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Home > Preamplifiers > C2200
McIntosh C2200   Product Brochure [pdf]
Remote controlled Tube Preamp Original List Price: 5100.00

Grade: D1 D1: 3495.00
Physical: Some dents or oxidation - Fair Condition
Electrical: Meets or exceeds original specs, all functions operate
Comments:Needs glass & remote with box & manual.

Grade: B1 B1: 3495.00
Physical: Some light scratches - Excellent Condition
Electrical: Meets or exceeds original specs, all functions operate
Comments:with new remote & LED lighting.
Call for availability

McIntosh C2200
File photo for representation of item. May not be the actual item offered for sale.

Classic tube preamp with meters.
Stereophile Class A rated.
Also sold as C2200SE including LED kit.
See also C2200-FG
Shipping weight: 50 lbs.

Related Categories:   Interconnects    Line Conditioners

Feedback: just a quick email to say I39m extremely happy with the VPI turntable and associated equipment. VPI Aries Scout JMW 9 signature tonearm Dynavector DV20X2H moving coil cartridge and Gingko Cloud -9S Base.We have achieved system synergy as the resultant exceeds the sum of the elements.This is the best outcome I have experienced in a phono section in all my years of HiFi hobbying. Happier than a kid at Christmas Got my old VPI HW 16 Record cleaner in full production and enjoying LP39s from way back in time. You may recall in recent years you have helped me put together an excellent system consisting of a McIntosh C2200 preamplifier MEN220 room correction system Audio Classics ACL9B Power amplifier that has made a fabulous sounding system through my very adequate speakers. The VPI addition has taken it beyond that. Thank you and all the folks at Audio Classics for their help in achieving this outcome all the way over the pond in UK. A very pleased R.H. UK
like to thank mike for helping me build my stereo. mcd500/ c2200/ 2 mc352 and b7 phantoms. I want to take a minute to thank yall for your service. yall are the best in my eyes. a company that helps there customers after the sale. and takes pride in helping there customers. my best to mike. and the team thanks again R.B., TX
the Mcintosh C2200 is awesome..sounds great with the 275..the MX110..sweet..got them paired with Klipsch Reference..Thank you! You guys are the best! M.H., FL
Thanks so very much for your help and guidance. I'll look forward to doing business with you in the future, and would highly recommend Audio Classics to anyone, without reservation! D.K., CA
The C2200 arrived ... The handling, packing, the logistics very impressive. Out of the box the amplifier looked i.m.o. brand new. I thank you so much for all this. Now the sonics ... The C2200 combined with my MC352 is a truly musical instrument. The tonal balance, texture of the instruments Depth ... layer on layer was all very impressive. I'm glad i took this route and again thanks for everything H.G., Australia
I finally got to sit down and carefully listen to the C2200 I ordered from you last week. The unit sounds fabulous; it's built to the highest standards; and the pride of ownership is second to none. Thank you for everything. I'm a happy customer... D.B., TX
Just a quick note --- I received the 2200 pre-amp yesterday --- it looks absolutely new. Thanks again for your help and good advice. J.T., MD.
C2200/MC352 I got them going! I'm literally moved to tears, while I'm the victim of a subtle abduction, strangled in a mellow embrace of sound marvels... I thought I knew what high fidelity is about, but I just realized I was wrong! You never stop learning (and getting amazed)! The "thickness" of the sound is frightening, bass is as deep as can be, the depth and reconstruction of soundstage a world-class reference, the timbrical correctness is just incredible, the black holes surrounding every instrument so black you might get lost into them, the proportions between instruments never matched before, subtle details I heard for the first time from CD's I've known for 20 years and that I've used as reference recordings for a number of times... ! A legendary experience, apparently so unreal that I'm afraid I might be dreaming...! The C2200 is a real monster of accuracy, the M352 a muscle tiger tiptoeing on velvet cushions, and my old Tannoys turned out to provide as good a companionship as anyone would desire, a real miracle! Is my audiophile career at an end? Maybe not, but...should this be the case, I wouldn't mind! My heartfelt gratefulness goes to all those who, a various levels, have given their contribution to make this dream come true. Hoping to see all of you soon again, receive my kindest regards, S. Italy
Just got through about 6 straight hours of listening to these PMC OB1 Speakers. VERY IMPRESSIVE. They sound fantastic. They seem to be a perfect match for the McIntosh C2200, and MC352. The sound is warm, while clear and well defined, with really very good bass response for a smaller Bass Driver. The mid's and highs and very good. From very soft to very loud volumes they perform very well. They never seem stressed or strained at high volumes. They play just the music, and that is just what I want. Thanks for suggesting these to me. M.B., CT
The C2200 has arrived!!! The sound is absolutely wonderful right out of the box! I cannot believe how patient Ryan was with me. He listened to my audiophilia nervosa much like a true therapist. Then he made it all better. Thanks guys!!! T.N. WI.
the items arrived and they are marvelous. Very great sound. Thank you again, see you next business. All the best E.C., Italy
The McIntosh C2200 preamplifier and the MC 275 power amplifier arrived in perfect condition..... Before installing the MC275, I spent about an hour listening to the C2200 connected to the MC300 power amp. I am your typical skeptic, and honestly didnít expect to hear any great difference between the C40 and the C2200. Man was I surprised, and elated. As good as the C40 preamp is, the C2200 adds a greater depth to the sound stage, and removes a thin sonic vale that I wasnít aware existed until it was removed. The C2200 sounded very good with the MC300. If I hadnít also purchased the MC275, I would have been happy with the C2200 and MC300 combination.... With the McIntosh C2200 connected to the MC275, I got down to some serious listening .... All I can say right now is, itís like rediscovering my entire music collection all over again, maybe even reawakening a small part of the joy from my wild and wooly younger days. Itís that good. The overall sound is very liquid, ultra involving, transparent, absolute black silence, and rich dynamic peaks with no hint of aggression. The music just flows, with a truly believable reality to the sound. I was apprehensive that 75 watts per channel might not be adequate, but I now know it is plenty of power. To just say I am pleased would be an understatement. I am thrilled with the improvements, the clarity, the warmth, the immediate involvement without apologies. Had I known I was missing so much, I would have made these changes sooner..... I now have the warm welcoming glow of tubes emanating their golden aurora into my room. I love to listen to music in the dark. With the lights off, the MC275 amp, with its tube cage in place, almost looks like glowing embers in a fire place. Very soothing. The controls on the C2200 are flawless. The software approach to control functions has been implemented well. It affords the end user a level of customization unheard of just a few years ago. And that volume control is a joy to use. It is so smooth. One caveat though, at this time the jury is still out on whether or not I will miss the variable loudness compensation control on the C40. I have grown accustomed to this control from as far back as my old MA230. It works so well at low volume, like dinner time. Needless to say... I am very happy with my purchase from Audio Classics. Both the C2200 and the MC275 are flawless in every way. Your opinions and guidance were a valuable part of my purchase decision, and very much appreciated. .... It is pretty close to heaven. The remote control is very cool, too. It lights up in soft blue with the touch of any button, really handy. I must not be the only one who likes to listen to music in the dark. When all is said and done, you can expect me to be a return customer. Audio Classics has the magic. Thank you very much. J.D., FL.
Well it's been a couple weeks and I wanted to pass on to you how happy I am with the C2200. My system is sounding better and better each day. R.P., MD
Thanks again for helping me "do the right thing" and plunge for the C2200! My cabin deserves it! It really was funny, though, that here I need to truly sweat a difference of $300 and you have customers who spend $1 million on a home theater system!! Should've listened to my grandma and become a doctor! :) J.M., MD
At last, we take some time to thank you. The amps sound really fantastic and indeed everything arrived on time and in a perfect condition...The MC402 and C2200 together with the Sonus Faber Elipsa are just amazing, so much space and air. I think the Elipsa really needed a powerful amplifier and the MC402 is perfect. The MA6900 with the Sonus Faber Cremona is fantastic, as beautiful as we expected. This integrated amplifier is such a good value and sounds in the McIntosh way, the way we love. Thank you again for everything. A.R.& D.C., France
Now gear with the Audio Classics LED kits allready installed is a blessing & i'd be willing to pay a bit extra for such gear,i wouldnt classify putting a better lighting system from AC in Mac gear a mod, more like a must. from AudioKarma.com listing
I got the c-2200 installed and I could not be happier with the setup. I am totally thrilled with the MC-275, just like you said I would. Thanks again. J.C., NC
Just installed my C2200 led mod kit. Great step-by-step instructions. Got it done in a about 1 1/2 hours with the help of my 11 year old son as an assistant on the tight places. The light is a vast improvement from the old bulbs!! The light is a touch deeper blue than my MC402 but very close. Now I can have both meter lights turned on together and see that both are from the same heritage of a Mac. FANTASTIC!!! thanks, V.C., OH
Clean, tight, transparent. What an improvement. Plus, beautiful piece of equipment. I listened to Low Spark. Wow. Also, very impressed with Steely Dan recordings. Listening to too much music. I keeps me off the streets. The DVD is pretty good. Almost HD quality. The TV sound is much improved going from the cable box to pre-amp Thanx againg for the great service and the DVD trial. G.Z., NY
Thanks for the help with my system. You sold me a MC275-IV to go with my C2200......I love this combo. I will stop in and spend more money next time... T.A., NY
Thiel CS3.6, MC352, C2200, MVP831, VPI Scout. Let me tell you the Thiels sound unbelievable with the 352, I kept reading that the 3.6's need huge amounts of power and current... they take every bit of the power that the 352 delivers while sounding effortless... I sit only 5 feet away from them with the meters approaching 350! I could never feed my KEF Reference 3-2's even half this amount. And the Thiel customer service is second to none. Anyway, thought you would be interested in how well these speakers do with McIntosh components. Now all I have to do is buy another MC352 to run bridged mono! Thanks, B.F., OH
Thanks for the info on the (McIntosh) C2200. Am I excited yet? Of course! I love this hobby. And, thanks to you, I have a system that is reaaaallllllly fun. The Churchills are amazing and the MC2000 is the cat's meow. You know how you buy a pair of speakers and then after a while you get used to the way they sound you kinda lose interest? Well, not so with the Tannoys. Ohhhhh nooooo. Quite the opposite. They just keep getting better. Those puppies make MUSIC! Anyway... lemme know when the preamp comes in and I will drive to Binghamton to visit and pick it up. My wife wants to know why we don't get a tax refund any more! Cheers, M.N., VA
Re: McIntosh C2200, MC352, MCD205, Nautilus 801s RY COODER AND DANS FLASHLIGHT are performing well. (We are) are awash in two channel splendor thanks to your superb selection of wonderful instruments and outstanding installation...I cant recall spending some twenty thousand dollars in a more pleasant satisfying manner. I would have written sooner if my relaxed state of mind permitted. I'll be calling soon for further insights into the windmills of two channel and the likes....AND now some COUNT BASIE, ELLA, EMANUEL AX, YOYO MA, FLEETWOOD MAC, JOAN BAEZ and on and on and on.........N.G. NJ
The C2200 sounds great! Am really enjoying it. Actually have not been able to log that many hours on it yet, but what I have heard is mighty fine. Thanks so much for all your help in getting me the unit. Sure is a pretty piece of equipment. Looking forward to some extended listening .... Hey, does the MR 85 come in a gold trim version? You know how it is... now that I have all those unused inputs on the preamp and all... Mac rules, M.N., VA

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