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Diamond needles do wear out with use. In one year, playing one LP a day can cause record damaging needle wear. To properly inspect a needle for wear requires a good microscope. Yet, microscopes used in most stereo stores are adequate to show only gross wear that will cause serious damage to the delicate groves of your valuable records. Audio Classics has a $6800 Wild-Heerbrugg Laboratory Research Stereomicroscope. This instrument shows in greatest detail the record contact areas of your needle. At Audio Classics, you can see, with the aid of the stereo-microscope, the true condition of your needle. FACT - Up to 40% of new needles are in some way defective. You cannot buy a defective needle or an improperly calibrated and adjusted record player at Audio Classics because every new needle is inspected using the Wild-Heerbrugg laboratory Research stereo-microscope. In addition, the needle you buy will be installed on your turntable, the turntable will be electronically adjusted and balanced (at no charge) to insure you against abnormal needle or record wear. Audio Classics is committed to you, your enjoyment and your peace of mind.

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We have 56 listings of Cartridges on Tuesday, Sep 21. Showing items 1 to 30.

Clarkstan GAUGE Clarkstan phono needle gauge 29.00

pic Denon DL103 Low output MC cartridge .3mv NEW 299.00

pic Denon DL103R Low output MC .25mv NEW 449.00
B1 299.00

pic Denon DL110 High output MC cartridge 1.6mv NEW 350.00

Diamant VM2102 Replacement Stylus For Some ? 10.00

Dynavector DRTXV1S .26mv low output cartridge 5650.00

Dynavector DRTXV1T .35mv low output cartridge 9450.00

Dynavector DV10X5-MKII 2.8 mV Moving Coil NEW 750.00

Dynavector DV10X5-MKII-L Low mV Moving Coil 750.00

Dynavector DV17DX Karat Low Output Moving Coil 2250.00

pic Dynavector DV20X2H High Output Moving Coil NEW 1150.00

Dynavector DV20X2L Low Output Moving Coil NEW 1150.00

Dynavector TE-KATORA-RUA .26mv low output cartridge 3450.00

Dynavector XX2MK2 .28 mv Cartridge 1995.00

pic Grado BLACK3-P P-Mount Entry Level Grado 80.00

Grado BLUE1 2nd Step up Cartridge 125.00

Grado BLUE2 2nd Step up Cartridge 125.00

pic Grado GREEN3 1st Step up Cartridge 99.00

McIntosh MC-SP-07 Latest Moving Coil cartridge for MT-10 999.00

McIntosh MCC10 MT-10 Moving Coil Cartridge 699.00

McIntosh MCC1000 see Medusa MC Cartridge 699.00

McIntosh MCC10RP Stylus Retip for MCC10 900.00

McIntosh MCC800 see Clement MC Cartridge 399.00

pic Ortofon 2M-BLACK Nude Shibata Diamond NEW 695.00

pic Ortofon 2M-BLACK-LVB250 Nude Shibata Diamond Boron NEW 999.00

Ortofon 2M-BLACK-VERSO Nude Shibata Diamond 744.00

pic Ortofon 2M-BLUE Nude Elliptical Diamond MM Universal 239.00

Ortofon 2M-BLUE/SH4 Nude Elliptical Diamond with headshell 282.00

pic Ortofon 2M-BRONZE Nude Fine Line Elliptical Diamond MM Universal 419.00

pic Ortofon 2M-BRONZE-VERSO Nude Fine Line Elliptical Diamond MM Universal 455.00

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