hello Steve, Just wanted to let you know I received the amp in good working order. Connected to my Infinity Kappa 8 speakers and all I can say is WOW!!! Thanks so much for your patience with me. I will definitely recommend you and your staff. Thanks again M.R., WI
Audio classics are fantastic. I never email mail order businesses to praise them, but here I am emailing you. Rel arrived in perfect condition, NIB as you said. Thanks again. I will call you when I need a preamp or power amp. W.U., AZ
I want to say how incredibly pleased I am, not only with the MAC 1900, but with the exceptional customer service I received from Mike Sastra and Audio Classics. The receiver is everything I hoped it would be and more. It was expertly packed...probably the best packing job I have ever seen! The unit came out of the box looking factory fresh! Prior to the sale, Mike was very helpful and patient, answering all my questions, sending photos, answering more questions. This is an exceptional business with exceptional people. And as a former Endicott native, it was great doing business back on home turf. J.S., CA
I received my mcintosh c33. I must say the packing is outstanding and arrived in mint condition. It was rated a b1, but is actually mint. This piece is outstanding and is a major upgrade from my c27. This is my first piece of gear purchased at audio classics and doing business with Steve was awesome. A lifelong customer, and so should you. W.O.Okla.
Got the C37 remote today and it works fine...appreciate the quick response. Thanks for taking care of my problem! G.G., CA
Thanks again for your help. I changed all of the bulbs in my MHT200 and it looks terrific !!! E.H., FL
A quick note to convey my thanks and appreciation to Audio Classics and Mike Sastra -- I recently took delivery of a C35 preamp and XR50 speakers. All arrived in perfect shape, just fantastic packaging. The units look beautiful and sound even better! Instead of wasting money and time over the last 10-15 year chasing the Home Theater bug, I should have just stuck with McIntosh and 2-channel! E.H.CA.
Item EXACTLY as described GREAT packer QUICK shipping. Awesome guys, thank you. Just left excellent 5-Star feedback and appreciate your customer care & service. We'll continue to visit AudioClassics.com for future audio parts & components needs - THANK YOU :) L.G., NY
...thank you so much for your time and showing me around Blue Meter Heaven.....And Keep shooting pictures. PS McIntosh and Nikons..everything else is just extras........J.D., NC
you are awesome, just as great as i remember you to be in past dealings. you sold both me, and my friend (upon my recommendations of course), two 7270's, and two pair of XRT18's. Really nice stuff, ... very happy. M.W., NH
I just received my very-well packed McIntosh MC60 from Audio Classics. P.R., CA
the glass panel arrived in perfect condition. Thank you Andy, thanks America. Sergio, Italy
I received the cartridge today and it is in as beautiful shape as you described it. Thank you. M.T., CT
Steve, Frank (whom we all will miss), and Ryan, have always taken very good care of me in my dealings since the mid nineties with Audio Classics for purchases, and service, and I couldn`t be more pleased with every product description/condition, and your world wide known "stellar packing" of equipment that I`ve purchased from you guys.. My Brother-in Law, and a mutual friend(both long timers @ nearly 40 years ea. with UPS and Audiophiles) are even impressed with your excellent over the top packing methods, and have indicated that the high quality boxing and attention to their details will, or should survive even the most "Gorilla" handling, or more often mishandling antics of their co-workers !!! LOL !! And have, at least in myself and my Brother-in-Laws purchases from your company have always arrived in perfect physical and electrical condition... Thanks a lot.. And you will always be my first choice in the A/V acquisitions.. Regards and take care.. W.F., FL
.. the new glass for the 301 arrived just yesterday, you were very very fast, it's nice to know people like you and companies that work so well and seriously, I thank you very warmly for his kindness and haste, I am a fan of the brand McIntosh and for the future I will refer to you if you need assistance on replacement parts. Thank you and good job. P.P., Italy
A quick note to let you know that I’m very happy with the MC7300 you sold me. It is awesome! It’s hard to believe how much power is packed into such a small chassis; moreover, the overall condition of this unit is nothing less than MINT. This is, in no small measure, due to the fact that ACL always packs these units for shipping to withstand a nuclear holocaust.Also, I greatly appreciate your kind patience throughout my decision making process (several months). I think the solution for me in the future is to simply tap into your knowledge base and run with your recommendations from the get-go. It certainly worked great on this occasion. Thanks to your great customer service, I am most definitely an ACL repeat customer for life. B.M., VA
just a note to say Andy went above and beyond in his customer service yet again and has guaranteed the next time I need Something McIntosh related your establishment is who I will call first. If I ever have enough money to buy a current Mc system, I'll even bypass local dealers. Thanks once again! Audio classics is a classic itself. K.D., MD
As always, your good advice, prompt service and price consideration are most appreciated. J.T., FL
I'm enjoying the C50 very much, Its a great unit. Thanks once again for arranging the tour on such short notice and for a most enjoyable audio buying experience. ... Best to you and all the great staff! P.D., NY
Shout out to Andy Butt, who took great care of me, and sent me an awesome amp, the MC452. This is a spectacular piece, and I shall keep it forever (until my next upgrade LOL). Great product , excellent packaging and delivery, great service. THANK YOU! H.N. LA
Received the new equipment yesterday and we had them up and running by afternoon. Excellent match for the Revel speakers. Thanks again, to you and your organization, for being the best in the audio business. J.M., TX
I have received both the (MR71) tuner and C28 Preamplifier. ... The items arrived in very good condition and I am now enjoying the units. Very good job in packing and the items are like what was described in the sales brochure.You can be sure that the next time I go shopping for stereo equipment AudioClassics will be my first stop. Keep up the good work. I will definitely recommend your website to my other colleagues. K.Y., Canada
... thank you for the excellent advice and service you offered me recently when I was looking to upgrade the pre-amp in my system. I have lived with the McIntosh C2300 for a couple of weeks now and continue to be blown away by the improvement it brings to what I had thought was a very good system; it is now an exceptional system could not be happier! J.P., UT.
Thank you for helping my son ...with his purchase of such a nice selection of equipment. He is very thrilled with it and I am sure it will last a long time for his enjoyment. I am thrilled also now that he is a McIntosh owner. R.R.,FL
The equipment arrived yesterday and was all in great shape. I installed everything this morning and it's all just phenomenal. The speakers sound great!! Thank you so much for everything! D.R., NC
Re MA6600 with Thiel cs3.6 speakers and a Marantz SACD player. You probably have experienced this reaction a few times in your career but...I think this is the best sounding stereo I have ever heard! The sound stage is full with detailed subtle surprises accurately conveyed through seemingly effortless dynamics. It was very pleasant dealing with you and I will not hesitate to check your web site to see what other equipment that I cannot live without. Thanks again, E.J., CO
The amp arrived ... and it was packaged so well I have no doubt it would survive an atomic blast! I’ve read quite a bit about the MC2505 and I have to say its sound has risen far above and beyond my expectations. I haven’t been able to pull myself away from the warm, rich, non-fatiguing sound. I’ve definitely lost track of time these last few evenings. Everything on my system sounds noticeably better with the MC2505 in place. I will be holding onto this one for quite some time. And once again a BIG THANK YOU for the outstanding customer service you provided with the sale of the MC2505. The gold RCA jacks look beautiful and I couldn't be happier. I’ve said it before but the quality of service and the experience of dealing with you and Audio Classics have simply been unparalleled. Z.C., NY
I visited my favorite audio shop today. Traded my MR77 for an MR80. Great choice. Ernie offered me a very comfy seat after my long journey from Pennsylvania. He played some jazz through this system using the smaller McIntosh speakers, impressive. My main man Ernie Schleider. Great audio person and a great friend. M.D., PA
Just wanted to say I had my first experience buying from your shop on Saturday and I couldn't be happier with the salesman, Ernie. Nice to talk to and very knowledgeable. P.C., NC
I wish to thank you for the great service, communication, and wonderful product. I am very pleased. K.C., VT
Aaron was a pleasure to work with. Professional and responsive which is a rarity in our business today. G.L.,ID
just wanted to thank you for tracking down, in your warehouse, the Mac. XRT-30 12" woofer for me, and getting it to me in a safe and "sound" manner( your shipping department is famous for some of the best packing in the world !! ) Anyway.. Thank you again for helping me return my XRT-30 speaker system back to factory specs. As always, a very happy customer of Audio Classics.. Take care, B.F., FL.
... The sound coming out of my speakers is stunning. Everything I had hoped for. Just wanted to express my thanks to everyone involved including the lead tech who brought my 4300v back to spec, to the person who packed my 4300v as though it were a a rare vase from the Ming Dynasty, and and special thanks to Dave Newmark who knows how to look after a customer from initial inquiry right through to after delivery service. This is my second purchase from your company. I would recommend you folks heartily to anyone I know. I can only wonder what my 3rd purchase from you guys is going to be! M.S., Canada
Just wanted to let you know that the Audio Alchemy DLC w/remote and power station one arrived today in perfect condition due to your excellent packaging. That baby was wrapped!!! K.C., FL
the MAC6700 arrived today and it is the most magnificent piece of gear I've ever had. ...I can't thank you enough for working with me and helping me make this a reality. The packaging is unlike anything I've seen before. Thank you SO much!!! J.D., MN
I'm immensely happy. The unit and speakers are everything I could have asked for. Together they are completely fulfilling and I think will ameliorate my need for upgrade for a while. The packing was impecable. I never imagined needing to have to break out my drill to unpack the thing. I love the fact that theres a DAC in the receiver eliminating the need for additional cables. ... You guys been great. Class act. S.J. PA
I ... called Ernie and he was very helpful with questions I had reference the new MAC MAC6700 receiver since he himself has one. He took the time to explain to me exactly the background on B1 condition of a units, as well as describing the receiver in general. I hope to do business with him in the future plus he is about my age!! J.Y. MO.
Received the guitar and am well pleased--was just as you described!!! Great job of packing and shipping, also!!! H.C., AL
The MT-10 is beautiful, and after one tiny hitch, it was up and running. So far, it's like someone replaced my albums with copies that have more stuff on them.... The MCD301 is also wonderful... They are a perfect fit with the C48 and the MC352.... I can't thank you enough for the expert help that Mike provided me through all of this. I was told that to buy used McIntosh from anyone else was just too risky, and I believe that this is true. Thanks again…R.R., NC
I received the C46 today cheer for the quality of packing. the c46 is really a qualitative gain for me compared to the C712 that I had previously. V.H. France
I really enjoy the c34v pre amplifier, my system sound better then ever. thanks again for the help with my trade in,that really made all of this possible for me. keep up the good work and quality service. A.G., NY
I've been an AudioClassics customer for several years. I just wanted to write and say "Thank you." Ryan and Ernie have been taking care of my needs (well, maybe my "wants" more than "needs") for several years. Today I purchased a McIntosh receiver (MAC6700) from Ernie. ... it will be an outstanding piece in my home office. Thank you again for your friendly and helpful staff. T.G., NV
package received safe and sound. beautiful CD player! You are simply fantastic M.M., Switzerland
Just wanted to let you know the McIntosh arrived safe and sound (awesome package job) ...With 40+ year old preamp/amp and speakers, I feel like a time traveler going back to when I first got into music and it has never sounded this good. I never realized how undernourished my system was till yesterday. Better late than never. W.M.,OR
... last week I had an opportunity to purchase a pair of McIntosh Stereo Speakers from your fine Company When I called, I was very fortunate to have one of your outstanding Customer Service Representatives by the name of Andy Butt. Andy ... advised me he had a pair of ML1C, completely reconditioned, .... in excellent condition. ... I can not place in words, how pleased and satisfied I am with my first purchase of a stereo component from your great company! I was concerned about the shipping and handling, but they arrived ... in excellent condition, the packing was done in a excellent way, by truly a professional person, I truly thought they were brand new! Andy, did an excellent job in the conditioning of these beautiful speakers!! ... Andy, is a true Professional in every way that represents what a Customer Service Representative should be. His excellence, and superior performance and his commitment to your outstanding Company, and along with his commitment, to be honest and sincere desire, to help me with my questions and final decision to make my purchase, really impressed me, as this was my first purchase from Audio Classics, and yes, I was a little cautious, as this was a substantial purchase for my first time. ...his representation of your Company, sets the hi Standards, that other companies can only hope to achieve! ... Be rest assured, I'll do my part in the spreading of how great a company you are!! ...A very Satisfied and Pleased Customer!!C.B. VA
Truly Outstanding Customer Service...Dave and his team are simply the best...A++ T.P., PA
The (amp) arrived safely and a day early. The packing was exemplary -- there isn't a scratch on it. And what a difference it has made to my system! I'm absolutely delighted with the purchase, and perhaps more importantly so is my wife after hearing what it can do. Thanks again. All of you at Audio Classics have been great. I will certainly be contacting you again when I next decide to upgrade. S.M., VA
Thanks for everything ...I will always buy from you guys you save me a lot of money... .R.M., IN.
I recieved the Parasound remote yesterday and all is working well. Thanks very much for the great service. L.P., Canada
Just perfect, Mike. Guys did a meticulous job. 802’s sounds every bit as good as I hoped, and they look so intimidating. A dream of my youth fulfilled! (heard my first 801’s in a Rochester about 30 years ago when I was young and poor). Nice to meet Alexander too …intimidating kid. Thank god for young people like that. P.B., NY
I wanted to thank you again for your wonderful tour of both McIntosh and audio classics . We really enjoyed our time with you. You are everything that I hoped that you would be and the people that we met were very interesting. I could have spent all day and more at your facility. Thanks again, D.G., PA
Thank you very much for this transaction. It is still perfect, fast and pro. M.H. France
I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how pleased I am with the amp and speakers. Your recommendations were spot on and the system sounds incredible. thank you so much. D.H., ID
I received my MC2105 on Friday and just have to say the packaging was incredible and as a result arrived in perfect condition. I hooked it up and all I can say is the sound is amazing in comparison to what I had before. It is amazing what you guys were able to do with this amp. I could not be any happier with the work or service I have received from you guys. J.F., WV
I received the guitar today. The guitar is amazing ... fantastic Packaging .. impressive Thank you for everything you did to make it possible to I have that guitar. All this time I had a very pleasant contact with you ... I am very grateful to you. Thanks again for everything. I.K., Bulgaria
Sitting here and living the c2300 for the first time. Sounds great out of the box. More detail and a whole lot more depth. A whole new experience. More important was the level of service you provided in turning around my MC 352. Looks great with the LEDs. I have been in sales my whole life and appreciate when I get smothered with great service. I can't imagine buying anywhere else. D.M., NY
Our beloved MC275 MkV monoblocks came straight from Mike Sastra at Audio Classics. Leave it to the Mac experts when you're looking for that perfect McIntosh amp or preamp. Why would you trust your next McIntosh Labs purchase to anyone else? They now have a Syracuse location in Upstate, NY too! K.O., NY
Thank you very much for the excellent transaction. Please relay my thanks for your shipping department for the excellent packaging. I was worried about the bases falling on the stands (plastic covers), but that did not happen thanks to the care in shipping. B.C., WA.
Just wanted to say thank you again for the entire purchase process. Everything was pleasant and straight forward. We enjoyed visiting AudioClassics and meeting you, and we got all the support to make the right decision. Then the "package" arrived already on Thursday (and caused some raised eyebrows of my colleagues). It was perfectly packed up and the units are really in like-new condition. Thank you also for the XLR cable. I have now everything set up in our living room and I'm very happy about the look and sound of our new system. Of course I'm aware that this might be subjective, but I really think it's a substantial improvement and the 501s suit the 802s better than the newer Mc generation. The 501s are more laid back, maybe less brilliant, and the 802 is a very detailed and and extremely clear speaker. The combination is now not so much in your face as the previous combo, but just the right compromise: relaxed, controlled, still very clear, simply more musical. And the C48 adds exactly the missing functionality of passthru and the D/A converters. So you can probably hear through these lines that your made two happy customers. P.Y. MA PS: Special regards and thanks from (my wife). She wanted to make sure that I send greeting from her, too. She really liked the trip and meeting you (which is certainly the best a stereo nerd can hope for).
I wanted ...let you know that I received the MA6600 ... and it arrived in perfect condition. It is fabulous. I hooked it up right away and listened to some of my favorite CD’s. The difference is quite dramatic. I heard instruments I didn’t know were there previously. And the bass is much improved. Thanks very much for all you efforts and the very professional way you’ve done business. R.S., TX
i just received my mx132. you were right i am happy with it. i just want to say that you guys at audio classics are the best. G.N., CA
Thanks again for the great service.... I am enjoying the Classic 2, even though I didn't get the employee discount... Mike did a great a job with set up and answering some questions after I got it home. Have a great day! P.D., NY
Thanks for the expert advice and helping me out with the great deal on the turntable and cartridge. I look forward to my next purchase. I'm working on the wife already. B.T., GA
The Marantz 1200 Integrated Amplifier got in safely. As always, your guys who do the shipping boxed it up beautifully. I have never seen any piece of audio equipment boxed better. I also want you to know that the Marantz 1200 is UNBELIEVABLE!!! Its cosmetic condition is MUCH better than I had hoped for. It will be proudly displayed in my audio room along with all the wonderful McIntosh equipment I have purchased from you over the years. Thanks again for everything, M.M. MO
I just received the guitar. It's beautiful. Thank you again for making it possible for me to own such a beautiful piece of art work. Thanks again. H.P. TX
i'm really enjoying my new office stereo...... got the Snells (K7) on either side of my desk with the MAC 1700 on a side table, loving it. sounds great, looks great. easy to get spoiled listening to the speakers from up close, they are only about 3 feet away from each ear. J.L., NC
As always everything perfect (perfect packaging, perfect delivery, excellent product) E.M. Italy
I was in last week to buy a McIntosh tuner. ... you kindly arranged for me to tour the McIntosh factory. I LOVED it! ...Many thanks, T.B., NC.
my old MR55 works beautifully. Thank you to you and Steve and the entire Audio Classics team. I love the MR55; it's better and more beautiful even than you described when you sold it to me. B.B., NY
Just wanted to let you know the speakers arrived today. ... the two skids look perfectly packed and intact. Thanks for a good job with that! P.M., CO.
The McIntosh 2155 arrived safely today. It is awesome! Your packing is incredible. Your shipping super fast. The Amp is beautiful, and sounds awesome. I am having fun listening to my favorite vinyl right now. Importantly, my wife said ‘that sounds great!’. F.S., OH
Holy cow batman, super fast delivery! I was expecting it on Friday, and it arrived here a little before 1pm (Wednesday). ....Thanks again for the excellent service and great price... much appreciated. The amp looks simply gorgeous! D.A., AZ
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. Have a great day!!! T.G., MO
I got the tuner. Thank you so much, as usual! It's perfect. R.R.FL.
I would like to share my appreciation for your wonderful Audio company and outstanding representatives. I became a new customer on September 26, 2008 and had the pleasure of working with the late Frank Gow. ... As you well know Frank took time with the customers and made us feel extremely detailed and informed of the audio language. After hanging up the phone I knew this professional audio marriage was over until I spoke to Ernie Schleider. Not only has this professional filled the void of Frank but I'm sure many other customers to include myself have experienced a first hand appreciation for his devotion to your company. Ernie not only takes his time with the customer, but continues to dig and dig until he finds the answer. Not only does he remind me of Frank, he also sounds and talks just like Frank. Again, thanks for surrounding your company with people who are the best of the best!L.W.,VA
It was great talking to you today. Thank you for all your time and help. I can't wait to surprise my husband. C.A., DE
... anyone who loves high fidelity ought to spend some time in audio classics! what a treat!! D.K., NY
Thanks for all of your time and attention. Dave was a pleasure to deal with and very accommodating. After a satisfying audition, I purchased a pair of PMCs. I hope to do business with you again in the future. B.C., PA
I just got the beautiful MAC 1700 today. Christmas came early! When we first talked about amplifier power for the Snell K7's I was worried that 40 wpc would not be enough..... I had clearly forgotten what "Mac watts" meant. With a CD player, the 10 o'Clock position is just about enough to blast me out of the office, and this drops to 9 o'clock with the tuner, which is AWESOME. Holy crap those guys knew how to make a tuner! J.L., NC
... thank you for the tour of the facilities and the tube work on my preamp. It was a great pleasure to meet and be greted by you and your wonderful staff. I do not think I would have driven 428 miles roundtrip if I did not have great faith in the integrity and workmanship of your fine facilities. The recommendation to change the stock tubes for good quality Teles/Siemens has made a hugh difference on my rig.... Thanks for a wonderful experience C.A., NY
... I'd like to thank you for handling my purchase of the C48 preamp last weekend. It was great doing business with you, and I love the C48! K.Y., NY
I received two speakers today. ...A perfect package thanking you. M.S., Japan
I’d like to thank you personally for all your time and patience during my visit yesterday. That’s a level of service, and yes friendship, I’m not accustomed to. But then, I’m not a level of customer most have had to endure. Cheers! ...Thank you for a great job with the transaction. ... I want to thank you for your generosity for having me down for the day. You’ve got a super store going, and you’ve surrounded yourself with great people. and to the rest, a big thank you for a very memorable 1st visit that will be far from my last. I’ll be the guy recommending you guys to everyone. M.H., NY
The unit was impeccable. I couldn't tell it from brand new. Mike was great. From the original Mcintosh double boxing to all the plastic wrapping, I couldn't tell it from new for the life of me. The unit itself is more stunning and well made than you would ever imagine from the pictures. Tube preamp and solid state amp sounds like a Mcintosh 100 percent. When I buy such a item it tends to loose its novelty as time goes by, rather I only appreciate this thing more and more.S.J., PA
Got the 5100 back this afternoon, and it is all set up and sounds perfect. Thank you very much for your and your team's attentive fast service--i am so happy. Old-school service--there is nothing like it. J.B., MA
Thanks for your help & advice. You guys are always a pleasure to do business with!! J.O, WI
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am over the MX135 that I purchased from you January of this year. This will make six McIntosh units that I have purchased from Audio Classics over the last five years. I have two systems, one for Stereo and one for Home Theater, in separate rooms. All my experiences in dealing with the personnel, and in the quality of the firm's products have been high class. In this regard I want to thank you for the extra effort you built in to make me feel good about this recent transaction. I appreciated the exchange, and testing of a replacement unit, which is a truly wonderful addition to my Home Theater System. I.F., IN
Thank you for that great sounding and very beautiful MC2500 power amp. you made my day!! I wished and hoped for over a year for a for a McIntosh amp such as this, keep up the GOOD WORK. D.G., NY
Received in great shape. Perfect condition. Sounds great on my home system. S.U., NY
Pleasure doing business. I know time is money, but the video's you posted on Youtube and many of your comments on the forums led me to you. ... Keep up the good work, and as always posting videos or Facebook postings really help the younger generation really understand what you sell. B.L., GA
Thanks so much for everything. All is set up and sounds amazing. Almost broke my back going up three flights of stairs with the amp, but it was worth it. M.D., NY
...Andy Butt did a great job in sending me the 10 inch woofers that I needed to replace on my XR3's. I'm the original owner of the speakers, and along with my MAC4100 receiver, my system sounds the way it did 30 years ago. I couldn't be more pleased. I want to thank you again, and Andy for a great job. If I need anything else, I will contact Andy again. Keep up the good work! D.W., NV
The MC1201's arrived today. I unboxed them and they look great. J.C.
I really, truly appreciate all of your support during this series of SNAFUs. I've never had these kinds of things happen before, and Audio Classics has proved once again why they are simply the best. Thanks again! E.F., OH
Tannoys are home and playing well... Thanks a million man!!! J.S., NJ
I came into the store this past week and was helped by Dave Newmark. It was the best experience I've ever had at a high end audio store. Dave was pleasant and helpful and set me up with exactly what I was looking for. I hope to return again soon.W.K. , NJ
I am really enjoying my DRS1 (Martin) geetar. its a great one. C.C. NY
I received it yesterday, I'm impressed with your AudioClassics and the unit! B.C., IN
It is difficult to put in to words my appreciation for your assistance with my MX150 problem. You exceeded every expectation I had. At 74 years of age you have made my life much easier and for that I will always be grateful. You are not only a great business man but an even better person. I would like to add that Mike Sastra has done a great job of filling Frank Gow's shoes. I have enjoyed knowing each and everyone of you. M.B., IL
"Outstanding company! Knowledgeable friendly staff. I had the pleasure of dealing directly with owner Steve Rowell, recently with the purchase of a Mac C48 preamp and Mc 352 power amp. Fantastic equipment, fantastic store. Don't hesitate to buy from Audio Classics!!!" P.D. NY
The best packers!!!! Always perfectly described and fast, the best Thanks!!
I enjoyed the informal atmosphere of your shop and it was a pleasure to meet you and your staff. J.A., MN
damn good service!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to drop you a line about how wonderful your services are. I purchased a MC2205 off of ebay it came from Santa Monica, UPS must have dragged it behind one of their trucks the glass face plate was no more. The face plate that you guys sent me was perfect. Well package and shipped timely . It’s a wonderful thing to bring old audio equipment back to life .Thank you again and I will definitely deal with your company again. C.R., SC
Just wanted to thank you for the great service that you and audioclassics gave me on my purchase of the Mcintosh MA6200. The packing was absolutely the best. It would've had to been run over my a tank to damage the amp. I had up till now; I only seen pictures of the MA6200, and didn't realize how really gorgeous it is. It is stunningly beautiful and makes you realize how plain the majority of audio equipment is in comparison. Now for the best part:I had been running my Cambridge Soundworks M80 speakers with a Pioneer Elite Amplifier and was fairly satisfied. The speakers sounded pretty good but lacked "something".When I hooked them up to the MA6200, I couldn't beleive that they were the same speakers. Even with the loudness in the flat position and the equalizers flat,the richness of the bass and the "depth" to the sound was incredible! Yet the sound was not "boomy" but very smooth. Individual instruments and vocals were clearly defined. What an incredible amplifier. My other amp could play loudly, but there is no comparison to the Mcintosh. And by the way,the Mcintosh looks brand new.Many thanks again. M.P.,VA
I worked with Dave Newmark on the purchase of a SA-KI Pearl SACD player. I wanted to let you know what a pleasant transaction it was. Dave was a pleasure to work with and when the player arrived, it was nice to see the great packing job that was done. Clearly a great deal of care was taken in making sure the player arrived in good shape. I'm happy to say, the KI Pearl appears to be in great shape both cosmetically and functionally. I will most certainly contact Audio Classics again when I'm in the market for another piece of audio gear. I'm a Marantz fan going back to the mid '70s when I purchased my first product of theirs - a 2325 receiver. It's nice to work with people who take pride in what they're doing. Thanks again for a pleasant experience. P.B. , MI
just wanted to thank you and Dave Z for a recent Marantz purchase via Audiogon. Couldn't have been better! L.C., VA
Mike just wanted to let you know I trust your knowledge of the audio field more than anyone else. ....Will always hold you and audio classics in very high regards. A.J., OH
Ernie helped me. Best. service. EVER!!!... Thanks again for the great experience. I'll be back! M.H., MA
I have not had a chance to say thank you for the professional attention with my last purchase. The player safely arrived and is impressive. I believe that it takes several months for a person to fine tune the listening experience and the initial experience is just the begining. Thank you for your continued support. C.A., NJ
In our business we rarely get compliments. I just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge Andrew Butt. Andy is so refreshing to work with. He is extremely professional. Every time I've requested part information for Andy, he has gotten back to me within a few hours, which is simply RARE in our line of work. I know Andy wares several hats at work, and dealing with me is just one of the many. I just wanted to let you know that working with Andy is a PLUS PLUS PLUS! Audio Classics is very fortunate to have Andy as an employee. M.P., CA
Just wanted you to know I got my MA6300 today safe and sound. Got it set up and it sounds beautiful! Thank you so much for helping me with my purchase and making sure it arrived when I needed. J.M, NY
... you provided impeccable, professional service for one of my most prized possessions, my McIntosh 2105 power amp. I really appreciate your friendly, professional help and care that you gave to my Mac. The 180 mile drive was well worth the time, as you and Ernie really made me feel at home. I wish I lived closer. Audio Classics is McIntosh heaven!!! You and Ernie made my day, .... it was so nice to get away and devote some time to my audiophile passion. The McIntosh factory tour was a dream come true for me, as I have wanted to do that for a very long time. Thank you again for calling them and setting up the tour for us. I look forward to doing more business with your great store in the near future. T.G., PA
Thank you for your friendly help with auditioning the Klipsch RF62 floors standers. They were quite impressive for speakers in that price range. You really made us feel at home letting us alone in the listening room, leaving me free to play whatever I wanted at whatever sound level I chose. Wish I lived closer to your awesome audio store. What an impressive array of equipment !!! It's McIntosh heaven !!! I just wish we would have had more time to spend at your fabulous audio haven. Thanks again for your friendly service and the t-shirts. T.G., PA
like to thank mike for helping me build my stereo. mcd500/ c2200/ 2 mc352 and b7 phantoms. I want to take a minute to thank yall for your service. yall are the best in my eyes. a company that helps there customers after the sale. and takes pride in helping there customers. my best to mike. and the team thanks again R.B., TX
I and one of my salesman did grab a cab ride over to your store on Monday. I must tell you, we had a wonderful time! Your store is like no other I have seen in our industry. Ryan gave us a full tour of the whole place and Ernie was just so great to visit with. You have a fantastic team! BTW McMasters was wonderful too and it was a privilege meeting everyone, including your employee Dave - You can be assured to know that he represented your store well. E.M., UT
Wow...you're good! I like how you do business. What other items/products can you supply? I'd be interested in doing some business with you. A.E. Taiwan
...I want to thank you for the “great” time we had visiting... This really made our trip worthwhile. I could have shipped my MR85, etc., but visiting you & the gang was the BEST! I wish you folks were in Cleveland, Ohio. The McIntosh Tour was the icing on the cake.... Hope to see you again. and send you more folks to buy. J.L., OH
Thanks to Mike at Audio Classics, this beauty (MC2205) arrived perfectly safe in its triple box(1). Mint mint mint! A really beautiful one. ... I can say that together with the C48 preamp and the PMC EB1i, it sounds incredibly beautiful. Pure McIntosh sound: velvet smooth. Detailed. Non fatiguing. Natural. Tubey. Vintage sound. Probably a bit sweeter than today's amps but really just a bit and does not seem colored at all. I love it a lot. M.B., FL
I just received the Marantz SA8004 B-1, Condition from you guys, she has been burning in for about 4 hours now..and all I can say is.... Overall outstanding player and great deal at $1k...but at the open stock B-1 price of $499.99.. I feel like I stole something..! I will back shopping soon..you can bet on that! R.K., GA
I have to say, I am in Nirvana with all the McIntosh equipment you have sold me over the years. ...I am finally learning and loving the system that took soooooooooo long to put together properly. Earnie, you are a great man. I say this as I reflect on my experience of your judgment and caring over the years in our relationship. Your wonderful spirit and what you have done for me is present every time I think about how lucky I am to have such a wonderful sound system. T.A., PA
Just a quick note to thank you. I got home and hooked up my new MC275, and not expecting too much until it breaks in, was just amazed. If it gets better than this I can't believe it! The C220 and the MC275 are just a match made in heaven. This is music, now this is what I am talking about! ...I think I may have one of the "last of the good ones" here. This is a definite keeper and your price was also the best, I do appreciate that as well. I do know how much I saved. Fantastic. It was great to meet you and see your store, very much worth the long drive. You have an amazing place there. Thank you again ! ! S.W., NY
We want all of you to know how much we appreciated everything that you did for us!!! It was a pleasure speading a little time with each and everyone of you. Thanks. J.C., KS
Received the MC225 and MX113 - both were packed perfectly, with TLC. The performance of these two units surpasses my expectations - warm, engaging, dynamic with detail. My audio library sounds so very different now! Thanks again for an excellent representative of McIntosh golden years. S.A. TX
I just wanted to thank you for everything that you and Audio Classics has done for me. I started dealing with Steve more than 20 years when I purchased my first set of XR19's. You have always been my Audio company to go to. Thanks for every thing. I know we will keep up this great relationship for at least another 30 years. Keep up the excellent work. R.G., NC
Received the stand today, just wanted to say thanks for adding the extra packing (UPS does it's best to damage shipments here) and it was a pleasure doing business with you. It was exactly as you said- which isn't always the case dealing over the internet. L.A., CA
The three amps I purchased from Audio Classics are still going strong: 2 Dynaco ST-150 purchased in 2000 and one amp that is an absolute KEEPER-Electrocompaniet Ampliwire II -purchased from the old store ....-after more than twenty years of use, it still sounds great-with a good tubed preamp it is a killer sounding combo G.T., MD
Your a great Guy Mike. I have never had ANYONE who took my money that I have liked as much as you. You are a REAL Gem for Audio Classics. M.M., MO
It's here and it's fantastic, thank you!! I might add that you deserve a medal for that packing job. R.R. Trinidad
... I've had the fabulous experience of doing business with your shop. ....all I had experience with from long ago were Klipsch speakers. Contacting their website, they referred me to you. then I got to your "contact us" page (very nicely done, by the way), the years of experience directed me to Ryan and I sent him an email. Within an hour he replied saying that he could help. He explained equipment investment priorities, sent data sheets and pricing information and I talked of manufacturing preferences and placement restrictions in my small home. When it was all set, we set up a date for me to make the trip and check it out. Arriving in Vestal and after being greeted sufficiently by your beautiful Bailey, I introduced myself and said I was there to see Ryan. Another of your fine employees said I was set up in a sound room. REALLY??? That took my breath away and I felt like the Princess of England - not a big Queen fan. He showed us the way, turned it up and went for Ryan. There was a lot riding on the next few minutes and to say that I wasn't completely nervous would be a lie. I was about to meet someone I had never even talked with and yet was ready to spend, what is for me, a great deal of money on a system I hoped would be beyond expectations. Likewise Ryan was going to meet someone he'd never talked with for whom he went to a great deal of preparation work for and trusted to show up. Ryan's professionalism, knowledge, and friendliness erased the nervousness within seconds. He patiently listened thru our test songs, answered all of our questions, easily assembled the remaining components, breezed the purchase and even helped us pack the car. It was an easy takes, my Jetta is not a wagon. He has since courteously and promptly answered questions after the sale. That kind of customer service is exactly the reason I'm not a Best Buy type shopper and is very rare and greatly appreciated. The system is out of this world. The warmth that resonates from the tubed pre-amp is just as Ryan said it would be. It doesn't matter the style; jazz, blues, fold or rock and roll. It is something I'll never regret. The whole experience is one I'll never regret and thanks to you and a fabulous employee you have in Ryan Kilpatrick, one I'll never forget. Thank you very much. It's been a pleasure doing business with you. I tell everyone I see how wonderful you are and I'll be back. B.H.
I just wanted to thank you once more for the beautiful C28. I received the pre-amp in perfect condition thanks to a great packing job.... For the last 2-weeks I have enjoyed the C28 paired with an MC2505 Power-Amp and the results have been excellent. Your professionalism, customer service and quality products are second-to-none. P.C., Canada
Thanks for sending the box for the MI3. I appreciate that very much. The people at Audio Classics are great people to do business with. J.R., NY
The player arrived in excellent shape and performs the same. I am very pleased I purchased it from your store. R.P., Canada
Fantastic service, the best packing I've ever seen. R.S.,CA
Thanks for the Leak Stereo 20. Delighted. Packing was the best yet! B.F. Canada
...You guys are top notch and you earned it. I'm looking forward to doing business with you again soon. G.A., CA.
i got the C200 pre-amp this afternoon and just hooked up to my system. I must admit, it sounds pretty darn good as it replaced a C2200 that had just been retubed as that pre-amp sounded very good also. The C200 was just as you described as you were a pleasure to deal with. You and Audio Classics are first class as i would recommend you to everybody in the world. Thanks for your help. R.S., NY
Ernie, Thanks for all your help! The XLS 360's sound and look fantastic. I've never been disappointed buying McIntosh. R.B., OH
Just another "Shout-out" to Mike and everyone at Audio Classics!!! Thanks for the prompt attention to my 1st service issue to complete satisfaction! I have purchased a number of items from "y'all" and have always been happy. I had to have an item serviced recently and just received it back with perfect timing and results. "Shout-out" to the service and shipping departments as well! Thanks, B.L. in TN
wanted to thank yall for the perfect service. mike helped me build my system. Im sure youve heard this before mike is the best of the best. my system is still breaking in and is totally amazing.... yall service has earned you a customer for life. thanks r.b., TX
The equipment arrived today and I love it! The equipment's condition is better than advertized and I've never seen equipment packed as well as the Macs. Thank you for a very enjoyable buying experience. W.B. OH
Thank you for a very enjoyable buying experience. W.B. OH
I got the unit on Thursday and have spent the weekend getting it “broken-in”. So far I am very happy with the unit and am quite happy with my purchase. I must compliment Audio Classics on the packaging materials used. Thanks! B.J. MS
Just a note that I received the ProAc Response 1sc in perfect shape and they really sing with my Mac tube gear. Their natural tonal balance is really amazing. Thanks again for the deal S.F., WA
My c-j Premier 10 arrived in excellent condition. Thanks for the double box. The Pre sounds great, ... Thanks again. D.D., MI.
MD100 arrived in great shape and works perfectly. Thanks. J.W., AZ
Thanks so much for your time spent on the phone with me about a week ago. I received my order of the McIntosh MC2505 amplifier, the McIntosh MX112 tuner/preamp, and the audio cables yesterday. I hooked it up this morning into the rest of my system & am in audio heaven! F.C., SD
RE MA230: It sounds like a million bucks! Thank you!! K.K., OH
SLIIINKY!! It must be great to be in a business that only makes people feel good! P.L. MA
May life be as trouble proof as my Mcintosh! R.W., CA
I would just like say that I finally had a chance to stop by and visit your legendary estabishment in transit from Rochester to Maryland. Once there I was greeted by what appeared to be one of the most knowledgable McIntosh sales men that I ever encountered, Mr. Ernie. R.J., MD.
C220/MC452: Even without the subwoofers, system has more than adequate bass and no more smearing.... Even CD reissues of 1959 jazz recordings come alive. Nice to spend the day with you...thanks again for your help. P.L., MA
Just received the unit today, I want to tell you how pleased I am with the condition and packing of the unit. And as far as I can tell, it has upgraded the sound of all my transports by a long way too. thanks and regards S.L. CA
I received the MCD301,the unit is in mint condition. This was the first time I have done business with Audio Classics. I was apprehensive about buying used audio equipment, that you can not see or listen to. Not anymore. When I was looking for a MCD301 I found the Audio Classics site. What surprised me, when I Emailed what I was looking for at 9 PM and I received a response from you minutes later. I look for doing business with you in the furture. Thank you J.B., NY
On vacation my wife and I could not hold back and pay a visit to Audio Classics. When we arrived at Audio Classics we were greeted by Ryan who even showed us around and readily answered all questions. We bought a MR 85 tuner to be sent to us to arrive upon our return. Back home the unit arrived on the time. Once unpacked, the tuner was well set up for the use in Europe (even with an European power cable) and in absolute mint condition, as promised. Integrated in the rack between its siblings from McIntosh, we now enjoy radio with the unique McIntosh quality and sound. Many thanks and greetings from Switzerland K.S.
Due to very positive experiences from friends I bought some Mcintosh parts from your company. Beside the performance of your company I wanted to point out the contact to Andy! He always!!! Did a very good job. Even in misunderstandings (due to my limited English) he is very patient, fast, competent, friendly…….. As I am a manager of a medium size company I know, feedback from outside is important. Customer satisfaction is important! I am more than satisfied, I feel that Andy tried really to understand my needs (not always easy in talking in different languages!). And he understood! I felt traded like a Key-customer…even if the business we made was really small money! W. S. Germany
thanks for the followup ... I am thrilled with it…..It is a great partner to my MC2000 and I couldn’t be happier…. the C40 that you sold me was in pristine conditions with no issues whatsoever. M.V., MA
Very happy with my C2300. Thank you very much for your help Ernie. You guys have the best customer service. Even though you guys are 5,000 miles away, I would definitely buy from AUDIO CLASS-ICS. Aloha! J.S. HI
(The MC2205) amp arrived alive and well early this afternoon. Very nice unit, if this is B condition, A must be mint flawless. Exceeds my expectations, you really have to look hard to find anything bad about this guy. Packaging was excellent and obvious that you guys have done this before. The outer box looked a little beat up and i was a little nervous until I opened it up and found two more boxes for buffers. Nicely done. Owners manual was unexpected and a very welcome touch. Thank you. All in all Mike it was a pleasure doing business with you and the next time I am in the market for something, I will check you people first. Anyway, thank you ... J.S. NV
I recently purchased a McIntosh C50 preamp and traded my C40 preamp and delt with Ernie. He is a credit to your company and it really was a pleasure dealing with Audio Classics. I will certainly tell my friends about your company. I am a blind McIntosh fan, and again it was my pleasure dealing with your company, everything was just perfect. ...Thanks again for a wonderful experience. A.D., NJ
First of all I would like to Thank you for everything, The MR85 has arrived in perfect condition and acceded all of my expectations! It was tuned exactly as I wanted and as you promised me. All the parts that I have ordered was packed carefully and came Intact. You are A great seller and a very honest and professional person, not to mention your curtsy and Patience . R.N., Israel
I will always go to Audio Classics for my first choice in equipment. The MCD 1100 was so profesionally packaged, I was very very impressed. P.G., TX
I wanted to thank you for your great customer service. The situation regarding the MX132 was handled quickly and professionally. I once again felt as if I was a member of the Audio Classics "family", not just another customer spending their money. Obviously this demeanor exists throughout your business as I was always treated as someone special from day one. The late Frank Gow was always friendly and helpful. His style of salemanship was a reflection of you. I will miss him dearly. My relationship with you and Ernie Schleider picks up where Frank and I ended, excellent customer service eminating from honesty, courtesy and friendliness. Sincerely, M.D., PA
Just want to let you know that the MVP861 arrived in perfect condition and performance exceeds expectations. Would like to have given you all a 10 rather then just a 5! R.H., NC
I was at Audio Classics, ... and purchased the Vandersteen 2CE Signatures. They sound great in my man cave/stereo room. Thank you and your staff for the friendly service. You made the whole purchase a pleasure. I wish more places were like yours. W.R., PA
... thanks for very very good service from you. I appreciate it. The amps works 100% and they looks like new ... J.H., Norway
I wanted you to know how much I have been enjoying my McIntosh 500 CD player. I listen to it nearly every night. This is a wonderful addition to my Mac system. I think it may be the best purchase I have ever made from you. J.S., VA
I would like to take a moment of your time to express my appreciation for your employee, Andy Butt. The day I dialed Audio Classics for the first time, my call was handled by Andy. He patiently addressed each question I had and if he did not know the answer right away he acknowledged he did not know and took the time to find an answer for me. I liked and trusted him immediately. Throughout the buying process, Andy was thoroughly professional – even though I probably drove him nuts with all of my emails and calls. But that is what excellent customer service is all about and you should be proud to have someone on your staff who understands it is the customer who comes first. I am thrilled with my first McIntosh product and seriously doubt it will be the last I acquire. Andy Butt and Audio Classics made this experience all the more pleasurable thus ensuring a repeat customer. M.N., TX
You guys run an awesome operation. Just impressed, from a-z. Thanks, M.L., MA.
I received the C40 in perfect condition and I am really enjoying it…The unit looks and operates like a new preamp, and really compliments my MC2000…..Great combination! ....Thanks for the followup and for your professional service and concern…M.V., MA
What a great experience and introduction to Audio Classics. I am blessed to have reached your line. So, I now can look forward to having a Mcintosh 2200 and 275 as my pre and amp in my new system. Thanks Again Ernie and thanks to Audio Clasics. R.D., WA
.... I must mention that I have never encounter customer service like Audioclassics before. I have been dealing with Ernie @ Audioclassics and he nothing but just class act...he has been extremely patient and more than helpful to guide me thru this journey. S.D., GA.
my amp came in yesterday...thing was in a bombcase. Hooked it up and it sounds great. J.W., FL.
MC207 arrived safely. This amplifier basically looks new.... I will recommend to everyone i know looking for purchase. Very satisfied customer :) J.B., CT.
.... I have to say, you guys are the world champions in packing. Amazing, impressive....N.G., VA
.... I wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you very much for being patient with me and helping me along the way. I would appreciate you sending this note along to your CEO and or Founders and let him know how great you have been to work with. I ..... have always had a great passion for music, but just recently got the bug to start building a vintage system but had no idea of where to start. You have been an excellent resource and I very much appreciate your help so far and if/when I look to upgrade from my current system I will start with you and AudioClassics.com. J.W., FL.
BTW, thanks for doing such a great job of packing the Mac. It really paid off as the box appears to have been dropped on a sharp corner, and has a 2 inch hole equally as deep on the bottom. With your “bomb-proof” packing, it really didn’t matter. Thanks for all your help. The receiver will be much appreciated, hopefully for many years to come. J.C., OR
Now that is what I call SERVICE, Andy. Thanks.Please copy Mr. Audio Classics. I thought that this was a hopeless case. J. B. FL
Just wanted to drop you a note to express how impressed I was talking to your sales person Ernie today. I found you website and called with a few questions and Ernie was very generous with his time and advice. .... It is not often you get this type of customer service anymore sadly. C.M., NJ
I received the Levinson preamp and integrated amp this week and just wanted to say thank you for all of help with the purchases. D.P., GA
Just a note to thank you you and the rest of the staff at audioclassics for the very, very good service you all gave me regarding my purchase of the McIntosh c26 pre amplifier, it really is in exceptional condition. ...again many many thanks for the very pleasant way that you and all at audioclassics treated me, it has been a real pleasure doing business with you all.and i hope to continue doing business with you in the future. Kindest Regards J.H. Australia
thank you for your help. The C31V Preamp made a really big positive difference in the sound quality. I feel very confident buying from Audio Classics. The C31V made the biggest difference so far in my search for the perfect sound system. Postal tracking was very helpfull. THANKS! L.V., CA
... My first word was WOW-WOW….the packaging has 3 layers of boxes with cushions in between boxes and a plywood backing attached to the bottom of the amp. The best packaging I have seen anywhere. Connected the amp right away and played the MC2125 with C28 preamp with the Thorens turntable and WOW again… the Beatles Here Comes the Sun has that instrument with high pitch that is not clear with the top of the line Carver amps, but MC2125 reproduced that instrument with very-very clear rendering and the sound was so sweet and airy that it seems to float in the air. Have not heard this thing before even with my top of the line Hafler amps. The build quality and the classic look of this amp is second to none…with chrome chassis ..you won’t see this thing anymore today. Nothing can beat this amp in sound reproduction even though this is a ‘79 vintage. Thanks to Mike Sastra for his patience in this deal. I will be Mac and Audio Classics enthusiast for life! R.A., FL
I know you are very busy, and I must say that I am very impressed that you follow up on all these matters! ... you were my savior with completion of my home stereo system. We have really enjoyed all of the speakers that you placed. Thanks again, and I will let you know if I need more work done, J.K. NY
...just a note to let you know that I received the McIntosh MQ 101 Equalizer and am more than pleased with the unit. I think your grading system is very conservative, because the unit looks like new. J.C., MI
Thank you so much for your excellent service. W.S., IL
I had been considering McIntosh components to replace my aging Sansui equipment, and the folks at Audioclassics were absolutely outstanding. The (MA6300, MR85, MVP861) arrived in perfect condition, and their grading system is surprisingly conservative. The (MA6300, MR85, MVP861) condition and appearance was far better than the advertised "B1". The (MA6300, MR85, MVP861) performs flawlessly, and compared to anything I have owned for the last 40 years, is a far noticeable improvement. I would highly recommend Audioclassics as the source for McIntosh. M.M., FL
Thanks for your efforts regarding the cables. I have to have been with Audioclassics since you fixed my MA5100 back in the late 90s. Since then you have never led me wrong and it is really nice to know that I have a "big brother" helping me out as I continue to explore this weird addiction called audio. J.B., VA
Regarding the purchase of the MC7300. Packing of your products is always impeccable. The real service is the knowledge and feedback i received. Thank you for taking the many phone calls and answering all my questions. Your advice to compare my older McIntosh equipment to the newer amp was very helpful and made the comparisons easy. I could just focus on the sound of each. The sound of the MC7300 is just like you said: warm and smooth. The mids are alive and the sound is fuller. Thanks again. B.D., WI
Regarding the purchase of the MC7300. Packing of your products is always impeccable. The real service is the knowledge and feedback i received. Thank you for taking the many phone calls and answering all my questions. Your advice to compare my older McIntosh equipment to the newer amp was very helpful and made the comparisons easy. I could just focus on the sound of each. The sound of the MC7300 is just like you said: warm and smooth. The mids are alive and the sound is fuller. Thanks again. B.D., WI
Howard was a doll - worked all day in that awful heat - the system sounds wonderful. We used it all weekend. Thanks again. C.H., NY
I received the McIntosh C45 today and it was exactly as described. I am very happy with my purchase and the service that you and Audio Classics have provided. Thank you very much! R.W., CA
Thanks for the fantastic service and customer support that you have provided during the past few weeks. Your detailed knowledge and practical advice on multiple audio brands and equipment is priceless. I appreciate your enthusiasm and professionalism in helping me to select the Mcintosh MC402 and C45 w/TM1. M.S.,TX
Received the Mac MR78 tuner yesterday in a tank like packaging, and fired up the unit right away…The best word to describe the sound of the FM music is AMAZING, and of course paired with my first Mac C28 preamp. I think the two units are meant for each other. I placed the MR78 on top of the C28. Never thought that FM broadcast sounds like CD or better. This should be the ultimate FM tuner and will beat any sophisticated and cost to no object digital tuner in the market today. The unit is really gorgeous from any angle, well built machine, built like a tank! Thanks again for an excellent service. My next venture will be the Mac MC 150. Hope to get this one soon for my collection. R.A., FL
Thank YOU.... for the really, really great experience at Audio Classics. Meeting you guys makes my Mac stuff soooo much more special and enjoyable. D.V., Canada
I recvd the MC2002 in good order .... The unit was as stated, and plays well after hooking into my system. .... It very functions well but I think it would be better paired with a Mac pre amp. To this end, I will be ordering the C29 from you in a couple of weeks. Thanks for your professional courtesy. C.A., NJ
Just received the Tice Power Conditioner this evening... I am writing because I was shocked, I mean really shocked at how WELL PACKAGED the Tice unit was. In all the years I have ordered products throught the mail and the web, I have never before encountered this much care and detail in the packaging of a product. The packaging was exceptional and I just had to write and let you know personally. I am very impressed at your superb level of detailed service and care. Thank you sincerely. J.H., AZ
- the speakers arrived and sound very nice. They were graded at B1 but I have to say they are really in mint condition! Thanks for such fast service and quality gear! B.G. NJ
Hey..I get the Krell CD player today..I am blown away! It is awesome..thanks for the great communications and rapid shipping. What a piece! Hope to do business again. J.K., FL
I just wanted to email you and tell you how delighted and impressed I am with the people and operation of your business. I have owned McIntosh equipment for twenty years and I think it is outstanding audio equipment. It is obvious to me that the staff at Audio Classics shares that same love. I have had the pleasure of dealing with your parts department. Andy has continually gone over and above my expectations to see that I am satisfied for those hard to find parts. He is a pleasure to do business with. He always gives me ample time in helping me with any and all questions I may have. I only wish every business would spend this much time and energy with there customers. J.W., NJ
Incredible packaging, the unit arrived like it was brand new. ....Thank you very much. I will do business again with you guys. R.A, FL
.... got the amp today. Its really nice. just wanted to take a min. to thank ya for the perfect service. you got a customer for life. still have a few more items to get. R.B., TX
I bought 2 Mcintosh MC7200s from you about a year ago or so. They are awesome! I love them! Thank You! R.T., FL
I received the unit in great shape and fire it up. Great sounding. What a packaging!!! The best I have seen, like a tank. You guys are great!.. I will make it sure I buy my gear from AudioClassics again. Thank you very much. R.A., FL
I have received the units and have listened to that for few days. It is a very good product. Also I like the packaging a lot. You and your company did a good job. B.N., NY
I have received the units and have listened to that for few days. It is a very good product. Also I like the packaging a lot. You and your company did a good job. B.N., NY
thank you for the excellent help as usual. D.D., NY
All is connected and sounding awesome. Thanks for the help and suggestions. The tuner (MR73) is a perfect fit. S.B., PA
(I) Am still crazy about the Mc stuff you have sold me. Listen all the time and everything works/looks like it did the day I got them. S.M, NC
Thank you so much for all of your help! We love our VPI (HW17F) machine. Wow what a difference it makes! The sound of the records are so much better. D&J. O., NY
Andy Butts is a very nice person who help me out with my MC-2105..I really dont know what i would have done without him...Very helpful,supportive and very patient with me...Great Great job guys!!! Keep up the Great work!!!! M.M., NY
I thank you for your professional advice and recommendations on the purchase of McIntosh audio equipment from Audio Classics. I am very pleased with the MC252 amp, C41 Audio Control center and the MVP861 CD-DVD player. It was a considerable investment to do in such a short time, but the rewards are outstanding in the improvement in the sound of my music system. My relationship with you and Steve Rowell extend back to 1988, and all of my trades and purchases with the firm have been done with integrity. I.F., IN
Thanks so very much for your help and guidance. I'll look forward to doing business with you in the future, and would highly recommend Audio Classics to anyone, without reservation! D.K., CA
I have NEVER heard music like this. Never. I am blown away by how amazing music is now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have made me feel like I have arrived. J.W., AZ
Thanks that's great. I wish everyone did business like you life would be a lot easier. G.W., FL
Just received a pair of Panlocs form you today and I am really impressed with your service. In fact, over the years I've purchased a number of small items from your company and let me say that the customer service, turnaround times and especially the packaging are better than first-rate. Congrats on a very well managed company. A.C., Canada
Just wanted to let you know that your employee, Ryan Kilpatrick, has been a great help in setting up my equipment. You are very lucky to have such a nice guy, never gets uptight, stays with it till it all comes together. I cannot say enough just wanted to let you know. Thank you. J.H., AZ
C220 & MC352: Got'em, hooked'em up and played'em all day. I let me friend have the chair all afternoon. He's an old retired guy, I think we're the only 2 audio guys on the island. He was absolutely blown away and may be calling you. .... it's absolutely effortless, smoother, way more dynamic, detailed and very open.....and warm, beautiful. Thanks, I am very happy with my purchase. M.S. HI
... to thank you again for your help in putting this package together. The MC2155, MX117, MCD7007 and their matching cabinets all arrived safely last week and have been performing flawlessly since. They all sound and look great! C.S., WA.
i bought from you two years ago the MA6500 and was going to ad a tuner... ,so i was locking on McIntosh .. and i saw the MR88. Wow ,what a design. .... i was very satisfied with the service you gave me in the past and i never forget when i am well treated. M.S., Canada
I received the McIntosh MVP861 today, it is in excellent state! Very pleasant has to look and even more to listen to; thank you very much it was a pleasure to buy you this device; the tone is exceptional with all the music styles; with sacd, it is of the magic! J.P.C., France
With vintage audio, packing is everything. These guys are the masters ! D.M., Canada
Mike has helped me with 5 amps this year, Best retailer I have used by far! W.K., CA
I would not choose any other company than ACL, since I know you are connected with Mr. Modaferri and you are also nice to work with and that is worth a lot these days. ... Thanks for all the care in sending and dealing with the MR77. E.G., Netherlands
I bought a McIntosh MX118 Preamp/Tuner. It came with a brand new manual, brand new remote, it was double boxed VERY NICELY. The preamp sound very good with my Thiel CS 2.4 speakers and Velodyne F1800 sub. I will definitely purchase from Audio Classics again. Thanks V.N., TX
(Kubala Sosna) Cables came today. ..... it's easy to notice the change in tonal balance. Less emphasis on highs, more blended sound. Less aggressive, bright, edgy, abrasive. More mellow, smooth, easier to listen to. I had to check carefully to see if detail was lost, like bow on string, and certain harmonic effects, different from normal overtones. I did hear details but they were part of a blended sound, rather than sticking out of a thin, edgy sound. I would say we're approximating the sound at ACL finally. Very glad, because I was afraid I'd have to spend a fortune: tubes, $6000 cables, etc. A.S., GA.
Thanks again for your great communication and service for the purchase of the Mcintosh MC7270. I've received it today and it works perfectly. I've been impressed with the outstanding packaging, it would probably survive an atomic disaster ;-) Looking forward to do business with you again. R.M., France
I received the MC275, it's perfect and wonderful, it sounds like you expect to hear. To buy from AudioClassics is a pleasure because the item, the package, the shipment organization it's at top level. thanks sincerly from Italy S.D.
One of our many blessings has been the efforts you have made to be a honest advisor, a friend, a pier who shares his enjoyment of the listening experience. All rare qualities these days. I do hope you are able to meet your goals for the coming future and that we may partake of your kind ways in the future. T&C, I. TX
Thanks for the excellent customer service and fast shipping! We are enjoying the Pioneer Elite Blu-Ray! D.P., PA
I would like to thank you once more, I got my parts order today! I couldn't beleive how quickly it came. I really didn't expect it until later in the week. You and Audio classics are, as usual, very professional. P.E.,CA
...I have just receive the C 712, it came in excellent conditions. Special mention to the packing quality, excellent, it is essential for long distance shipping. After turn on, all my expectations were exceeded, fantastic sound. I hope to continue buying from you. Thanks a lot J.P., Spain
... very much looking forward to having the MT10/Dynavector! Glad to hear from Tony - he is a wonderful representative for McIntosh. (Or as my wife says, "it turned out to be a very expensive tour!" but well worth it.) My wife has even told her lady friends how impressed she was with McIntosh and the wonder of old-fashioned American engineering and craftsmanship. She was equally impressed by all of you at Audio Classics as well and we both very much enjoyed our time spent with you. Now that I've just loaded my 350th CD into the MS750 (only a thousand to go!) we wonder how we every got along without that wonderful beast. .... thank you for everything and please give our best to the rest of the gang at AC! C.&J.G., IL
Home, hooked up and loving these incredible speakers. No physco accoustics at work either! Thanks again for the tour, great service and time. S.S., ME.
I received the MC275 amp yesterday, and am enjoying it while I type. Thank you very much for the speedy service, and answering all my questions. Even more impressive is finding out you're the son of Gordon J. Gow former President of McIntosh Labs, Inc. I was wondering if the name was any relation, then saw that on the Audioclassics web site. How cool! Your family's work has produced much joy in the world -- Thank you very very much :) L.H., WA
We wanted to thank you again for your work on our MA6900. We really enjoyed meeting you, and we sincerely appreciate your superb work on our amplifier, and the kindness you showed in arranging the McIntosh factory tour. Your generosity and the courtesy that we received at Audio Classics is unparalleled in our experience, and we want you to know how pleased we are. S.E., PA
....everything arrived this afternoon and appears to be in great shape. Loved the palletized shipping method. ... Thanks again for the great job you did pulling all of this together and getting it shipped so beautifully. C.G., IL
... thank YOU, for acting professionally and responsibly. I promise to do further business with you. I am thinking of ordering the MX 134 (if still available), within a couple of months. And many more pieces of equipment. And my most sincere thanks for providing the Marsh remote. It is the attention to such details that makes a great business concern or keeps any business going. A.D., Morocco
I received the MX113 yesterday. The packaging is suitable for a nuclear spectrometer and the unit arrived looking like it just came from the showroom. Hooked it up to the MC2100 amp and Mc XR5 speakers and it sounds great and looks great. The tuner wheel feels like a gyro. Hard to believe this thing is almost 30 years old. Thanks for the suggestion and the great service. S.M., NC
As I wrote earlier, our MA6900 encountered the same sort of failure that others have described - a sudden loss of output, with both meters pegged at the top of the scale, and both powerguard lights on. After discussing the issue with Audio Classics' Ryan Kilpatrick, my wife and I decided to make the three-hour drive up to Vestal with the amplifier... Ryan was ready for us when we arrived shortly after the store's opening, and he immediately went to work on the amplifier. We relaxed in one of the sound rooms, enjoying a superb McIntosh system, and in short order, Ryan confirmed that the problem was a faulty capacitor, and he assured us that he could complete the repair during our visit. Ryan also let us know us that he had quickly arranged a private tour of the McIntosh factory while he made the repair on our amplifier! At McIntosh, we met Chuck Hinton, who took us through the factory, providing terrific background information, and kindly answering our many questions. We got to see transformers being potted, as well as the fabrication of those famous glass faceplates. Chuck concluded our tour with a listening session in the McIntosh theater, and words just are not adequate for the experience - what a system! On returning to Audio Classics, Ryan had the amplifier wrapped, and ready to go, confirming that the repair had been successful, and our trusty MA6900 checked out perfectly. In a nutshell, this was the single best customer service experience that my wife and I have ever enjoyed - far beyond anything that we expected, and clearly a standard for others to shoot for. Ryan and the folks at Audio Classics could not have been nicer - they are genuinely friendly people with a passion for their work, and a high regard for their customers - their relationship with McIntosh is quite special, and it shows.We join the many who sing their praises - thanks, Ryan, Chuck, Audio Classics, and McIntosh! S.E., PA
Thank You so much for all your help I have passed on to many of my friends how great the customer service is there. I think my next purchase will be that Martin Backpacker for fun. K.D., NY
Thank you for your great service. I recently pruchased a turntable and cartidge and the cartridge was defective. (You) sent me a new cartridge and I'm returning the defective cartridge. Evertyhing is now working beautifully. I wish your store was closer. The catalogue will be the next best thing. Thanks again, P.D. CT Ps Are their good divore lawyers in your area? When my wife sees what I'm spending on this equipment I'm going to need one!
Just to let you know, the C45 arrived in good condition .... It's been a long time since I bought a piece of McIntosh equipment, and I was happy to see the beautiful construction and marvelous sound quality are still as great as ever. Thanks for handling this for me at Audio Classics. It was a very fair price for a wonderful unit. R.P., Canada
..... We had a great time...sorry to have consumed so much of your afternoon. ...she really enjoyed being involved with the speaker review/selection process and the factory tour really got her attention as to why I'm so attached to the Mac equipment. Buddy...I don't think the visit could have been more productive! Just Great! .... All in all I trust your judgement about this equipment and I think you now have a pretty accurate idea what it is in sound that I'm looking for. I've just got to find the money. Thanks again for all your time my friend...be in touch soon. N.R., VA
... thanks for your help purchasing the MVP851 CD/DVD player. It's paired with my vintage Mc MA6200 integrated amp and sounds great with the Klipsch speakers. First DVD was the Moody Blues Live at Albert Hall and it rocked the house! The packing job and service were first class. S.M. NC
..... I have my system complete now and you a new customer for life. Thanks a lot A.A., FL.
I want you to know that my interactions with you and your whole gang there at Audio Classics have been nothing but friendly, courteous, and as helpful as I could ever hope for. I very much appreciate your guidance in steering me towards some excellent componentry for my audio and video systems: the MC275-V, the C500T and, yes, the MC207. R.M., HI
I wanted to thank you and everyone at Audio Classics and McIntosh for a fantastic afternoon yesterday! We had a terrific time! It was great to meet you and the rest of the gang at AC as well as everyone at McIntosh. It was an experience we won't forget! As for the MCD500, I wasn't prepared for just how good it would sound cold, right out of the box. It's amazing! It makes the Theta sound broken. Seriously! It only got better as I listened until way past when I should have been in bed. Yes, I made it to work this morning but it wasn't easy.Thanks again for all of your hospitality and please pass our thanks on to Chuck too! K&Z.L.,PA
Re 10b: LOVE IT!! Fantastic packaging! Made a couple of tiny adjustments to output and scope. Got a great antenna on it, fantastic sound!! LOVE it. Only better radio-my REL PRECEDENT. R.W., NJ
Thank you very much for getting this fixed for me. .... I know now first hand why everyone speaks so highly of your company on the websites and such. You guys know how to take care of business. Thank you again, C.C., OK
I ... picked the MA6200 ... Man, what a gorgeous unit. .... Thank you again for all you have helped me with. Audio classics is a top notch group and I look forward to doing business with you guys again. C.C., OK
Recieved amplifier ... This is used? It's in fantastic shape!!! It's bigger than I thought ... Thanks again E.A., TX
I just wanted to say thanks for the great deal and the great service on the mic stands I bought from you. They were incredibly well-packed and are in great shape. ..... I will be calling you again as my needs progress! F.F, ME
I am so happy over the McIntosh C41 that you recommend, to match the McIntosh MC252 Amp, that you also gave me good advice on. My CDs have come alive and the smooth sound is outstanding. Thanks to you and McIntosh for all the increase in pleasure that will enrich my life. I.F., IN
I don't know what to say. I have never heard music like this. It is weird, I feel like a rich man. This is luxury for me. Thank you for giving me excellent advice. J.W., AZ
Thank you so much for shipping the MC207. Thank you for working with me and making it possible for me to get this amp. I don't know how to tell you how much I appreciate your help... T.C. WY.
I received the check ...... in todays mail. Thank you for your help in disposing of gear which I no longer was using and which had given me untold hours of pleasure. I hope it will do the same for its next owner. It was a pleasure to do business with you. R.S., KY
Thanks for sending the C26 glass in a "well-packed" box. I had forgotten to request the "sticker", and was surprised to find it inclosed --many thanks! Again, it has been a pleasure to do business with you. Now work begins. P.C., WA
Well, last week I made good on my next McPurchase(s). I took a ride up to Audio Classics and came home with a new MCD 500 and a pre owned MR 85! Before I elaborate on the purchases, I have to thank Ryan for his hospitality. I got a tour of their great facility and had a nice lunch with the guys. I even got to meet a fellow Aker. If you are planning a tour of McIntosh, I highly reccommend a stop at Audio Classics it's a fun place with loads of Mac gear and great group of people. And I know I don't need to tell anybody here what a great guy Ryan is! Ryan did a wonderful job installing an LED kit in the MR 85, it looks absolutely incredible. While I am still playing with these units (swapping interconnects SACDs, CDs, etc) all I will say at this point is that the MCD 500 lives up to the great reviews it has gotten on this site and in the press. The sound is so smooth and silky and my whole system just seems so much more quiet. While I have upgraded the sound from my Tuner and CDs the biggest change has been what the MCD 500 DAC has done for my Squeezebox/Server. The sound was OK for background music but was always what I would describe as thin compared to the original CD. With the MCD 500 in the mix, I can't really decide if the CD or the Squeezebox is better. It seems to vary with the CD or even the track. My next purchase may now be a 1.5 TB hard drive! If you're wondering the rest of my two channel system consists of a C2300, MC 252 and a pair of B&W803D's. J.B., NY
Not that I ever had a single doubt. I've been dealing with you guys indirectly since the mid 80's and nothing but 1st class. Now I have to admit 700.00....plus shipping is a LOT more than I figured to spend on this old dog..considering the big parts had already been replaced. ....BUT it IS totally spec! I have a hearing loss in my left ear from stage monitors...43 years of rock and roll....My loss is in that 3.5k snare drum trauma range....but I must say today I feel like you gave me back some....this amp NEVER sounded this good. I do have pretty good high frequencies surprisingly enough and there are transients in the left speaker that haven't been there...in 20 years. ....It suspiciously looks as if you put some really nice preamp tubes in there....all matching yellow print sylvannias....me likes! Whatever unknown extras I sent were well worth the outcome. Thank you so much for being a first class operation, and if the other one ever gets dodgy enough for me to warrant the expense....or if I have a windfall....you know where I'm sending it! Great box too! I'll just hang on to that in case.T.T., TX
it's always a pleasure to communicate with you by e-mail. Your "reaction time" is unbeatable. Great! G.L., Germany
I want to thank you and Steve for the professional way in which you have dealt with me on this purchase, and also others made in the past. I.F., IN
just wanted to let u know how much we enjoyed dealing with Ernie this past Saturday-very helpful and knowledgable--------------we shall return S.S.
I just wanted to thank you. You fellas run a class operation. Thought I'd share this mornings AudioKharma post with you. I drove down to Audio Classics yesterday to pick up the DL103R. 1st of all, they are about the most friendly, helpful people I have ever run into in the business. I would highly recommend you visit if it's close to you. They are more than willing to let you listen even if you're not ready to drop big cash, and don't give any hint of the old "audio snobbery". S.M. NY
I received he DH120 this morning, nothing to say except this transaction is perfect. F.B., France
ARC VT100-III...the amp is in great shape and sounds awesome. M.S., LA
you were awesome. I found out about you guys on Google and read some of the reviews. They were accurate. Expect more business from me. I'm a beginner at this audiophile stuff.
It is indeed a pleasure to do business with someone who knows the meaning of customer service. My friends and I often speak of how customer service has long since died in today's market place. It is so good to know that a few merchants still exist that maintain the integrity that has been obliterated by the modern "Wal-Mart" society. You sir , do have a customer for life and my recommendations for any that I encounter interested in top quality audio equipment. M.R.,
... I bought a white Fender American Standard Stratocaster from you and gave it to my husband for an anniversary present. I was a little worried about buying a guitar from only seeing pictures of it and also about spending so much money for something on the internet. I just want to let you know that he really loves the guitar and I'm so glad that I took a chance on it. Thank you for making this experience a pleasant one.
...just wanted to thank you for the MC501's.The experience I had made the trip to pick them up well worthwhile.The amps look and sound amazing,a great improvement over the also excellent MC352. Referring all my audio friends to you. I'll be coming down again for any future McIntosh purchases. My friend ...who came with me,is now seriousily considering McIntosh. You guys are high-end audio done right. Thanks again for a awesome day. D.F., NY
Thanks very much. I got the MA5100 from you guys a few years ago. I had a great experience buying from you guys and appreciate that you treat your "music lover" customers with the same amazing service as the ($$$)audiophiles. .... I just want the 1 rating from you guys. J.R., PA
I just thought i would write to say a very big thankyou! the Amps arrived early last week and I took them down to a friends audio shop and had a really good listen. We were both really blown away by the condition and the sound of the amps(1st time I had ever listened to 501's) and let me tell you I was very very impressed. So am extemely happy with the sound and the level of service that you and Audio Classics provided. cheers mate C.O., Australia
Once again, you guys have come through for me. The cabinet is very nice, and should really set off (in a good way, that is) my MX-110. You always seem to provide the best in customer service, and you condition evaluations are always honest and straight-forwards, unlike some places. Plus your shipping department knows that a fistful of Styrofoam peanuts does not constitute road-worthy packaging. B.A., MO
I'm writing to let you know what you must already know, but it still is good to hear. I recently bought a pair of B&W 801s from Frank. He promply answered my questions, inserted a welcome sense of humor, and handled the transaction in simple fine form. I received them yesterday and your staff did an exemplary job of packing and shipping. I have been in this industry here for over 30 years and knew the late John Bowers. I've always wanted a pair of these and made that dream come true to rebuild my home devasted by IKE. It takes a bit to earn my grizzled respect - and y'all have done well in restoring my faith in this industry. Good luck and keep up the good work. G.W., TX
It was a pleasure dealing with you and Audio Classics. I think we both have like philosophies in that we are our clients problem solvers. We have a well instrumented shop with techs who are chomping at the bit to solve problems. Weve been around so long that we tend to view our customers more as extended family. I guess thats why we both appear to be growing even in this national economic crisis. When we, or clients, need a source to replace or finally get that stuff they always wanted, you will be a resource for the solution. .....Thanks again for doing the kind of job that makes us all look good! G.W., TX
Well it sure says something for you and audio classics when you have a customer that trusts your opinion so much to buy a set of speakers he's never heard and ship them to him across the country! B.L., ID.
I just wanted to personally thank you for packing this amp as well as you did. Rarely, if ever, do I receive something packed as well as this was and want you to know that I really do appreciate it. You are definitely on my favorite sellers list. C.N., WI
I received today your shipping.Very compliments for your service and package and shipping. I'am very satisfied for your customer service. Thoroughly remain your customer in the future occasione. Best regards M.R. Italy
....have not talked to you in a while. But as I listen to my system I can not thank the staff at Audio Classics enough. I still marvel at the quality of the sound. But then again, its a McIntosh. G.B., IN.
Just wanted to let you the speakers arrived OK and they look and sound great...Thanks for your help W.B., IN.
received MX113, it's perfect thanks a lot S.D., Italy
I was playing the Chris Isaak song Blue Spanish Skies on my stereo at about 35 watts continuous on all four amplifiers and it sounded unreal.The bass was incredible and it made my body feel like it was suspended in mid air. The guitars cascaded like a waterfall through the song and the vocals were deep and powerful but still subtle at the same time. The entire time this was going on my body was pulled into the pulse of the song.It was like an out of body experience without the use of drugs or meditation. McIntosh really hit the nail on the head with this equipment. C.M., Canada
McIntosh 504 Very happy with the preamp that I bought from these people. Prompt shipping. Highly recommended. Thank you W.P., Canada
I never would have believed how much difference an amp would make in my system. As a long time Audiokarma guy I always bought the wisdom that the speakers are the first place to spend money, and sources are second. I now know better! I really appreciate the service I've received from you (and the gang on Saturday, when I picked up the box). The amp sounded and looked way, way better than it did during my first visit, I believe new gels or equiv were done to the meters, since instead of faded and streaky they are now ballsy Mac blue. The unit really looks like it just drove off the factory lot instead of being 30 years old. THANKS!!! I can tell you one thing... I am done messing with Audiogon, eBay and CraigsList for used audio. You guys simply make those choices obsolete. Once again, thanks and I hope to see you guys again soon. C.L., NY
I just want to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for a job well done! My speakers have never sounded so good, and the amplifier is cleaner looking, sounding and more powerful than ever. Your quick turnaround time and flexibilty in drop off/ pick up situations is second to none. You have earned a customer for life! G.V., NY
I received the MC2500 I bought to you..... It is great, wonderfull. The Mc2500 is in perfect conditions as new. P.D., France
They are beautiful and exactly what I was looking for! I hooked them up and they sound even better than they look. There is always uncertainty when doing a remote deal like this and Id just like to say you and your company get a perfect score on this one! Sales process, packaging, paperwork, delivery all top notch. Ill definitely give you a look for any future AV needs and can happily recommend you to others. M.H. Canada
You folks just made my day! My McIntosh MX130 remote control is failing (voulme up % down buttons work sporadically) and McIntosh told me that it cannot be repaired and they don't make it anymore. Your parts department has a new one and I can't tell you how happy I was to hear that. You folks are the best! E.S., AZ
Thanks for all your help, and Frank, you be the greatest. It is a shame that more companies do not operate like you folks, you truly try your best to satisfy the customer, hats off to all of you. R.G., GA
You guys have a special way of making a customer feel like family. You're all very knowledgeable, very helpful, patient, low pressure on the sale, and that's what makes for a lasting relationship with customers. All the way home I thought - crap, I should have just bought those PMC OB1's, put them in my truck and saved the shipping. I know I want them, ( slap to the back of the head follows) I guess I was scared of my wife, sometimes they can scare a grown man, sad but true. Anyway I took care of that and placed the order. Again thanks for everything. M.B., CT
Thanks for your advice. I finally have finished the set up and now am in heaven. Thanks so much for all your kind help. S.I., KS
Thanks for your always great customer service. The MC252 and MC7104 are hooked up and are sounding great in the main listening area. The MC252 is really a smooth sounding 2 channel amp. With new input jacks, the MC240's are back to 80 plus watts and life is also good in the cave. You guys have the best customer service going and if anyone ever needs a referral or wants an endorsement please use me as a reference. As far as we are concerned the 500 mile trip to Vestal from VA is well worth the experience for purchase and service on any McIntosh equipment. H.S. VA
Thank you for all your help it is very nice to have someone you can trust and think highly of and respect their opinion on things and I like to listen to what you have to say so I can learn things to thanks again B.E. CA
..... I appreciate all your efforts to make things right and I really feel bad about how things have gone south. .....Also understood is the hit your profit line took from all this. We are thankful to be dealing with you, who really backs up the products. S.P., NY
As my restoration project of my late Father-in-law's McIntosh system draws to a close, I would like to thank your company for your patience and understanding while working with me. In particular, Ryan Kilpatrick has represented Audio Classics as a kind, receptive, and knowledgeable gentleman. He always demonstrated respect to me as a customer and to my McIntosh components while they were undergoing restoration. I feel fully confident in recommending Audio Classics to any one searching for a truly customer service oriented organization where quality can still be found in great abundance. T.W., MD
..... very happy with all facets of the purchase, your company is definitely top notch and the best packing job I have seen so far, keep up the good work! T.H., Canada
To all of you who haven't taken the tour: you will leave that place with truly immense pride in owning Mac gear and supporting all the dedicated and skilled professionals you'll meet and see working. I was so impressed after my first trip there with Frank G. a few years back that I drove the five hours up again two months later to show my (then) 13 year old son what "Made in America" used to mean and to give him a genuine appreciation for the great sounding gear that Dad cherishes! As well, the scene at Audio Classics itself is amazing: great new and old gear and killer sound rooms. Ryan is a terrific host, as are all the guys up there! J.M., MD
I truly appreciate your time spent and advice. The guys at Audio Exchange were definately positive in mentioning you all, noting your willingness and ability to source high quality gear, and your service & support. They were clearly placing you right on par with the factory itself for your service and support, and noted only a couple primary differences ... That you all were generally quicker and more responsive when it was within your bailwick, and that the factory was ultimately more capable of resolving it beginning to end when things such as laser & disc drive repair were involved. Both to be expected, I'd say. For my part, I will continue to recommend you all, and I have even more confidence and reason to now. Can't say thanks enough, E.C., VA.
Haven't got the chance to thank you properly. It was a pleasure dealing with you and Audio Classics. The service provided was second-to-none. Thank you for answering all my quiries in a fast and professional manner (sorry for the headache), thank you for handling the shipment and thank you for the after service. Truely first class service. I will make all my audio purchases from you and will recommend all my friends to buy from you. Kind Regards A.A., Bahrain
Just wanted to thank you for your time, hospitality and the advise that you extended to me yesterday. I very much enjoyed my visit and chatting with you, as I have been wanting to visit both McIntosh and Audio Classics for many years.... I am now kicking myself for not buying The book while I was there; I could be reading it now.Thanks again and best regards, R.B., AZ
Just recieved the ADS L780 speakers from you, via UPS. I've got to say, the best packaging job I've ever seen. Thank you very much. I'm sure I will buy more products when I save the money. Thanks to all...R.M., SC
Just wanted to thank you for your time, hospitality and the advise that you extended to me ... I very much enjoyed my visit and chatting with you, as I have been wanting to visit both McIntosh and Audio Classics for many years. Thanks again and best regards, B.B., CT
In regard to my purchase of the McIntosh C41 preamp and the MC2125 amplifier, the sound I get of these two pieces is fantastic and is just I was looking for. You guys package every piece so professionally and follow up on delivery. I only hope I can upgrade in the near future to the MC352 amp. Thank you for your help and professionalism. J.E., CT
just got the Dahlquist DQ-10's.... You guys definitely know how to pack stuff! W.T.,VA
I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I saw the kitchen sink listed for sale on the accessories page. Life is short, and too many people take themselves way too seriously. God bless you guys for having a good sense of humor. R.O., CA
You have been very helpful through out, amazing service. Thank You A.A., Kuwait
I received the parcel at midday. I open it this evening in the presence of my wife. I made 50 years in June and she knows that I this moment waits for a long time. Difficult to resist.My first and last new Mcintoch bought in France in 1979 were a MC2205. I hope to live a long time with this MC2600.I appreciated your professionalism. C.D., France
I received the parcel at midday. I open it this evening in the presence of my wife. I made 50 years in June and she knows that I this moment waits for a long time. Difficult to resist.My first and last new Mcintoch bought in France in 1979 were a MC2205. I hope to live a long time with this MC2600.I appreciated your professionalism. C.D., France
I just couldn't help but unpack and set up the MC602. It was late Sunday night when I finally got the Amp all hooked up and ready for the first test run. The MX-119 Pre-amp was a breeze to hook in to the MC602. I utilized the unbalanced connections as it directly replaced the old MC-2300 amp. I loaded Joshua Bell's "Romance of the Violin", as I wanted to listen to "something quiet" becasue it was close to midnight. All songs sounded "Heavenly", with the silent notes "totally silent" and the violin's highs and lows soemthing sent from heaven.- Just incredible. The second album I loaded in to the Player was DVORAK's Symphony No.9 in E minor "From the New World". This is a special XRCD24 recording that I have been saving for the MC602. Again ,it sounded spectacular. Regardless of price paid for this new MC602 amplifier, all I have to say is: "It's well worth every penny spent". I want to thank you and the staff at "AudioClassics" for assisting us in adding this new component into our dream sound theater setup. P.s. We have truly enjoyed this experience, and we look forward in continuing to add additional components in the near future. Our best to you and AudioClassics, J.C., AZ
I made it home safely and with the help of a friend and a hand truck we got the speakers into my living room. The speakers sound great in the quietness of my house. Wonderful rich sound. Since my friend is an old rock and roll player, after listening to a short pipe organ excerpt, we listened to 'Dark Side of the Moon' (Pink Floyd), great sound. I feel that I have achieved my goal which was very good classical music sound with no limitations (except price). Full frequency and full dynamics. Thank you for all your help. J.I., OH
Amp arrived packaged carefully enough to withstand the Flood. Will let you know how it sounds, A.S., GA
RE: MR78 This is great. i've taken the liberty of mounting my metz antenna on the outside of my townhome and i'm pulling in low-power, small college stations (and others) and using the functions on the MR-78 to enjoy stuff I was never able to (or knew existed) before. this tuner has redefined my feelings towards FM radio..... I told one of my younger friends about it and he was floored, he can't wait to come over.... I actually got a kick out of finding some tiny little conservative religious radio station in the middle of nowhere and listened to the preacher rant for a while as I enjoyed a nice cold vodka Mojito, thinking..... "wow, his voice is pretty clear and has good stereo separation!" Mr. Modafferi, you are the best. J.L. NC
Received the KT917 yesterday and first of all I have never in my life seen anything packed as carefully and neatly as this Kenwood was and I appreciate that. It is a beautiful piece. Everything functions well and the performance is remarkable. F.L., FL.
I received the tape deck today and I want to thank you for such a good packing job. It arrived safely with no damage. Thanks again! R.G., NM
re MA7000: I have installed to Behemoth and after a long and Considerable break-in, I have concluded that I have never been a Huge McIntosh Fan, I find myself Attracted to the large Blue Meters and Classic look. However I have myself actually looking forward to a listen just about every night. I'm not sure why but I see why so many people use the word organic when talkin bout the Mac Sound but this bad boy really cooks. In Short even though I would love to Ramble on and waste your Time, I love this amp! The louder I play it the better it sounds. Well I must get back to work so I can send more money this week to you. M.G., NY
With the stress of the day with my video project and then people coming in the evening for a movie, your positive attitude and support in getting me the replacement Mac amp is truly appreciated.R.D., PA
I just wanted to thank you for all the time you spent with me,and of course the McIntosh (MCD201) sounds unbelievable!!! I have it connected directly to the Krell. The speakers are screaming HELP! the system is dead quiet and sounds as it should....Thanks again.W.M., NJ
Hope that all is well in Vestal. Please extend my most sincere congratulations to Mr. Modaferri and also to anyone else who worked on my MR-78. This is the best sounding tuner I have tried to date. Considering my location, that is one huge compliment. R.O., CA
Re Kubala Sosna Cables: Thanks much, I think, for exposing me to high-end cables. As I said in our conversations, I had discarded any saving grace for these. As an engineer, I cant give you any reason why wire could make a difference at the frequencies that are being carried by these cables. My ears tell me something else. Thanks again. A.P.
MANY THANKS: the mc250 has been arrived on Saturday. It's amazing, you and your staff are really professional. I'll do business with you soon. Really thanks. C.M., Italy
Thank you so much for treating me so kindly. Even though I have never had the pleasure of visiting your store, you treat me as a special customer. I suspect you treat all your customers in the same special way. Promise that you will never go out of business. R.F., SC
Thanks for your prompt and courteous assistance - you've made it a real pleasure to work with Audio Classics! D.F., CA.
finally baby is back home. It sounds wonderfully. My experience with Audio Classics was the best possible. Yous service was fast, professional, honest. I offered you the possibility to get more money: you did not take advantage. You charged me the freight you really paid, and did not charge the new box. Richard Modafferi did a wonderful job and an exhaustive report. Thank you very much for all of this, and for the joy I am feeling now. A.M., Italy
Thank you for your attention! All you guys are great and customer oriented. This is why I keep coming back. Thank you again, and please express my thanks to Mike, too. R.F., S.C.
Last night we had a chance to watch a little TV and listen to some music. It was fantastic! And the remote performed as you expected it to.thanks! G.T., NY
Had fun with the guitar last night, thanks again! Audio Classics really should enter into the National Packaging Association contest for best packaging for shipping. No one can compare! D.J., CA
I can't Thank You enough for the "FENDER STRAT" . THANKS for always finding time to answer my questions and treating me like I'm somebody. THAT'S what makes AUDIO CLASSICS /and staff the very best. R.S. NY
I received my MAC1500 yesterday. It arrived just fine, thank you for the fine packaging!! The receiver works and looks fabulous. Pass along my thanks to all involved. R.P.IL
Recived the Mac C31V Pre-amp. It is great. The condition of the unit is excellent. It sounds great connected to my MC7200 power amp. Thanks for your assistance. I will sure do more business with Audio Classics. R.M., CA.
Thank you very much without your intervention i certainly not get back my money .Now all is in order with the shipping cost and your professionaly is like the product you sell.. the best quality . The next Mcintosh i buy will be buy with you A.G., France
I got the horns, they are very nice. You do a great job with the package. I will integrate them in my surround all horn system A.P. Germany
I am very impressed with Audio Classics. Mike S is the person I speak to all the time and he has always been extremely helpful, and very patient - I am always changing my mind, and coming up with all sorts of requests for quotes, and he is right there with good answers, advise and support. I have dealt with a lot of companies big and small and you guys win the award for best customer satisfaction in my humble opinion. I will be back again to buy more audio as my secret stash grows - don't tell my wife :) Thanks for making a small fish in a big sea feel like a king fish. M.B., CT.
Well it's been a couple weeks and I wanted to pass on to you how happy I am with the C2200. My system is sounding better and better each day. R.P., MD
I would like to thank you and the whole Audioclassics team for the beautiful amplifier. Condition of the amp was great, B1 was a bit conservative, I would say A1. Packing was great, extremely safe. On the box is a little badge that says Built with pride in America. If there is one company that America should be pride of, its Mcintosh. P.B., Belgium
I just wanted to thank you so very much for your help last week. The MC58 arrived on Friday and what a beauty. I am very pleased with the product and your great customer service. I'm certain we will do business again. You guys are great. Thanks again...H.G., WA
MC60: Audio Classics cleaned up the units to look almost like new - far better than they looked when I left them for repair. Better yet they sound fantastic, much better than I remember when I replaced them for a better(?)sounding solid state unit - argh... where was my head? A.P., PA.
Please let me start off by saying how much I appreciate the way you and the rest of the staff have really just been a true joy to deal with, first class all the way. As you know I consider Audio classics to be a first rate company. M.A., LA.
This is my first MX110 / MC240 McIntosh combination - nothing short of amazed at how good the sound is. Smooth, but with no huge lose of detail, extended w/o any harshness on the top octaves, GREAT bass without being boomy. .... - between you and me - I think our industry has been walking backwards since point to point tube designs were abandoned for higher profit / shorter production time solid state designs. I REALLY am enjoying this combination. J.B., NY
Thanks again for helping me "do the right thing" and plunge for the C2200! My cabin deserves it! It really was funny, though, that here I need to truly sweat a difference of $300 and you have customers who spend $1 million on a home theater system!! Should've listened to my grandma and become a doctor! :) J.M., MD
I just received my MA6100 back from a quick trip to Audio Classics in Vestal George Melnyk gave it a good going over and restored it to what I can only imagine to be factory condition. He is a gem; there arent too many left like George. Ryan and the team at Audio Classics are spectacular to deal with; the entire service experience was wonderfulAnd, while I know that Audio Classics is not directly affiliated with McIntosh Labs, I just wanted to make it clear that in my opinion there are only a handful of companies on the planet that elicit the kind of passion that McIntosh garners Porsche, Rolex, Singapore Air Lines. In the consumer audio space, there is only one McIntosh. This machine came from Binghamton close to 35 years ago and still performs at levels that are head and shoulders above most of todays equipment in the price range or beyond. And to have a passionate partner like Audio Classics, well most companies would do anything to come even close to that level of third-party support. Im a Mac customer for life. Thanks so much for making the music sound like, well music. D.S., IL.
At last, we take some time to thank you. The amps sound really fantastic and indeed everything arrived on time and in a perfect condition...The MC402 and C2200 together with the Sonus Faber Elipsa are just amazing, so much space and air. I think the Elipsa really needed a powerful amplifier and the MC402 is perfect. The MA6900 with the Sonus Faber Cremona is fantastic, as beautiful as we expected. This integrated amplifier is such a good value and sounds in the McIntosh way, the way we love. Thank you again for everything. A.R.& D.C., France
I just wanted to follow up on the Klipsch KV-3 speaker that arrived last month. I could not be more pleased. The speaker works extremely well with our existing KG4s. And the service from your company has been superlative. For instance, although the photos you sent showed some dings and nicks, someone there took the time to Sharpie-in the divots (which had been my plan after seeing the photos), and those nicks are now invisible from a foot or more away. Should (when) I have additional audio needs in the future, yours will be the first company I turn to. Thank you very much for making my initial foray into internet audio shopping an extremely positive experience. Best regards, D.W., DE.
Thank you for this purchase.The amplifier is perfect.You have done a very good job.You have a great compagny and in France we have to take a lesson from you. A tres bientot et encore merci. M.H., France
Thanks, Frank, for taking excellent care of your customers. I really appreciate your phone call and the offer to send the hook-up cable for the MC352 and C41. A.G., AR
I have bought you a MCINTOSH C24, I receive it today and I want to say all is wonderfull : very speed shipping, package very perfect, C24 like new. It's the first time I've buy you one MCINTOSH and not the last time. J.J., France
WOW! I can hear a difference in sound quality.My Tannoy S-10's never sounded so good! The MA6500 & MR85 came to me as you stated A-1 cond. Thank you! .....Looking to hear from you soon,thank you again! I am a first time McIntosh owner! Thanks to Frank and Audio Classics! D.K., CA
You have been tremendous throughout this whole process, Frank ...and that's something I will long remember about you and Audio Classics. I am an AudioKarma subscriber, which is where I have read about your reputation, and this experience has very much solidified it with me. R.B., TX
I got the cabinet today..., I couldn't be more pleased with it's condition. I have to admit that it looks better than the others I have like it. I also wanted to thank you for thinking of including the screws that hold the pan-lock trays in place..I know I have the old one's around here...somewhere! Cheers! C.W. VA.
RE MC252: It works fine.... Thanks for all of your help... ! BTW... Sounds wonderful... I'm very happy! Thank you, gentlemen... J.M., FL
Just wanted to tell you that we love the new system. I still have a lot to learn, as I want to use it to its full capacity, but it is really great so far. Thanks, S.M., N.Y.
There is a large McIntosh dealer 10 min. from me. But Mike@ Audio Classics is my GO TO person and he give me honest no B.S. advice. Trust me, I bug him a lot. He doesn't just want the sale, he wants a relationship between customer and dealer. Two thumbs up from me. G.B., IA
I just wanted to let you know that the MC352 is everything I hoped for and much more. This thing is just amazing! I thought that my MC150 was great but the MC352 takes the music and emotion to the next level! A pure pleasure to listen to! Thanks for all the help, I am a customer for life! Will talk to you here in a month or so when I purchase the MX406. Many Thanks, M.R., NE
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you ... once again for doing business the way it should be done. Maybe it speaks volumes that my dealings with you are remarkable at all. That I should be surprised and pleased to be treated fairly and with integrity. Im not a religious man but I guess it really does boil down to treating others that way you wish to be treated, and I thank you for that. My new [other] amp is all that I expected from a Mac amplifier and sounds like what I was expecting from the first one. Thanks for hanging in there with me and making sure I was treated in the end as a customer who was laying down some hard earned cash and deserved to get the most out of what I had purchased. Take care until the next time I need some top notch equipment!! B.M., MA
I recently purchased a Marantz 112 in a Walnut case from you. I'm very happy with the unit. What blew me away though is your packing. As a collector who has received damaged gear over the years due to wimpy cartons and inadequate packing, your cartons are without doubt the sturdiest I've seen. Thanks! B.M., CA
Your expert, brilliant recommendations on designing my system; the VPI, the MX114, the Classic Mc275 and the B&Ws have provided us with countless hours of sheer musical pleasure. In over 30 years, you've never steered me wrong. You are a joy to deal with & a true Master. S.G., NY
I received the MC252 today in perfect condition, hooked it up to my 20 year old NAD and---absolutely incredibly beautiful music, even on my crappy speakers. By far the most expensive audio purchase I have ever made, yet the easiest at the same time. Thanks for your help. E.C., CA
I just wanted to commend audio classics on their service. It has far exceeded any other service I have ever recieved when inquiring about products. I had the priviledge of working with Lee Campbell and he was more than willing to answer any questions I had about a bass guitar, provide pictures, quote shipping, and was superfast on shipping once the order was complete. I would highly recommend audio classics to anyone! Thanks again! D.S., WI
....I received the Revox today via UPS. I'm very impressed with the shipping speed considering the weather in that part of the country. Your packing is also 1st rate. I have the player connected to my main home theater setup and it sounds very impressive. . Thanks again for outstanding products and service. Thanks Again, R.B., KY
Thank you so much for Mac 250 power amp. It is perfect. Great packing. G.Z., Italy
Thank you so much for Mac 250 power amp. It is perfect. Great packing. G.Z., Italy
Dan was a great guy, was here on time, and was very efficient. (Im not only going to make it to work on time, I might be a bit early!) Ill certainly recommend you guys to anyone who mentions looking to buy or sell a Mac. Thanks for everything. G.C. PA.
Rotel RC1070, RB1070, RCD1072 Setup the equipment yesterday. It sounds absolutely amazing. I can't not believe the sound coming out of my loudspeakers. They have never sounded so good. The power is extremely clean and doesn't hint at strain. Have only had it slightly above quarter volume. I'm afraid to go higher. Plus it's too loud at that point anyway. I was never able to get that kind of low end from my speakers without strain until I hooked this system up. It sounds pure with no distortion. All sound is snappy, punchy and smooth where needed. Definitely happy that I purchased the cd player as well. There is a substantial difference between my streaming itunes source and the cd player. Even at lossless compression from the computer. All cds will be revisited. Thanks again for all your help with the equipment purchase. You were more than fair and generous with your prices and the few extras did not go unnoticed. I know your service is great and your ability to loan out cables and other makes it easier to make smart and satisfied purchase. The amp was in outstanding condition. As good as new to me. If a silver one does ever show up let me know for a possible trade in but I would be hard pressed to give this one up. It looks and sounds great. J.S., NY
Thank you very much. It is good to know that there are still retail companies out there that are knowledgable, helpful, responsive and passionate about what they do. A rarity these days! A.T., CA
You guys are awesome.... Greatly appreciate your efforts in my behalf. Rest assured if I ever have reason to sell my amp, you will get it. M.D., OH.
My C32 arrived today and all I can say is WOW! This unit looks like it just came out of the box from the factory! The packing was perfect and once again, you have proved to me why I need to keep you at the top of my list for quality components. Thanks again for your professional advice and excellent service. Best Regards, C.P., TX
So, I got a used 205 from Audio Classics that fit into my stash money budget( money the wife can't touch )Got it here, it looks great, works great, and sounds awesome. I am very pleased. Of course I am only satisfied for some period of time till the Mcvaccine injection of more new McIntosh in my house wears off and I need another fix.
First a word about Audioclassics: symply perfect, my preamp is rated B1, so you can imagine my face when i've seen a gear near mint! I've opened the preamp (i'm curious) and i've seen a clean gear also inide ...you have washed it?! Carry my appreciation to the guy at the shipment for the great level of package, please. Now the impression about the Counterpoint: More detailed, "airy" and dynamic regarding my previous pre (Luxman C120A), with more control on the bass area of spectrum, is the exact way that i hoped to find changing my old pre. My Advent Loudspeaker are like reborn, the stage is open, without listening fatigue, i can listen music for hours. The last word is for you, simply thanks for your patience and prompt reply to my mail, i hope to do business again with Audioclassics. Thanks again and have a nice day! E.M., Italy
Wow, the amplifier is fantastic. ....The cosmetics is incredible. Sound impressive. A pleasure doing business with you, because there will be more. I apologize for my English. I'm not able to express all my gratitude and joy. S.V., Spain
Received the unit and am very happy with it (it's terrific) - thanks so much for supporting getting this to Australia. I also wanted to thank you for your great manner and help at all times. Sounds like you are a part of a great business with Audio Classics; all the best success to you. S.J. Australia
I would like to inform you that it's arrived...(The MC352)!!!!! Wow, was so heavy, It's been a challenge to unpack it and to position it on my hifi rack, but I did it all alone. It is pefect, also packed in a way very professional and safe. In this moment is playing and finally I'm starting to relax. Thanks again to you and all the audioclassics staffs, you are very professional, I hope one day we could met personally. I will start to advertise you to all my friends. R.M., Italy
From AudioKarma Member... I have a decade-long friendship/working relationship with my guy at AC. I've purchased lots and lots of gear from him, and he's always been there for me to help me trouble-shoot or just for a chat as I toy with ideas for the next step. I trust him implicitly to give me the straight poop no matter what. Before I bought my last system from him, he let me bring up my speakers and turned over AC's impressive Mac room to me for the entire day just so I could mix and match until I found just the right synergy! Try doing that over the 'Net. By the same token, he knows and understands that I had to turn to Audiogon to buy my previously owned MC205s, as they didn't have any and get them only rarely on trade. Yet today, if I had a question about operating the 205, he'd be the first person I'd call! He gives me the best break he can on new or used gear. I can't imagine enjoying this wonderful hobby as much without his friendship, and I'm proud to do my part to support the good folks on Old Vestal Road. Oh yeah: it doesn't hurt that he's got Mac in his blood!" AudioKarma member
Here my opinion about Kubala/sosna imagination cables after a little time to break-in : It's exact they are warm after one week, sounstage becomes wide and deep, with a lot of details. They are very very transparent, neutral and fast; They are a GREAT improvment for any HiFi system. Would recommend to others of your customers !! You can heard without any problems directly an Huge difference. V. Belgium
So this is what its supposed to sound like! I knew I wanted one for a good reason but I was starting to forget what it was.Thanks so much for sending a working, great sounding amp. I did not want to write to soon but I have been listening for about a week and so for I am extremely pleased! Im not sure but I swear this amp sounds better than the first one even when it worked that first week I had it. Maybe the difference between the 6550s and the KT88s? I dont know. Thanks again, alls well that ends well! B.M. MA.
C 28, MC 2105, MCD 7000 I'm speechless....... Popped in Beethoven-Sonaten CD, and just sat frozen, in complete disbelief. It was great to meet you, see the store and talk to all the nice folks that dropped in. Excellent equipment, first class service, everything I expected and much more. Many thanks to you, the engineers and staff, I'm a very satisfied customer. S.B., PA
after some days that i'm listening the amplifier i would say THANKS INDEEED MAN !!! it sound great and very sexy M.M. Italy
I would like to thank all of you for the excellent service the courteous manner and professional service in which every odder I have placed was taken care of. Your recommendation, knowledge and assistance has proved that you and the rest of the Audio Classics staff have a true love and talent for what you all do. Needles to say I will be a return customer in 2008. You guys are terrific. M.A., LA.
I don't think I should disclose the price becasue I would pay more for the service I received. It took only three days to get to me and they delivered it at night to accommodate my work hours. Two thumbs up to Audio Classics. The Service is First Class and Mike is now my go to guy for everything. Thank you Mike! AudioKarma
Well only two signs went up in the neighborhood after firing up Mick and the boys. Its ok though one was my sister.The other good news the Klipsch outdoor speakers blow the snow off the deck. Audio Classics is the best can't wait till the budget allows more McIntosh. J.S., IL
My MA 5100 has just arrieved and it works great. Thank you for the quick and professional delivery. I am very happy. T.G., Germany
I am the guy you helped on the phone this past Saturday with a MHT200 problem. Your diagnosis was spot on, we corrected the problem of missing shunts and all is well. Thank you again for taking the time to help. J.R., SC (We helped even though he didn't buy it from us)
RE C22-II: WOW !!!! This thing is Beautiful; you are not kidding, it is beautiful! Thank you for another pleasant purchase. D.J., MA
Thru the years you have treated me very well. I let everybody I know about your company and excellent customer service!!!!. In my book it the first place I look for equipment. To my demise I currently cant upgrade, My daughter is going to collage next year and the cost has me blown away. Thanks again. B.A., MO
... I received the amp perfectly. Thank you again for the very professional (as usual) packaging. The amp is playing perfectly! J.R., France
I had a hickup with my MC2KWs recently, and Mike at Audioclassics TOTALLY took care of me from start to finish. Sometimes it pays to have a dealer working on your behalf when dealing the the factory. Professionalism, honesty, responsibilty, and integrity are qualities which gets tested when you run into trouble, even when it is not the dealers fault. They passed the test. There was no IF AND OR BUTS, there was no bullshit or excuses. They were completely honest and was with me every step of the way. If I was to buy McIntosh again, I probably won't be visiting the new dealers close to me. I intend to drive 5 hours to buy from Audioclassics, as a good working relationship and mutual understanding is hard to develope. If your "old dealer" possess the qualities which I have described, he will have nothing to worry about. R.M, Canada
Cayin A88T/6550EH I am very happy with this amp. I listen to a lot of classical music on vinyl, FM, and CD. And that is the type of music I use to judge equipment by. (Don't worry, I listen to plenty of other music too). Also, this is my first tube amp. What I hear so far is an open sound with lots of space (air?) that gives a really good concert hall feel. Instrument placement is very good with impressive side to side and front to back imaging. There is a lot of bass energy and definition -- more than I was used to with the Rotel. And this amp takes my MD-90 to a new level, which was already pretty high. Thanks again for the great service. I know you graded this amp B1 (I think), but it looks just about new to me. B.M.,
you don't know how much happy i am. I enjoy so many years my pre-amplifier c-28 & amplifier 2105, with a mr-74 tuner recently. I like THE MCINTOSH SOUND, life-like !!!!! And the look, of course, especially the movement of needle in the blue eyes at my 2105. A MCINTOSH cd player for me is a Dream that comes true . At Shows in belgium ,i 've seen a McLaserdic playing a movie and recently i 've heard a Mc Music Server BUT NEVER NEVER heard a MC CD PLayer (including never seen one in the OFF position also in the store where i buy the book) !!!! As I could read on the web, K/S cables are amazing! I will discover these cables (not available in store outside usa/canada) who impressed so many HiFI brands! A VERY SPECIAL THANKS for your good advices, your help in this transaction, and other people working @audioclassics who can convert the CD player to work on 230 VAC giving so the chance to guy like me living outside USA to own MC products ! And of course your family who MADE HIFI HISTORY !!! V.M., Belgium
Thank you for your help in setting up the projector and screen in our conference room. I have had the opportunity to use them several times and the audience has been very impressed. C.C., NY
I received the Sansui TU-717 Tuner via UPS today. I am SUPREMELY HAPPY! The condition of the tuner is better than I expected, and I was amazed at the quality of the packaging job that your staff did. AND....You even included a copy of the service manual and a wiring schematic! You guys are a class act! I hope to do business with you again. P.L. CA.
I want to thank you for your great seriousness. I never seen a so impressing packing. My 6900 has reach my home in France in a real perfect condition.Be sure I will talk a lot of Audioclassics ! F.S.
.... both of us were very surprised by what we heard and the difference in sound quality that we were being treated to. Of course, I am sure that the C45 and the MCD201 also contributed to the improvement we heard. Still, I am very confident that a good portion of that is due to the 352. I am very surprised at how good the Proacs now sound. I was debating whether or not I would now also have to improve my speakers, but I don't think that that is necessary anymore. Interestingly enough, the improvement in sound quality of the MR85 really surprised me. Even the digital cable music that I pipe in through my sound system suddenly sounded much better. All this to say that while I expected an improvement, the improvement was more, a lot more than I had anticipated. I think my wife said it best, after spending all kinds of money shopping at the outlet mall and assessing whether or not we got our money's worth, listening to the amp she said, "now that's a worthy buy". So thank you for your advice and for your patience, it's very much appreciated. Please thank Brian for the demo he gave us with the Dream system. R.H., Canada
I felt obligated to write this note thanking your company for making sure my recent purchase of a MC40 and Mcintosh car radio arrived at my home in Canada in better shape than I could have ever imagine. You guys did an amazing job! When you said B1 you actually meant it. It's great to see a company in this day and age take such pride. Thanks again and I look forward to ordering more Mcintosh stuff in the future. D.M., Canada
(MC7100) Amp arrived yesterday. Great packing, mint condition, sound excellent, all lights working. I would like to thank you for this deal. Best regards and thanks again, Y.J., UK
Just wanted to let you know that I'm listening to vinyl with my new needle which is wonderful! Great sound! Thanks so much for the great price also! Will keep coming back and will continue to recommend you to others as I've done in the past! Best! B.S., NY
I have began something I call "listening sessions", with chosen friends, and musical reporters I know. The session open the morning at 10h30 and finish at 15:00. Each person bring one of his favorite record (CD or vinyl) and I play it on my system. Then I look their happy faces, and it's my reward. We drink a glass of wine with some light food, and everybody come back home with a lighter footstep Y.M., France
I just want to thank you for your great customer service this week. It's been a heck of a week tracking down the exact parts I want for my home theater, but you really made the TV stand easy. On top of that you checked the address for errors (oops!) and got the part here the next day. Thanks again, L.M., VT
Just a note to say thank you. The speakers (Philips DSS930) arrived in great condition. They work perfectly and sound nice. Whoever packed them did an awesome job - nice foam board fitting. Thanks once more, H.K., NY
Just a quick note to say both units have arrived safely. We started with the C46 and the difference it made was just awesome. One of the reasons I wanted the C46 was because of the equalizer. Its turned out the unit is so good, I do not need tone controls at all - unbelievable! Adding the 402 a week later took things to a much higher plane and we now no longer feel the urgent need to change our speakers. Thanks again for two superb pieces of kit. R.B.
I have hooked the MC501s into my stereo system and the soundstage of the Maggies 3.6Rs now has more depth! My wife... has also noticed the improved soundstage! We have listened to two of the CDs that were a challenge for the MC150 to play loud. We can now play them without lowering the volume! We currently own a McIntosh C712 pre-amp. Based on my very positive and delightful buying experience yesterday, I know that my search for a McIntosh dealer is over! Audio Classics is the only stereo store I have found that displays every current McIntosh product! Whenever I need to preview and/or purchase a McIntosh product, I will gladly make the 5.5 hour drive from Virginia to Audio Classics. Hopefully, the next time I am at Audio Classics, I will be able to take the tour of the McIntosh Plant. Again thanks for helping me find the right amps (two MC501s) to enhance the soundstage of my Maggies 3.6Rs! I will very highly recomend Audio Classics to anyone interested in purchasing McIntosh new and vintage products! J.G., VA
Thanks for the book, McIntosh - For the Love of Music! I have already read it once and I am looking forward to my second reading. It is one of three books we have on our coffee table. As I read the book, I found passages that reaffirm my decision to one day own a stereo system with all McIntosh electronics. As I read the clinic section of the book, I could recall how proud I felt each time my Mac amp and pre-amp exceeded their published specifications. I also recall the disappointment of non-McIntosh owners when their amps and/or pre-amps failed to meet the published specifications.Thirty years ago when I purchased my first McIntosh integrated amp, MAC1500, my mom asked why I needed such an expensive piece of stereo equipment. Last week when my mom and I were listening to Dianh Washington, Brook Benton, and Gloria Lynn on my stereo system, she said it sounded like being there! Wow, what a compliment! My mom and I plan to spend more afternoons listening to my her prized jazz collection. We're I are looking forward to a tour of the McIntosh factory. Before closing, I want to thank you for signing the book and helping me improve my stereo system. Best regards, J.G, VA
...the Mc 275 sounds gorgeously with the Tannoy TD-10. ... I enjoy very much to hear my favorite CD-s with the new detail the Mc 275 brought in - the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto sounds already breathtaking - .... So we are very happy with this product and the support you've provided for us. Wishing you great success in your business. All the best, F.K.
I set up my system..... It sounds very good. Since I haven't heard "good" in a long time, this will take awhile to evaluate. I think I still would like more depth, but who wouldn't! Anyway, I am very pleased with everything and thank you very, very much for the enormous time you spent with us and lunch. My wife and I were very impressed and pleased.Thanks again for everything. I sure appreciate being able to talk to knowledgeable people like you guys. R.L., CT.
Good call on that amp. Ah the new mc. Is nice. Thank you for your guidance on the mc352 and the autographed book. The amp and book I will cherish them both for the rest of my life. M.A., LA
I received the PS Audio 5.6 Preamplifier I purchased from Audio Classics on E-Bay. I just wanted to thank you for the smooth transaction. The preamp was incredibly mint for its age, and the packaging was excellent. I have already put it into operation in my primary 2-channel system and it works flawlessly. Thanks again, R.C., GA
I received the Speaker this afternoon and was very impressed with its packaging. You took a lot of pains in packing it and I deeply appreciate it. J.M., NY
I want to thank you for a very positive sales experience today! Thanks for helping me purchase two McIntosh MC501 amps from AudioClassics and for showing me new and prized McIntosh equipment. I found you to be very knowledgable about vintage and current McIntosh equipment. I will be in contact with you when I decide to purchase a new McIntosh preamp. J.G., VA
Received the 511-B Altec Horns in perfect order. Could not believe how well they where packaged. Very Professional. After our phone conversation i knew i would like doing business with Audio Classics. Thanks again, R.E., CA
All I can say is thank you so much for such a complete and detailed answer to my question. Unfortunately, this kind of response seems to be quite the exception.... where someone will help you when you are not actively buying something. It's service like that that makes someone like me come back in the future and not look elsewhere. R.A., NY
You know I keep all your emails as a Reference Book. I really appreciate the time you take and admire your wealth of knowledge and also your patience on a very personal level with your customers. I dont know how you do it. You have made all the difference in my audio upgrade: a very learning and pleasant experience. I will refer anybody to you.The problem is that thereare not that many people as serious about high end audio as they are accepting of cheap, main stream stuff you find in Circuit City and Best Buy. They dont take the time to get into anything. Shallow water swimmers!!! G.H., CA.
just a quick note to say that the MA5100 arrived safely back... Thank you for the fast fix of its tape monitor switch problem. The MR67 and MA5100 look fabulous together in their L12R wood cases and sound even better. You know it's funny that with all the talk about poor sound from first generation solid state how sweet and musical the MA5100 sounds. Same thing for first generation CD players - yet the MCD7000 continues to astound me with its great sound. (I guess McIntosh got it right the first time!) The MR67, MA5100 and MCD7000 are making great music in my living room and I thank you Frank, as always, for your excellent sales support and concern for your customers. After all the years of doing business with you I hope to be able to get out to Vestal to meet you in person sometime soon now that I'm retired and finally have some control over my schedule. Take Care and Thanks Again! C.G., IL
Just wanted to thank you. Saturday I hooked the MCD 7005 up. The sound of this unit is first rate. The sound is very detailed and just an out right pleasure to listen too and the unit is cosmetically near mint. M.A., LA
Just to inform you your sending was well received and working perfectly. Once again for your support and advice and I will not hesitate recommend you other stereo nuts or freaks. J.vW., Belgium
Now gear with the Audio Classics LED kits allready installed is a blessing & i'd be willing to pay a bit extra for such gear,i wouldnt classify putting a better lighting system from AC in Mac gear a mod, more like a must. from AudioKarma.com listing
When I was a little kid in the early seventies my dad would wake the whole house up on weekend mornings with lots of classical music, simon & garfunkel, cat stevens, and pancakes..yummm. My dads stereo back then was a Pioneer 4 channel reciver with some huge homemade speakers made by one of my 4 brothers. That system was awesome ! Then as we got a little older my sister started dating this guy Jim, one day in the late seventies I went over to Jims house I saw and heard my first Mcintosh stereo ! From that day I was a Mcintosh person, even though I was only 14 and could not afford such equipment I knew people that could afford it ..so whenever I was around my dad or brothers or anyone who would listen I would tell them to buy a Mcintosh stereo . Dad fell first in the early 80's and bought a whole Mcintosh system 2255 c33 xrt22's thorens turntable, Tandberg reel to reel. That stereo still remains in his home today !! My brother ... fell after dad in the mid 80's and started buying Mcintosh pieces , my cousin .... bought a Mcintosh system with Klipsch spkrs. I got married :-) By the late 80's I had somehow aquired 2 pairs of Mcintosh speakers (xr5's i think ) along with a 2125 amp and c27 preamp !!, I was in heaven . Over the years my brothers ..... have all purchased Mcintosh systems and they are all different . I've listened to alot of systems in my lifetime and lived with an everchanging system my whole life, Ive always owned solid state amps and have been very happy with them ...but somewhere in the back of my mind I always felt I was missing something special for not owning any tube gear . Now , on a hot summer afternoon in Texas the UPS driver pulls up in front of my house ...after I help him get the 1 large box and 1 lighter one thru my front door I start unpacking the Amp and CD player, everything arrived in perfect condition ! After a week of listening to a lot of rock and jazz the mc352 and cd201 is a match made in Solid state heaven !!!!! I am hearing soooo much more information now!! AND any thought I had about buying tube gear has gone right out the window !! The music coming out of my dynaudio speakers is ...well ...So MUSICAL !!! Im still in a state of musical bliss re listening to my whole collection of cd's all over agian !!! I cant say enough how this amp-cd combo is giving me sound like the finest tube gear without tubes !! ... I lOVE YOU GUYS !!! :-) Customer for Life ! M.M., TX
I just wanted to say thank you once again for the great deal you gave me on the MC275/C220 combo to replace my MA6900. Even though my wife was on vacation last week I could barely get out of my listening chair to go anywhere the sound of that tube combo is absolutely magic and it keeps getting better as the components burn in! The MA6900 is a great piece but the MC275 is out of this world with the La Scalas! The C220 is just a superior instrument indeed and the phono section WOW. I have an old AR table with an Audio Techinica 440mla cartridge running through that phono section on the 220 it is unbelievably good. I have yet to hook the Scheu TT with Grado Sonata up to the 220 I just cant get over the sound of that less $200 AR/440mla set up through the 220! It is a great all around preamp; I love the infinite volume and the silent switching and quiet running of the combination. I had never heard KT88 tubes before I am astounded by the 275s power and articulation the music seems to come from everywhere and with great detail. This is indeed a millennial amplifier! You have made it possible for me to have what I believe is the best sound possible with my ancillary equipment (as you know, mostly McIntosh from you!) and I am grateful for the super deal you gave me and for all the service you have provided me over the past few years. Whenever I go towards Binghamton the truck always wants to take the Old Vestal Road exit must be in the steering or is it the driver? Again, Thank You! ST, PA
Got here in great shape - you boys do some serious packing. The quality is really nice to see in this day and age. ....I am very happy, thanks! J.K., MD
Another BIG thanks to the service dept. My MR-78 is back better than new. They did some major work on this unit last year. When it developed another problem, all got fixed under warranty. Like they say down here "Dont get no better than that" Thanks again. 73's J.Z., SC
Re MA6900 The amp arrived Yesterday....in good shape. I am quite impressed with the sound quality compared to my old MA6100. Just as you suggested. The clean power is allowing me to play music at slightly higher volumes (my preference) with greatly increased dynamics including the bottom end... through my Monitor Audio RS6 speakers. In fact, it was like buying new....upgraded speakers. Thanks, D.S., PA
I just wanted to say thank you for every thing, The Mc. Is very nice indeed the sound is first rate. The night we set things up the Crown Royal was opened and the toast was made. One to Frank (McIntosh), Roger (Russell) & Gordon (Gow) and the other was to you Frank (Gow) for making me one hell of a deal and seeing that things were the right components that were a match made in heaven. Please if you talk to Roger please pass this on to him the xr19s are fantastic speakers and the work he did with all the engineering and research really shows with these speaker. As a young teen seeing the 19s in the black and white MC. catalog was one thing but to own a pair of these speakers is a fantasy come true. Thank you Roger. M.A., LA.
Yesterday I received my MAC1700. It looks very great - exactly the description as "B" grade physical condition! I set it up today. Although not yet testing on all functions, the sounds from the tuner and when it is playing with CD player already impressed me a lot. This is my first McIntosh amplifier but I'd rather describe it as a little dinosaur dancing and singing in my room - the feeling is so good and it is you who bring it to me! Thanks very much!! K.S., Hong Kong
Thanx for having me. The tour and your workplace were astounding. I have found my new goldmine in your store, there is absolutely no one in Connecticut who could come close to offering the selection you folks have. I doubt that I will now ever deal with anyone else. Thanx again for a very enjoyable day ! A.R., CT
.... just writing to thank you for the great amp. I could not believe how clean it is. It was immaculate. I am very pleased with the quality and sound. And the packing job was great. Thanks again Ernie. later, D.C., TX
Just want to let you know how much we appreciated your help and the time that you spent with us on our recent visit to your new location in Vestal. Everything about your operation is first class along with the service. I'm still in the process of installing the MX119 & the MCD7008.... Also many thanks for lunch and for setting up the tour of the McIntosh factory. (My wife) has been telling everyone about the tour and especially the demo home theater room. Again many thanks for the tour and the excellent service.You guys are Number One in Audio. H.S., VA
I got the (McIntosh) MVP861 today and have been playing it for about an hour. Let me just say that you could not oversell this player compared to the Denon. The difference is not subtle at all ! the whole thing is much better, take everything that I described the other day and double that performance and it would still fall short for a description. I had to turn down my subs form 35 hertz to 30 hertz because the base and mid base are that much better. The ADS speakers play down to 28 hz and with the subs set at 35 there was too much there compared to the Denon. My first impression is how the music just hits/impacts your chest with the 861 and it simply gets better from there. I using a little less output power than with the Denon, yet I am getting a bigger/fuller soundsatge, better dynamics and punch. The silkiness of this player is amazing.the piano, wind and string instrument are unbelievable. Even the harp on Diana Crawl's live in Paris was much different. I can"t wait for dark as it always sounds better at night! I know why the other fellow would not send his 861 back once he got it. It is great and I am sure that it will improve as it breaks in with use. Musical truly does describe the McIntosh mvp 861! Thanks so very much! Best regards, M.P., Canada
I recieved the (Klipsch) CA6TW's today,they sound great! Thanks much! M.R., NB
I am sending you this note to put in writing, my most sincere appreciation of the business transaction you conducted with me, with regard to my audio purchases. Nothing could be made better. From the very first contact through the many calls and visits, to the final completion and the good-bye, your kind, honest, and sincere personal contact is I believe, what it is all bout. My best to you and all in your endeavors. R.Z., PA
Yesterday the XRT28's were installed. They are really nice. WOW, what an improvement. (Didn't think that was possible) Once again, Mike Sastra, Audio Classics and Mcintosh(and a pile of cash) there is no sustitute. Your Old Pal, M.B. TX
Audioclassics deserves everyday it's high business standard reputation. Many businesses those days make people happy , just when they get the service or goods, like a kid at Christmas. You make people staying happy for very long ,about what they got for their money!! Congratulations again to all the team at Vestal . J.G., Belguim
Received the Beyer headphones today. They are a big improvment over my old ones. Much more comfortable! They work as advertised, closed vs open does make a difference.... As usual, I do really appreciate the time you spend with me. THANKS, P. E., CA
Thank you for a great website and great services! S.H., FL
Received the radio today. Superb!! It's been a pleasure doing business with you.G.B. IL
I just wanted to send a note of thanks to you and your co-workers at Audio Classics. I have now recieved my 5th piece of gear from your business (Mcintosh amplifier MC30). I was throughly impressed with the overall quality of the amp (paint, chrome, and tubes) that I recieved. I look forward to purchasing the next amp from you guys when it comes available. I've read many of the customer bio's on your business over the years and you guys clearly know how to run an audio business to a very high degree of satisfaction for your clients. Just another satisified customer. M.T., MN
Just wanted you to know I got the guitar. You really packed it well...thanks. The guitar is beautiful. I'm very pleased with it. Thanks again...R.S., NY
Amp received and working. What a great packing job you guys do. So good I took pictures. You should brag more about it. It was a pleasure working with your team. The amp is purring as I write this - playing some great old Dave Brubeck on vinyl that sounds like he is sitting right next to me. You did an A-1 job cleaning up the amp and bringing it back from the dead - too many pieces to count. Well worth the drive from Rhode Island. J.S., R.I.
A note to McIntosh from a satisfied Customer: I just thought i would drop you a line to tell you that I fullfilled a dream i had for about 15 years. I was able to afford some used McIntosh Gear from Audio Classics a few weeks ago. Sorry i could not buy new but it took me forever to be able to get whatI got. I know that new equipment sales keeps your company going of course, but for what I wanted it was just out of reach and I couldn't wait any longer to own a piece of McIntosh gear. I was able to pick up a MC352 and C41, and I can tell you that i am in heaven. I am hearing music I never heard before. These pieces have such musical presence it is unbelievable. There are just no words to explain the experience of hearing a McIntosh in your living room for the first time! It was worth the wait, and I would like to say thank you for being a fine company and making some of the most beautiful sounding and looking audio equipment on the planet. Again, I wish I could have bought new, but I was able to get some incredible equipment and start my McIntosh dream off on a good foot. I will some day build on my investment, and hopefully get myself a new MCD201 as soon as possible. Thanks again M.B. CT.
Just wanted to let you know that the McIntosh speaker relay I purchased arrived today and it is a thing of beauty. Perfectly packed, I might add! I can plainly see this is the start of a good business relationship. You kindness and professional advice are much appreciated. Looking forward to doing more business with your company very soon. Best Regards, C.P., TX
Most people take the time to vent their anger, but not many take the time to say thank you. I wanted to take a moment to let you know I got the Rotel reciever all hooked up last night. So far everything is working flawlessly. I actually got a chance to watch a movie and jam to some awesome sounding music. For the first time a smile came across my face. I really love my new gear. I'm very pleased with the overall performance. And I want to thank all of you for your help and cooperation. I did my best to remain calm and not be a pain in the butt.. I would not hesitate to recommend Audioclassics to any of my friends. I also realize that it was a Rotel issue. And I trust its now solved. Thanks again for everything. B.J., N.Y.
I wonder how many ways i can spell WOW!! I hooked up the amp last night, popped in Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, and just smiled. This amp did just what I hoped it would. I have Ascend Acoustics 340 SE's as my main speakers. With the more powerful McIntosh, these speakers just opened up. A friend of mine is a sound engineer and the one that pointed me to McIntosh in the first place. I call him my sound God, anyway, I asked him last night if it was possible for instruments to sound more "exact" for lack of a better word, with the new amp. He was surprised I could hear that, but told me that that was exactly what a good powerful amp does, back to smiling. I want you to know how truly appreciative I am for all your help and support with this purchase, I will most definitely be an Audio Classics customer from here on out. Although the grading on this amp was C-1, I'd be hard pressed to figure out why. The amp sounds and looks fantastic. Your packing was unbelievable, it took me an hour just getting it out of the box, tell the kids in shipping that this level of service just blows me away, they did a WONDERFUL job. Thanks again. When I finally decide to get a preamp, I will definitely be calling you guys. J.B, CA.
I've received, installed, adjusted & now I'm enjoying the GSA-700. I had to write and tell you it's a pleasure dealing with professionals. It shows in your presale testing, communications, packaging & shipping. I haven't seen this level of competence since my dealings with Pecar Electronics, in Detroit. I still miss my McIntosh stereo tube equipment & your sales brochure makes me drool. I'll have to resist. There's just so much I can do on a retirement income. F.D., MI.
Dearest Ernest, You are the best, the best, the best. You deserve a large raise and maybe a parade down main street Vestal. Thanks for the B & W 804s. They sound just great. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Whats next ? J.M., N.Y.
.... I have been dealing with ernie for a year now and have just recently become a customer of richs. I guess ive spent about 30K with you guys the past year. Ernie and Rich are just great guys to deal with, very helpful with product info and great with service. I cannot tell you what a great experience its been dealing with audio classics. J.M., FL.
MR-77 ARRIVED ! It came this week - looks and sounds great. Thank you for the terrific work. I can't believe how clean the unit looks. .... What care! And it shows. Thank you for the terrific service - and way ahead of schedule. J.H., NC
I bought a Classe cd player from you about 4 years ago, and I still love it. J.K., CT
.... I used to visit your store and drool all over the Mac's and killer guitars. Now I just have to settle for looking, ever so lovingly, at all your great equipment via the internet. My bro just scored a Mac off of eBay and he brought it down to you guys to check out. He said you guys were the best... you never charged him for replacing a couple of lamps and giving his piece the once over. Next major bonus I score, I'll be knocking on your front door with my list in my hand. Keep up the great work. R.P., IL
I just received the Phase Linear (5100-II). Thank you for the fast shipping. The item is exactly as described. Its OK for me. Thank you again for the kind communication. Best Regards. A.D., France
.... I bought my Mac MX-119 and MC-7106 amp from you! I am very pleased with my purchase. Thanks. J.C., CA
Thank you for the excellent product knowledge and customer service. I feel much more comfortable buying McIntosh than some other brand amplifier. W.S., IL
Thanks a lot for the shipment, all the articles are perfect, finally my system are perfect, still thanks. You are of the serious professionals. R.S., Italy
RE Ultrasound Amp: This amp looks brand new. I had to prove to my wife it's used. Are you trying to get me in trouble???? Thanks and way better than I expected. B.Y., PA
Just to let you know that the two AR speakers were just delivered safe and sound. This is one fantastic pair of speakers that will go well with the vintage AR-2 set that I already have. Should make for quite the surround sound setup! Thanks, and you can count me a happy customer. Regards, S.N., NM
I'm still enjoying the McIntosh C712, MCD7009 (still one of the nicest sounding CD players I have heard, even without "upsampling", etc.), MR7084 and 2x MC300 that I bought from you several years ago (thanks to Ernie Schleider for all the kind help and attention) ....Thanks for your help, and look forward to hearing from you. Best regards, J.B., Great Britain
Ernie did a great job of helping me out. The amp is insane, I am very pleased with it. Paired up with the C36 and the Chorus II speakers is a fantastic match. R.M. PA
I finally set up the MC352 this past weekend and it is truly rich to listen to. The clarity and warmth makes my speakers sound so much better. The hard quality is gone and definition improved. What a find! Thanks so much. I look forward to making further improvements at some point and I will call you then. D.I., CT
Got home on Saturday and setup immediately. Forget the bi-amping, the Rotel 1080 with the C34 is amazing. Big bass, clear mids and high end, and great warm sound. Couldn't be happier. Thanks for all your effort and help getting us back in the game... appreciate it much. It is a pleasure turning business into pleasure when working with people who are not just in it for the money, but truly enjoy seeing others happy to achieve a good sound. Thanks again. T.M. NY
I got the c-2200 installed and I could not be happier with the setup. I am totally thrilled with the MC-275, just like you said I would. Thanks again. J.C., NC
Quality is what sells, be it service, products or anything - and to me, McIntosh quality is legendary, not to mention the service and response. To this, I must add that Ryan of Audio Classics is one fine example of a highly customer oriented personnel. My deal with him on the MC2000 (and the MCD7005/MAC4100) in December/early January could not have beem more pleasant and joy! J.S., AudioKarma.com
..... my Audio Classics ACP-1 MC Phono Preamp showed up in excellent condition. It is working off of a rega turntable with a denon DL103D cartridge into a Mac 4100 used as a preamp to a MC2205 and what a difference the ACP-1 headamp has made.Vinyl never sounded sooo good!!!Thanks for the help and will doing business again soon. J.P., NY
.... I drove to New York to purchase a pair of KEF 105.2 speakers from you. Must be about five years now. I should have written sooner. Just wanted you to know all that has happened and how much I still enjoy them. So as one Hi-Fi fan to another, thankyou for all you folks did to complete my personal system. K.S. IA
I greatly appreciate all your personal attention in our recent purchase of the Scoutmaster Turntable. Yours and the staffs efforts, Id say, went far beyond what one usually expects, even from a firm that prides itself on customer service. When I reported back to you that the initial equipment I bought seemed to me to be less that we all had hoped for, you immediately acted and arranged for a replacement to be shipped to me, even before you received the explanatory note and equipment I returned to you. Its one thing to have a policy that the customer is always right, but far better, if you ask me, that the store and staff extends the same level of trust to the customers that it hopes to get from them. I surely will return to Audio Classics for my next equipment purchase. GV, NY
.... thank for nice job you have done this time and the last delivery wich have arrived in perfect condition. N.G., Italy
For used, do contact Audio Classics (price may be a little higher than the ones you get on eBay and the like) but services and quality should be tip top. Especially the service. I know cuz I have bought from them 2 items, the MCD7005 as well as a MAC4100 receiver. Hope you can find what you wanted from the website or better still, email Ryan and surely he will respond. J.S., AudioKarma.com
RE: McIntosh C2200 Clean, tight, transparent. What an improvement. Plus, beautiful piece of equipment. I listened to Low Spark. Wow. Also, very impressed with Steely Dan recordings. Listening to too much music. I keeps me off the streets. The DVD is pretty good. Almost HD quality. The TV sound is much improved going from the cable box to pre-amp Thanx againg for the great service and the DVD trial. G.Z., NY
I recently purchased a Boston Acoustics AVR7120 from you guys and Brian Smith has been fantastic in helping me figure out my setup. His help an assurance that we could figure out how to get my Bose 901s to work with the Boston Acoustics really sold me on the product and the assurance cinched the sale. L.O., NY
I value my McIntosh equipment beyond words. It is a huge leap of faith for me to leave my most valued possession in someone elses care. YOU ARE THE MAN!!!!! Thanks a million for fixing my baby. J.K.,
It was very nice meeting you, and getting to see your place of business. Being there, was like a Mac addicts version of what heaven must be like! I really hated to let my stuff go, but letting it sit idle, as it slowly would deteriorate, just didn't seem like the thing to do. I know that there are a lot of people who would like to have it, and I had so much pleasure listening to it, and just looking at it! It not only sounds beautiful, it is beautiful! As I said, some day I may come back at you for a 240! Once again, thank you very much. I am always checking your web-sight out, just to see what you have, so I'll continue doing that. B.D., MD
I received the Genz-Benz Black Pearl yesterday and played it ALL night(yawn). Best damn amp I've played in a long time.Love the triode/pentode option and the 2/4 tube option. The build quality and detailing are much better than other brands. Boutique quality. I'm playing it through some Celestions Blues and it couldn't sound better. The boost is amazing. ....This is like having three of my favorite amps in one box, and I've only scratched about 1/10 of the potential of this amp. Thanks again... J.T., NJ
Couldn't be happier with the AMP. I'd do business with you guys again any day of the week! T.H, MA
Just wanted to let you know that the guitar arrived in Scotland in the best of health. (My) Husband is so pleased that he didn't want to go to work this morning. ....Thanks again for everything. C.C. Scotland
A quick note to let you know the tuner arrived and to thank you for taking such good care in packing it. It sounds great with my 2205 amp and my old AR5 speakers ! D.B. Canada
Hi Mike, i got it! Its fantastic, seems to be perfect, like new, the package was incredibly strong and very safe, ... Thanks for the bulbs and for anythings...im excited!!! R.R., Italy
I recieved the Dynaco PAS Pre-Amp this weekend. Just another excellent condition piece from Audio Classic for my Dynaco collection. Interestingly enough, your Pre-Amp is nicer than most all of the E-Bay and Audiogon stuff Ive seen in the past 4 months. The biggest kicker is it was cheaper than all of theirs as well. Thanks again, M.T., MN
Received Cabinet for McIntosh Amp. Professional all the way. As described, well packaged and fast ship. Anyone considering buying high end audio equipment, without reservation, should buy from Audio Classics. Don't even consider Ebay. Thank you, J. L., MD
Wow, this thing is awesome ! I am a classically trained musician and have been in many performances as a student (for 6 yrs) and later, w/ major symphony orchestras (NY Phil, Phila, Pitt, etc) singing in the Westminster Choir and Mendelssohn Club - so I've heard music from both sides of the stage...... This is truly the last (sorry....) preamp (or amp) I will ever need. Surprised at the open/brightness of the upper mid-range and the incredible depth of soundstage. Very, very smooth w/ wonderful transient response !! Tubes just seem to have a much better sound at lower listening levels - or maybe it's the warm, smooth sound that seems to flow rather than jump out at the listener. Much thanks to you for your advice and to everyone at Audio Classics - once again the unit looks brand new ! If I ever recover from this gigantic expense - hey, musicians like high-end audio, gamblers like casinos ! Decided to use the MX-118 as my tuner - ever heard of a good indoor urban area antenna ? they all claim magical results, but none seem to deliver. Thank you again ! W.T., PA
I got the MC275 last night. W/o a doubt the best purchase I have ever made. It looks completely brand new. What a sound. I always heard that tubes "didn't do bass". No, that was wrong. I think I got another whole octave out of my speakers. Somehow my speakers sounded louder w/o actually being louder (spl meter verified). I can't wait to get home tonight and do some more listening...... I had bought parts and stuff from you guys b4. From now on, you guys are the only people I will buy anything from. Do you happen to sell groceries by any chance? L.J., TN
I have to give a MAJOR THANKS to Audio Classics. Today I bought a McIntosh my 1st one receiver MAC 4200. After hooking it up I could not believe the difference it truely is beyond my highest hopes.....all I can say is once you go Mac you never go back and please give me no cure. Audio Classics rated my receiver B1 there were absolutely no visible or electronic flaws. I would encourage everyone to visit Audio Classics, their product and staff are 2nd to none. I waited 32 yrs to own a Mac and I thank you for everything. Brian I do not know what you are getting paid but you are worth your weight in gold and thank you for your help in my purchase. D.P., N.Y.
I recieved my ST-70 earlier this week that I recently purchased. WOW!! what a Beautiful amp. I rubbed a bit of mothers polish thoughtout the the nickel finish and it looks brand new. Everything I have recieved from Audio Classics to date Vintage Mcintosh/Dynaco components have been outstanding in looks and performance. You guys do a great job in representing quality service, products, communications, shipping etc... Thats before I would even mention the outstanding shipping containers your business supplies. As I told you on the phone Mike. I, and many others could buy products from Ebay, but with the quality and care Audio Classics provides as a service, is a huge value add. Im done with on-line services. Been burned one too many times. Hopefully, Ill pick up a MC240 sooner than later. I imagine it will be a very nice one as well. Thanks again M.T., MN
You guys saved the day! As you probably know, we had Steve Agrisano here in Vestal big guy in his genre - Praise/Worship/Inspirational and he was separated from his guitar in some flight. Panic time, until we sent him .... over to Audio Classics. You guys took care of them, and they expressed over and over their thanks and appreciation to you. We all appreciate your professionalism and attention. Pass it on - thanks again. P.S., NY
Just received my Definitive Speakers via UPS. They look great, better than I expected. The purpose of my note is to commend whoever does the packing for shipping. Excellent packaging! The best Ive ever seen! My hats off to the shipping department. Thank you, T.D., MD
I've chosen Mcintosh first for sound,quality ,history,looks and convenience of my dealer ...Audioclassics.com. I live 1 hr away from both the factory and them! I bought my Mac gear from them used (MC 2102's, MC2000 amps,C2200 preamp,Rosewood Khorns,ect..)My C2200 went awry,I explained my problem to "Ryan" at audioclassics and he contacted Mcintosh,they never encountered the problem I described. I thought to myself "OH brother" NO stereo for awhile......WRONG!! Ryan drove down to my house with a Brand new factory sealed C2200 and said "here, its yours" and took the other one back. No, it was not a loaner but an exchange,what company or dealer does that??? Nuff said! Tjnif, Audiogon.com
I just want to say thank you for all your hard work at our home in the past few weeks. It is a joy to have a home theater. I have much to learn yet about the system. I truly appreciate all the work you went through in setting up the remote yesterday.... I look forward to getting together with you again in a little while after we have played with the system. Again thank you for all your hard work. Sincerely, A.P., NY
... thank you for the great guitar I now have in my hands hahahahaha!, It arrived brand new in perfect condition in thursday and I took it to a gig on friday, and its a wonderful guitar, the 7-string neck is more comfortable than I thought. ... Thank you very much for the great price and service, hope to make business again soon, you made a guitar player very happy!!! F.S., TX
Aside from his technical talents, Ryan Kilpatrick has got to be one of the best customer service people ever. He's he is such a relaxed, fun, cool guy to deal with. A real asset to Audio Classics. I hope to be just like him one day,...when I grow up!! Regards, D.W. , NY
(My wife) and I just wanted to thank you for spending so much time with us. Ive got the speakers hooked up to my MC2205 and they sound great! Well definitely be visiting you again sometime in the future. Again, thanks for all your time. D.B., NJ
I have got the parcel with the items. Thank you very much. It has been a pleasure to deal with you. Best regards from Spain, L.G.
I tell my friend, who also enjoys listening to my MC500s w/ the XR290s, how well you've treated me in all our business deals and adventures in audio.....I told him not to purchase anything until he speaks with a sales rep. from Audio Classics. He knows with a purchase like that, one needs good backing, strong support, and friendly service. Audio Classics brings all of that to the table and I'm very quick to remind him of that. W.M. WI
Excellent! Appreciate total truthfulness, expediency and customer-centric priority from Audioclassics. Thx j.h., IL
Got the CJ amp Today. Great unit. Thanks for everything. D.M. SC
Just wanted to send a quick thanks for the C11. It is beautful and sounds great...... Thanks again for your help. The work you all do with vintage gear is simply the best. S.A., OH
Received the Denon TU-767 in good order. Tuner is really exceptionally nice and Im well pleased with my first order from Audio Classics. I was particularly impressed in the care taken in the packing of what was not exactly a high dollar unit. Thanks. R.A., KY
It was a pleasure doing business with you. The receiver McIntosh 4275 is exactly what I expected it to be . Thank you very much! D.L., NY
Just a note to let you know I received the Marantz 10B tuner today without incident. It's perfect; it arrived in such great condition and so beautiful! You were right; Audio Classics certainly know how to pack up a tuner! The 10B is such a marvelous machine, and a pure joy to operate. Everything I imagined it to be, and more! Now I can enjoy, in the best style, what most likely will be the 'waning days' of analog FM listening in this country. Can't think of a better tuner to do this on than the beautiful Marantz 10B. Richard did a great job on this unit. It performs flawlessly, and sounds even better. In fact, I've never heard FM like this before! It's just amazing! I am happy. Again, thanks to you and Richard for this opportunity to own one of the world's best tuners in such excellent cosmetic and operating condition! R.H., CA.
I thought I would write and let you know that although I usually do not impress, I was completely blown away by your service and shipping. The packing job was as good as it gets. Triple boxing? Yikes. The attention to detail in the repairs was nothing short of astounding, right down to wrapping the cord properly and protecting the plug prongs. In running my company, I have always felt that going the extra mile helped ensure repeat customers who were beyond satisfied. Your customer service has ensured that when I buy Classic, or whatever, you guys will come to mind first. Thanks again...D.S., TX
We received the MX119 last evening. The unit arrived in "Outstanding condition". I carefully unpacked and proceeded to inspect the unit. All I can say it was packed at factory specifications. I read the book and followed instructions for a proper set up. My wife said to me what was the big deal, that it looked almost like my old equipment. I hooked all amps and SACD player, adjusted all settings and fired it up. We played the Eagles DVD Live Concert in DTS. It blew my wife's socks away (mine too). It's been so long I have heard anything like this. All I can say is WOW! 1000W RMS at .0025% distortion is out of this world. The MC2300 amp and 4 Hafler amps rocked. I stayed up late last night and came to work kind of tired, but it's been an experience I just can't describe. I hope the neighbors won't call the cops this weekend!! Yeah... Thanks again for your business. Can't wait to go home and play the other albums in my collection. I'll let you know when I'll be ready to put aside the 6 channel amp and the DVD/SACD player from McIntosh. Have a great weekend and thanks again! J.C., TX
wOW !!!!! What a fantastic job .., The piece never sounded better . makes my other mr-78 sound really distorted .. YOUR company really is the best I've had the experience to deal with ,THANKS for everything including the bulbs ...D.S., PA.
I recently bought a McIntosh 7270 power amp. It arrived in pristine condition and has performed flawlessly for a couple of weeks. If only one of the Audio Classics employees had arrived with the UPS truck, in order to carry the amp in and install it. By the time I lugged the 105 lb. parcel up two flights of stairs, I was sweating like Paris Hilton in a spelling bee. Audio Classics is the best! J.L., MI.
Just realized I totally forgot to thank you and Audio Classics for your exceptional service on my tuner last month. Not only were you guys quick and responsive, you actually fixed the problem! J.S., CA
Well, since no one has done it yet, I'll put my oar in the water for Audio Classics in Vestal NY, just a stone's throw from the McLaboratory facility. My first contact with them (and Ryan) was when I took two items to the McLaboratory for service and then decided to drop into Audio Classics to nose around a little bit. Well, two trade-in's and several other items later (on the same 1st visit), I started traveling the road to McNirvana with Audio Classics. Great people, great service, no pressure and true McAfficionados. Go see 'em if you have a chance. AudioKarma listing
I orded some McINTOSH parts from you today was very impressed with how you handle your self, thank you for the great service. I figured you guys were good when McINTOSH parts dept. said to call you... J.D., MI
Thanks for another great deal with Audio Classics. The Marshall amp head was packed to perfectionas usual. Best Regards, B.G., VT.
I got the guitar Monday, it is sweet,and plays excellently. The case is also a beauty.....color goes great with the guitar. I really appreciate the quality of the service I recieved from you as well,and will look to purchase more form you in the future. Thank again! R.F., OH.
Also, just a note to let you know how much I'm enjoying the MC-275II I purchased from you several months ago. I'm running it in mono with my other MC-275II driving Magnepan 3.6Rs. Wonderful H.F., FL
Im very happy with the service I received from your store and we are looking for a plasma tv so we may be back down there to see the one you have. Thanks again, B.E., NY
Thanks alot for sending those ML speakers. They were packed tighter than a bank vault. They sound really good with female vocals and classical music. In my trash talking circle of friends, I am once again the man. MO, AZ
Thank you! ....You guys did a great job and provided exceptional service and we are most grateful for that. ..... It looks like you found some long-time customers. R.K., PA
Its the little things that separate the great companies from the mediocre. I received the replacement outer box for the Mc252 today. I immediately noticed that it had the Serial Number sticker pasted to the outside and not just a blank space. Thanks to you and McIntosh for this little touch that makes all the difference. C.K., PA
Just received my MQ 109B. Thanks for the fast delivery, expert packaging and top class service. I sure will do business with you again in the future. E.Y., Taiwan
I just wanted to drop you a quick email and say thanks again for the great deal with the Fender Blues Junior. I have been playing it almost non-stop since I got it and I really love it. Tubes will always be the way to go! T.D., NY
Thank you so much for working with me on this...and I'll be emailing Ryan a big "thank you" also for all of his consideration in this matter. AC is number one in my book and I'll keep coming back for more! Is George your relative? George did a terrific job of finding the gremlins in a Mac 250 power amp I bought in January...he is a genius and can fix anything, that's for sure! It now sounds amazing! Again, thank you for everything! S.T., PA.
I just wanted to thank you for your time in answering our questions, and providing us valuable insight into the home theater market. Your answers and insight has been very valuable... Thank you for your time again. J.V. NY
I finally set the Odysseys up. They sound AMAZING. I'm VERY happy with my purchase and look forward to dealing with you in the future. Thanks for everything, D.K., TX
I would only consider buying from Audio Classics --- you get to deal with a business with a very solid reputation on this forum, and you know that the unit you are buying has been properly restored. AudioKarma.com listing
I received the DBX 400X route selector. The item was in excellent condition, packing was was great also. The Unit was just as descibed. You guys are very professional !!!! I look foward in doing business with yall again. Until next time take care. Thank you D.L., NY
Thank you for the wonderful deal you gave me on the Mac MR77 tuner it is just great! The overall sound of this tuner is just outstanding; surely the best Ive ever heard! It goes nicely with the MC250 / MX 115 combo for my vintage system and I will of course be using the 88 with the mighty MAC6900 if I can ever get away from this beautiful 60s sound generated by these components! As usual you came up with a sweet deal my budget could handle I am most pleased to be a steady customer at Audio Classics; everyone there has done well by me and the service you guys provide is top shelf thanks for all the assistance you, Ryan, and George have given me!Thanks again! S.T., PA
I'm oversatisfied with my 3 Mc I've bought you last 3 months and with Audioclassics (and Mike in particular). J.A. France
thank you for the great service, quick responses, and fast shipping! am loving the 3.3s. K.K., NY
Just wanted to say how pleased I am with how things turned out on the Mac tuner and amp. Got everything hooked up and the system never sounded better. Your packaging for return shipment of the amp and tuner was super. My thanks to everyone at Audio Classics who made this happen. Hope to work with you folks again. J.D., MD
MC500 is slightly older, (1994-1999) and, of course, a bit more powerful, but the MC352 had the Quad-Balanced design that the MC500 lacked. This gives you even lower distortion and better S/N, and is the standard design for our bigger amps today. The MC352 was our best selling amp through out it's model life and Audio Classics offers a kit to convert it to the Fiber optic/LED lighting so the bulbs wont burn out. Unless you have a very inefficient speaker that needs the extra watts of the MC500, I would go with the 352. Chuck Hinton of McIntosh Tech Support
You came through again! Setup sounds great. Thanks for all of your help. Will certainly call back as my needs arise down the road! B.C., NY
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful service you provided when my Mac 250 started to act up in a rather mysterious fashion. I picked it up at Audio Classics on March 1st and have been running it ever since and it has been truly fixed! You did a great job on this unit! I have turned it on and off repeated times and have run it for hours on end and I can truthfully say that it sounds better than it did when I first bought it.... The 250 does in fact sound tubey and somehow really the La Scalas sing...and I am most pleased to have this beautifully rebuilt unit in my amplifier stable I really appreciate the time and effort you put in the 250 redo and the fact that you telephoned me to help get to the heart of the problem really shows how much you care for the welfare of the client. Audio classics is very fortunate to have you to turn to when the going gets rough and a component needs that special someone who knows the ins and outs of all the Mac devices from the tube era on up to today and you are that man! Thanks again for solving an enigma and returning a classics piece of audio to the land of the living. S.T., PA.
I think I have to agree, however, that Audio Classics is hard to beat. I have never been there (I plan to make the pilgrimage to the Bing this summer), but they have serviced two of my units and did a great job and were a pleasure to deal with. another AudioKarma.com posting
However, you won't go wrong dealing with Audio Classics. Great place - great service, great people. Too bad there can't be an Audio Classics where everyone lives! AudioKarma posting
Just received my new all wood cabinet from "Audioclassics".Very nice,solid tiger maple,finished in a nice dark stain.Installed it on the Mac and it looks like a million bucks.A vast improvement over the original.Good price $149 plus shipping,a little over $220 CANADIAN at my door,10 days,just thrilled. Thanks all at Audioclassics.If you have a MAC4100, look seriously into this it is worth it,a classic receiver now better! B.R. Canada
AudioClassics treats you right even if you buy a McCarAmp like I did from them....they took care of the repair and packed it like it was the last kidney available. AudioKarma listing
....I received yesterday ..... my wood cabinet (L52) and it's just wonderful, ......your kindness and patience through the transaction and we want you to know we appreciate it. Thanks to Audioclassics and to you Ryan. J.R. Dominican Republic
Thanks for the help with my system. You sold me a MC275-IV to go with my C2200......I love this combo. I will stop in and spend more money next time... T.A., NY
....you absolutely cannot do better than Audio Classics. Make it a special trip, stay overnight, tour the McIntosh factory, audition to your heart's content. They'll treat you like a McPrince! It's all part of the special McIntosh experience AudioKarma Posting
Audio Classics can't be beat for customer service, selection and trades in the NE area. I drive from VT to Audio Classics which is a six hour drive and worth the trip. As suggested above make a day trip or an overnighter, bring some CD's, listen to every combination of gear and tour the McIntosh factory. AudioKarma Posting
Re McIntosh MC2120: Got it all hooked up and I am listening to Miles Davis Kind of Blue while Im writing this, and man does it sound great! .... thanks again for all of your help. M.P., TN.
Just wanted to thank you for all your help. The new system sounds great! D.E., N.Y.
Re PMC DB1+ & Cayin A70T: Well, it has been about 2 weeks since I installed my new amp and speakers. At first I must admit I was sort of disappointed. For the first 1/2 hour I thought oh god I just bought a 2.5 thousand dollar Kraco. Apparently tubes take a while to warm up / break in or something?.... It took me a while to "settle in" to the music to actually realize just how clear it was. Very enjoyable! ANY defect in recording is illuminated with a big bright flashlight with this system. As if the speakers shine a light on it and say 'look, there it is, there is the recording flaw!" .... Wow! The sound stage is amazing! The thing that most impressed me was the way the system reproduces voice. It is if the person is standing in front of you singing. Thank you for you input and help on this. It is a fine system. I am very happy with it. R.P., WA.
Custom Install: I stopped by the house last night and everything looks good! Thanks .... for accommodating our tight schedule. D.B., N.Y.
Klipsch Heresy II: ....at first I was a little disapointed, but the more I listened, the better I like them. After a full weekend of listening, all I can say is, "Thanks", glad we did business. It was a long ride but worth it to me, and in the end, I got what I wanted, and they are brand new, not used. Thanks again, you were the difference in this purchase. You took took the time to respond to my E-mails, treated me like a customer should be treated, a good transaction all around.I will not hesitate to tell other people about Audio Classics, and recomend you handle any questions they may have. Keep up the good work. Maybe someday I'll be back looking for some Mac equipment to drive my speakers. Thank You for your help. R.D., NY
i just finished hooking up the 2155, 831 and a mx113 to a 603 set of b&ws. The equipment sounds great. I want to thank you once again for your help in setting up my systems. thanks again. J.M., N.Y.
You do not know what a purchase of my first McIntosh means for me . I always had a dream to have it since I loved music and smuggled some McIntosh brochures. Living in communist era in Czechoslovakia it was not possible even think about to own one of these even I had a Master degree in Metallurgy (salary $120 / month) . Defected in 1986 and after spending 10 months in a refuge camp in Europe. Only after 3rd interview Canada accepted us . So we landed with three suitcases in Toronto in April 1987 and came to USA in 1991and became citizens in 2003. We love old America . I love "Made in USA". My wife is a piano teacher (and we are) both are looking forward (to the) MAC6500 as well because we collected about 2,000 LP's since we are in the states. We will always listen to LP's when we will be dinning at our house. In other words my dream came through. Thank you personally for serving me with your knowledge and thank you Audio Classics that they exists and serve people in a very pro way. You are doing a good name for this country in the entire world which is very necessary because this great country has so many enemies inside and outside. Thank you again and please give my compliments to your President and the whole management. God bless America. T.O., OH
It's almost like Mac captured the best of tubes and solid state in the C41. Really impressive!! One again, thanks mucho for putting me on to this unit. I'm coming back for more. R.B., N
I don't know if Ryan expected to spend time on the phone with someone who only bought a couple of capacitors, but he's been very good with his time.T.B., CA
....I love you guys, and recommend you on every forum I can. The car audio stuff seems like it could be more of a hassle to sell, so I appreciate the fact that you do- even though I've grown beyond the hobby. All it took was hearing a good two channel system to realize an automobile can't compare acoustically. J.M., IN
Just wanted to thank you all for the excellent service given to me this week..., with my puchase of the Martin Guitar. Great Prices and Great service is truly hard to find these days...A special Thanks ..... for showing me every available DX-1 in in stock. The guitars were all nice, but it was that last one we opened that sealed the deal. Thanks. B.V. NY
Received the McIntosh gear as you promised and in outstanding order. Wired it all up last night...it sounds incredible. In my 38 years of buying audio I've never been treated as well and professionaly as you and your organization treated me. Thanks for all your help. Looking forward to more business with you and your company. R.P., AL.
WARNING -- entering the inner sanctums (sanctii?) of Audio Classics can lead to uncontrollable desires! I have been a very bad boy lately (and likely worse to come). There's all that lovely McBlue lighting on the McGoodies - and they make fine music as well. Seriously, they treat you like to want to be treated. Don't miss the chance to see them if you can. C.K., PA.
Received Speakers Today!!! Super Packing Your the Best!!! Do Business Anytime!!! Thanks A.L.,AK
I recieved my mr66 tuner today, I love it. Since I did not spend megabucks for the tuner I was worried about the condition of the tuner. I am totally satisfied!!!.. Condition C4 was very misleading. The unit is very clean with very minor pitting and operational.It will need a tuning and some new caps. As funds allow I will buy again from you folks. A.E., KS.
MAC 1700. (The tuner in that thing is incredible!) Anyway, with the MAC1700 driving my ancient Klipsch Cornwalls and the MAC4100 driving the old Klipschorns in my second system I have an embarassment of sound riches thanks to you - much appreciated! C.G., IL
I'd like to thank you for all your help in my recent purchase of the MC275II and the cabinet The amplifier and new cabinet are in magnificent condition, better than I had anticipated, and I particularly appreciate you sending the new cabinet and a pickup for the old one at your expense. I am running both of my MC275IIs in mono, driving Magnepan 3.6Rs, and the sound is wonderful. I wasn't sure how much difference it would make, but it is significant. Thanks again. It is indeed a pleasure to do business with professionals such as AudioClassics. H.F., FL.
...I am very, very happy about my trade/purchase .... two Dynaco Mark III power amps. I got them today. I have owned many of these MKIII's over the years as well as Mac MC-30's, 60's, A-116's. The two MK III's I got were better than I expected! I put them into my sound system today and... how they sound really GREAT! These sound like new Dynacos. The MKIII's sound as good or better than the solid-state QSC HD1450 commercial 240 Watt per channel solid state amps I had in place before! A.S., OK
I just received the McIntosh gear.... I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how incredibly well I was treated by Frank Gow. He did an outstanding job of providing me with "best-in-class" service. I wish all my buying experiences were as good as what I just experienced with Frank and your company.Again, many thanks and congratulations on maintaining such an outstanding organization.I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. Thank you. R.P., MI
Thiel CS3.6, MC352, C2200, MVP831, VPI Scout. Let me tell you the Thiels sound unbelievable with the 352, I kept reading that the 3.6's need huge amounts of power and current... they take every bit of the power that the 352 delivers while sounding effortless... I sit only 5 feet away from them with the meters approaching 350! I could never feed my KEF Reference 3-2's even half this amount. And the Thiel customer service is second to none. Anyway, thought you would be interested in how well these speakers do with McIntosh components. Now all I have to do is buy another MC352 to run bridged mono! Thanks, B.F., OH
.... you guys are the best I have ever dealt with, and you can be sure that i will never buy equipment from anybody else but you guys in the future! Warmest Regards, B.O., VA
Thank you for working through this for me. I really appreciate working with someone, such as yourself, who asks takes personal and professional pride in their job. It seems to be occurring less and less (maybe I'm getting more cinical), but it is a wonderful experience when it occurs! D.W., OH
.... I just wanted to say that the MR78 is absolutely fantastic in every way. Since I unboxed it, believe it or not we've put over 200 hours on it, running almost 24/7 in my studio, making these endless long hours bearable! Incidently, this one is the best sounding MR78 I've heard-and I've heard some damn good ones... Thanks again for the "deal"-whatever it ultimately cost me, it's worth it. Till the next transaction- B.C., CA
I wanted to say thanks a million yesterday for really taking the time to answer my questions. ..... that kind of gesture that will insure that all of my music related buisiness will be in your store. Thanks again. T.A., NY
I just wanted to thank you so much. This DVD player is fantastic. I'm really thrilled. The picture is so much better and the sound is phenomenal. You really steered me in a great direction and I'm really appreciative. T.A., NY
ML1 safely reached me today. Thank you variously. Because this is an amplifier which I had been looking for since before, I wish to express my gratitude very gladly.T.N., Japan
....thought it's time to let you know how pleased I am with my most recent purchases from AudioClassics. The addition of another MC352 and the Kubala-Sosna "Fascination" interconnects have transformed my already superior McIntosh system into one that is just magnificent! There is no other word to adequately describe it! It has become, quite literally, a whole new system. Everything I listen to is like hearing my CD's for the first time. While I was initially skeptical of the Kubala-Sosna interconnects as their first impression was one of being rather harsh and bright, they have quickly mellowed to where they help present the music with previously unheard levels of clarity and detail. As trite as the expression always sounds in those stereo product reviews, I am now truly hearing detail that I had never heard before. They are simply amazing interconnects! And, as Brian said during his installation, the presentation is "solid"...another word befitting the sound is "authority." This "solid" presentation is apparent no matter if I'm rocking with "Chicago" or enjoying Michael Buble or Andreas Bocelli. Lastly, Brian did his usual outstanding job of installing the bi-amping and the new interconnects. Everything came together without difficulty and worked splendidly from the moment we powered up the system. Thanks for your always reliable guidance in my journey with AudioClassics, McIntosh and now Kubala-Sosna. B.R., N.Y.
I originally wanted to write to you today to let you know what a great experience I had in your store today. Ryan changed out some bulbs on my C200 this morning and did a first class job. Ryan was extrememly friendly and was just so polite. In addition, everyone in the store was just very pleasant and of course you were nice enough to offer me some lunch. It's just great to have such great people in the world. I enjoyed my morning at Audioclassics and will certainly recommend the store to anyone who wants 1st class service and products. A.A., N.J.
I think you should know on my first order to me your crew has aquired a new customer. I am impressed. Rick is just great. I have never rec'd anything this well packaged. If the UPS plane had crashed and not burned this guitar would have survived I'm sure. No more musicians friend or music 123. You were $100.00 less than both and they were both out of stock. I'm retired from public services after 45 years, I operated like you. Anyone can sell a product but you have to be a good human being to sell service. And your character is reflected by your staff. Thank You one and all!!!!!!!!! W.A.,OH.
...I received the MC2002 last night. It was in excellent condition, as billed, and is functioning superbly. I especially appreciate the benchtest performed prior to its being sent out, ensuring its extremely low distortion at the rated power levels. Also phenomenal was the rapidity of this transaction, the terrific packing job done before the unit left your warehouse, and your polite, helpful interactions on the phone with me. Thanks again...it was a pleasure doing business with you!! -A.G., OH.
...the shipping container was great and the sub arrived in great shape; you guys put everyone else to shame in packing. You guys are always wonderful to deal with and I am only too glad to send you the requested shipping funds. K.C., KS
You ARE the MAN! Scott tuner arrived safe and sound, and I'm pleased with the physical condition. B.H., MA.
We had an absolutely wonderful time! Thank you! It was great to collect my new gear, oogle your showrooms, talk to other enthusiasts (without a requirement for absolute truthfulness), and, of course, the Mc tour. We loved it! Thanks again. (We)... really like the way your firm does business and hope to darken your doorstep more in future. You guys are great. Thanks again and let's keep in touch. C.K., PA
Dan did a great job...the system is working perfectly...great picture/great sound. K.H., NY
Thanks, received driver today- you guy's are good !! J.D., NY
I unpacked it (good job bubblewrapping) and the pieces look great, just what I was looking for. Thanks again! N.R., PA
I purchased Paradigm PS1000 from audioclassics.com. From beginning to end, the service I received from the sales and shipping staff was outstanding. Brian Smith was knowedgeable, pleasant and helpful. The item arrived packed better than anything I have ever purchased by mail. Dick is to be commended. I look forward to recommending your site to friends and family. J.C., N.C.
If I were more ambitious or industrious, I would figure this out for myself, but can you tell me if there is a vehicle for expressing my satisfaction with my purchase and dealings with you? This transaction was 100% in all respects. J.A., CA
My Adcom GTP450 arrived safely today. Beautifully packed! I hooked it to my Adcom GFA535-II, and it works perfectly. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Hope to have further dealings with you in the future. (eBay scares the willies out of me, too many horror stories) G.C., OH
I just want to thank you and Audio Classics for keeping your web site accessible to people using screen readers and other adaptive technology. As a consequence, I determined that I wanted to do business with your establishment. I had my MR78 modified and bought a turntable. The local McIntosh dealer here in my area did not answer email inquiries from me and their web site is virtually useless to screen reader users. E.W., MI
Wanted to Thank You ....when I picked this up, Again great service..Dan is Lotsa fun too. D.W., NY
Wanted to let you know I have received the amp in excellent condition as described. Thank you very much. T.M., TN
I bought an Audio Research Classic 30 from your place thru Frank. I would like to complement Audio Classics to have a professional guy like Frank. He was knowledgeable, courteous and honest. The merchandise is equally pleasing, near mint and the packing is better than the factory can provide. My friends already know where to buy, Audio Classic.com E.S., CA
i recently ordered a replacement glass faceplate for a C27 preamplifier.it arrived VERY WELL packed and in perfect condition. thanks for the extra care in packaging. it was very impressive. G.M., WA
I received my Guitar today, exactly as you described, I am very happy with my new toy, it rocks (in a bluesy way). Love your work R.L. Australia
Thank you and all people from ACL alot for your support. It was a real rocky start, but I've got a happy ending now. Definitely if I consider buying used equipment again, ACL would be my first stop shop. V.N., Vietnam
...thank you for your reply. If everyone was aware of you and this type of service, I'm not sure that you or Audio Classics could keep up with all the business. B.M., TX
Thanks for following up with the info on my equipment (MC2205 and C28). You might be surprised at how few places have the selection of equipment I am used to, can repair what I already have, and where the people are friendly and actually know what they are talking about. I look forward to doing more business with Audio Classics in the future. Thanks again for your help. J.M., NJ
.... it's a real pleasure watching dvd's with the MVP842 you sent me. I thank you again for the advice. What a great picture and sound !! Y.S., France
I once again learned my lesson. Bought two pieces of junk off the internet, and threw both in the garbage. The adcom unit works like a charm. Once again Audio Classics comes through. With Best Regards, S.M., PA
....I must admit I have been to your web sight many times but I usually backed off because of the prices. Well, I couldn't seem to find the Mac case in the condition I was looking for on the other web sights so I took a chance and ordered a L-52 rated as "good" condition and paid what I thought was too much. I got it about a week ago and finally unpacked it. WOW...if this is what you call good, I can only imagine what you call excellent or mint. I will be ordering again... ... Please feel free to pass this along to your employees. They deserve a pat on the back too...again, thanks for a great product... L.S., TX
I wanted to convey my thanks all of your help/advise and I wanted to say that I look forward to a continued relationship with your business. You have been quite helpful, courteous and professional. Ive enjoyed our discussions and look forwards to future purchases as my means evolves to match my desires, and as your inventory may provide in the future. L.D., MO
I want to thanks you and McIntosh experts for the fast and good service. Another reason to buy from your company. E.M., Italy
I want to thank you for the curteous service extended to me and my wife while I visited your store .... I have been dealing with your company for over ten plus years and find your group of people rare in the industry. Once again I want to thank you for securing the glass plate for my MC 6200 and bringing back its beauty. I also want to thank you for arranging the tour of the MC plant and various production stages, WOW.... I wll continue to be a loyal MC user for the rest of my life and other members of my family who owen MC equipment.... Terrific tour hosted by Barbara!!! L.A., NY
First I've got to tell you I love the "look"of your internet site. Very nicely done! M.G., www
Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed talking with you Friday afternoon. Both you and Frank are one of the main reasons I keep coming back to Audio Classics. I haven't got a lot of money to spend and I appreciate your patience in answering all my questions. You are both a "class act" Thank you, P.E., NV
Im usually good at thinking of words for songs, but there arent enough words to describe how thankful I am for all youve done for me. Whether its helping me sound got at the art walks, buying my first Taylor and especially my T5, or just the usual check-up, you have been a great friend to know. I always look forward to coming back to Audio Classics to see you (even if my guitar is broken and Im in a panic). So thank you very much! J.G., N.Y.
Wow,....Cool Remote...I can't believe what I'm hearing from this Krell Amp! D.W., NY
yesterday i received the two amplifiers : they are wonderful !! Not only that, they are in EXCELLENT condition, look like new. Many thanks to you and Audio Classics for your spendid customer relations and service. You were so sincere, courteous and helpful. Thank you very, very much for your excellent services.G.P. Italy
i just recived my order from your co. and just wanted to tell you how happy i am. brian was very helpfull and a pleasure to work with ,your shipping dept. did a great job packing the two mcintosh speakers whitch arrived on time. i look forward to doing bus. with your co again. GOOD JOB ALL. thank you W.B., MI.
...Just wanted to drop you a short thank you message. I've been enjoying my Pioneer CT-05D, and it works like a charm. It's been good doing business with you. I've enjoyed the short messages that you sent me. They made me feel welcome. Again, thank you. M.M., WA
.... it has been quite a process of buying speakers from Audio Classics and getting them repaired correctly, I have to say that Audio Classics lived up to their word in standing behind their products. I feel very fortunate, in spite of it all, to have met you and your staff even though I've had less than a perfect first transaction with Audio Classics. I would buy again from Audio Classics. In fact, I know I will. And I will tell my friends about you too. I love my Ohm Acoustics speakers very much. S.W., IN.
.... the Amplifiers arrived. Great condition,(The packing), not a mark.....four,(4), cartons on one skid,..very nice, very clean, and safe. Thanks to Audio Classics Logistics System,,(selecting BAX), and for the professional job of protection. Thanks to You and the personnel at Audio Classics for making this first-ever purchase a good one.., and perhaps a model for things to come. D.F., OH
Thanks alot. It is a great pleasure to deal with you and buy stuff from you. You are a very nice person and your company is highly recommended. B.N., NJ
I would like to send my compliments and sincere thanks to Mr. Frank Gow. First he was instrumental in assisting me with the sale of my speakers then was very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to picking my stylus and speaker-separating switch. In all Mr. Gow made it a pleasurable experience. Finally, Id like once again to thank Audio Classics and Mr. Frank Gow for all your expertise and fast service and also let you know that I do hope you consider Frank a valuable asset to your organization. R.P., N.J.
Well I don't know what to say, except just thanks TO YOU. A friend of mine in the USA had recommended Audioclassics to me, the least I can tell is I am impressed by the quality of your service and your professional attitude.Gratefully yours,JJ, Switzerland
Thank you Thank you Thank you Audio Classics have a reputation, which in my case proved so on the spot, I am really greatful for all you guys. Y.G. Israel
Hooked unit up to some speakers and sounds great. However, I feel that if it was not for your company I would have purchased a piece of junk. This unit was advertised on e- bay as perfect and by reading your tech's evaluation I know it was, at best, less that perfect. Once again your original e-mail saved the day because the amp is perfect now and I will enjoy it. Best wishes! E. M., TX
... once again I must express many many thanks to you. You are awfully good to me. Forgot to mention the Sony tube is fantastic, even on our crappy cable! TS
Many thanks to you and Audio Classics for your spendid customer relations and service. You were so sincere, courteous, helpful and patient and the service work done on my McIntosh pieces was outstanding. I certainly feel comfortable and confident doing business with ... Audio Classics. R.B. , AK
Thanx for having such a great online business. I appreciate your opinion of timeless quality in equipment. H.E., NV.
Either I don't have "golden ears", or McIntosh speakers are just plain underrated! G.B., MI.
Yesterday I received the Klipsch Quintet speakers and they are really great! Not only that, they are in EXCELLENT condition, look like new, in the original package. I am really impressed from the quality of your service. Consider me as a standard customer for future buys from now on. D.M. U.K.
I've been dealing with you guys now for about 6 or more years and can honestly say "you're the best".S.D.,NY
I wanted to drop you a quick note to commend the staff of Audio Classics for the service I received this fall.. . The amount of time and effort that Bill in particular has spent helping me to assess my needs, purchase and get up and running a piece of equipment that is at the lower end of the spectrum of what Audio Classics sells is simply beyond description. I am amazed at the level of support I have received from the staff there. After my experience this fall I cannot conceive of purchasing my audio equipment from anywhere else. Oh, and I got the unit up and running last night and have been neglecting work, food and my girlfriend ever since. It, too, is amazing. A.S., NC
Got the unit. Awsome packaging. Thanks again. J.W.,AL
You guys are absolutely the best at what you do. Over the years I've had you service some equipment as well as making purchases from you, and I've always been more than satisfied. I purchased a glass front for a MC67 tuner and could not believe that there was a place that carried such a part. I also had the pleasure of coming up there one day in 97 and met everyone. It was delightful. So, continue the excellent service..... S.D., NY
I talked to "you" earlier today, and all I can say is, Thank You, for treating me like someone who is filthy rich.. even though I don't have "lots" of money to spend, I felt like someone important.... Thank You for your help, I look forward to doing business with your company, because I can literally save around $1000 to $2000 on my future purchases... AF, OH
I love this website. The many times I have contacted you about pricing and availability of equipment you have replied with a lot of patience. Thanks for your past replies.J.B.,PR.
Have purchased McIntosh from Audio Classics and am a long-time McIntosh fan. LOVE the website. Very nice. Very creative. Beautifully done. Thanks for the classy experience. J.W., WA
I wanted to mention how much I like to visit your website. It is unmatched in regards to the number of high quality products that you offer. B.V., www
I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your help in purchasing a new subwoofer. I am very happy with my new subwoofer. Ernie's technical advise on placement and tuning were critical and my home theater sounds great. I'll send everyone I know looking for great audio and video in to see you... B.G., NY
I recently purchased Speakers from you and they have worked out great. Thanks P.B., NJ
Congratulations on your site. It is a beauty indeed!! Very nice. By the way, I'm very happy with the McIntosh CD player I got from you a few years ago. M.B., NY
I received the microphone this morning. Thank you very much in the quick sending-off and the elaborate package. This microphone sounds great with my harmonica. I will use it in my CD recording on May. Thank you very much! E.F.
I have bought several items from Audio Classics. All have been better than represented to me by Audio Classics. I have purchased repair parts and they have been correct, arrived promptly, and fixed my problem, which was not a McIntosh unit purchased from them. Highly satisfied with their phone contacts, prices, and packing/shipment methods. Nice people, too R.C.,CA. I recently purchased a woofer for an AR speaker from your company. It sounds great, and thanks again. M.C., NJ.
so, so, much thanks to you for all your guidance, education, opinions, and listening to me babble on and on. Your unselfish assistance has provided me the opportunity to acquire a most proud and extremely cherished McIntosh collection of which I enjoy daily from the moment I enter my home until the time I leave for work. I thank you so much for this opportunity to own the best there is and not letting me make major errors in purchases. J.P.,MA.
I would like to thank you again for all the trouble you have gone through in securing the Lexicon and Sunfire for me. I have dealt with companies in the New York area for the past 25 years and generally would have to deal with very rude sales rep's that would leave a bad taste in my mouth. You have dealt with me in a very professional and friendly manner and never once have I felt pressured. I look forward to dealing with you in the future. MF, CA.
Believe me, if I knew anybody with audiophile tendencies, I'd send him your way. My "journey" into this world of critical listening has been made most enjoyable by .... Audio Classics! I must imagine that many of your personal customers are as loyal as me: these are large purchases that require 100%comfort and trust. And that's what you provide, along with a lifetime of experience sorting through all the static of high-end audio to find the kernel of truth.J.M.MD.
I was asked how many stations I get by a guy here at work. So, I counted. 38 !!! I live in a suburb north of Detroit about 12 miles. I get a Flint station @ 45 miles away in clear stereo and one from Lansing, tho only in mono @ 75 miles away. Yes, I said 75 miles away! Unbelievable! G.K.,MI
BTW, Ryan Kilpatrick at AudioClassics is a great person to deal with. Thank you very much for all your help in this matter. I look forward to future business with your company. A.K., PA.
Believe me, I WOULD NOT HESITATE buying anything from you, as you are the best.J.W., WA.
Just a quick note to tell you that my McIntosh system seems to have continued to improve even after we last talked several weeks ago. It is a pure delight to listen to and my wife and I keep it on for several hours every day. We love the balanced sound from the speakers... When passing through the room the equipment is located in, I often stop and stare at the system and watch the meters on the amp...don't know why, but I just do!.... we are just thrilled with the system. Looking forward to doing more McIntosh business with you.... But what am I buying next? Thank you so much for bringing so much listening pleasure into our family. B.R.,NY
I`ve received VIMAK preamp today. I`m satisfying its sound against my accuphase dc-300 preamp. Especially lifelike dynamic sound is best I`ve heard from my system. And, of course, reasonable price even for shipping. H.M.,Japan
Thank you and your team for the gracious welcome and attention during my visits. It sure looks like you all make for a fun and rewarding place to spend your day -- also, very professional. Thank you again. G.E., NY
Thanks ...for the welcome and tour of Audio Classics.... Your store is a special place amongst audio enthusiasts and is a link to a generation of electronic marvels that will not re-appear! ........I was in awe at the selection and pristine quality of the array of equipment that I had the pleasure to view. C.O. Canada
I am very pleased with my mids. Thanks for all your wonderful help. J.B, CA
....I gave your name as a contact reference to a gentlemen ..... (He) is building a new home ..... and is looking to put together a nice Home Entertainment System. I mentioned the excellent help that you provided to me and how pleased I have been with the equipment that you have sold me. A.K. PA
Just ordered the cage. You have a wonderful staff there. You should double whatever you're paying them ;-) C.H. CA
I really appreciate your attention to detail, your wonderful courtesy, and your professionalism. It's a real pleasure to do business with Audio Classics. It's about as stress-free an experience as any audiophile could ever hope for in the very stressful decision-making processes involved with the never-ending quest for top audiophile gear. Thanks again. T.D. TX
Thanks so much for the Sound Technologies equipment, the 10B cabinet, and the manuals. All excellent and much appreciated! .... Your site's excellent, one of my favorite places to shop! D.D.,GA.
My wife and I want to thank you for the personal tour of the McIntosh factory. ....we were impressed with the personal tour...we now certainly appreciate the hand-built nature of the product. We continue to love our McIntosh system. Again, thanks for .....the musical pleasure you have helped to bring into this home. B&G.R., NY
Frank - It's really a "doubled cheer" to reach you through your receptionist "AnneMarie"... what wonderful fun and delight under one roof. Both of you (and even the "on hold" waiting routine!) are a gift and blessing to look forward too! Thank you for being there for me as I skip through the blurred speed of technology with your trusted counsel in understandable phrases. DD, IA
Thanks Brian. I really appreciate your efforts. Look forward to my next purchase. R.W., IL
I love your on hold commercial....I laughed so hard tears was in my eyes...In these times of disasters that our country is facing anything that will get someone to laugh is a God send...Thanks and God bless you all!!!! W.H., NC
Thanks for you fast attention. That kind of detail, along with the mountains of sweet stuff you guys carry, is what differentiates a class act store like your from the E deals and discount stores that I normally have to deal with.D.O., CA
I purchased from your company in the past a (Classic 30 ARC) amplifier. It turned out to be a very musical and trouble free. X.G., CA.
I just wanted to take a minute to say that I am so glad I bought the amps from you. When the sale is smooth anyone can do ok.....what separates the stars from the small guys is how you respond when there is a problem. You could not have done better! It is not humanly possible. Thank you again!! L.M, FL
I was up half the night listening to the STAX. Easily the best speakers I have ever had in my home. They sound very much like my QUADS, but the soundstage is larger and more life-size and the bass response is far better. Thanks for all your help. C.O., PA
I've purchased from you in the past and your company is simply the best.J.B., CA.
"Thanks" for the TOSlink cover. It's little things like that make the system really complete and actually fun to be a return customer.T.G., OH
..... thanks again for all your help. I am really pleased with my first Audio Classics experience and wouldn't hesitate from buying from you again! K.K.Canada
...... thank you very much! Your customer service has not gone unnoticed, and once I settle up with the Tax man on April 15th and have $ to spend again, I'll be back in pursuit of hi-fidelity! WTS, MA.
Hi! Thanks for all your help during my recent visit. EVERYONE was so nice, friendly, and professional. J.F., PA.
Re: Krell KBL: The pre-amp arrived today and sounds great! T.M.,DE
I received the drivers yesterday. They look and sound great! Thanks again for a job well done. S.S., NJ
Thank you, Frank. I truly appreciate how reponsive, efficient and cordial you've been in all our dealings. Audio Classics is very fortunate to have you on board, and the audio enthusiast community is very fortunate to have a company like Audio Classics.R.A., NY
First Class Operation---not many like you left in the world! J.G., TX.
I just tried and everything works just beautifully. Looking forward new businesses with you and Audio Classics, the both have proved to be very sensible to Customers. All the best. D.D.C., Italy
Just wanted to say thanks for the great customer service throughout the sale. I am pleased with the experiance, and will do business with Audio Classics in the future. Thank you. C.W., TX.

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