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Home > Receivers > MAC4100
McIntosh MAC4100   Product Brochure [pdf]
AM/FM Stereo, 75WPC Powerguard Original List Price: 1999.00

Grade: B1 B1: 1599.00
Physical: Some light scratches - Excellent Condition
Electrical: Meets or exceeds original specs, all functions operate
Comments:with cherry cabinet.

McIntosh MAC4100
File Photo for Representation of item. May not be the actual item offered for sale.

AM/FM Stereo, 75 W/Ch, Power Guard, 5 Band EQ.
Shipping weight: 65 lbs.

Related Categories:   Interconnects    Speaker Cable    Line Conditioners

Feedback: ... the Mac arrived on schedule and everything operates as advertised. The receiver sounds great. I had forgotten how well my speakers sound with a good receiver. Been putting up with an inferior for far too long. Thank you for taking care of me. P.B., MI
Audio Classics has consistently provided me excellence in service and equipment for over 30 years and is second to none. My new from Audio Classics MAC4100 is more beautiful sound from Binghamton and Audio Classics in the house to go along with my other “Black Beauties” from Binghamton and Audio Classics. Ryan Kilpatrick is the best…C.G., IL
Receiver FM sounds superb ! Thanks for everything ! W.F., OH
Just a short note to thank you for the exceptional work you did on my MAC4100 Receiver. It sounds absolutly wonderful, as good or better than when it was new. Not only that, but it looked new too. I was somewhat concerned sending my Mac to NY from Kansas. Needless to say that was not a problem Thank you and your team for the outstanding work. C.K., KS
It was very well packaged, and we were happy to see that the machines appearance was so clean. We connected everything for trial before changing the cartridge on our turntable, and it was a wonderful experience. We have a couple of large (25 tall) Advent speakers that weve had since 1972. Weve always felt that they were outstanding, but when we tried them with the new Mac, it was like they had come to life for the first time. Wed been spending the week prior to the shipments arrival talking about which albums cds and dvds to try first, and without question, we knew that the first song on the phonograph had to be Fred Neils Ive Got a Secret. The room was filled with dynamic sounds, and we were both in tears. Fantastic! We tried a few more albums to play with the equalizer. Our old equalizer had slide controls and the frequencies were allocated differently, so it was strange to get used to the new knobs, but they all work, and we are amazed by the presence of the voices and various instruments. They are placed more distinctly within the room. This really improves our listening with our classical music albums. We are so happy to hear the viola darmor this clearly. Our E. Power Biggs on various European organs wowed us with more throb and twinkle than weve ever heard. Next, we tried our cd player with the Beach Boys Kokomo. Great! Then we checked out our dvd player with Steve Vais Bad Horsie. Oh, man, this is how its supposed to be. We held on to a wooden table and felt the vibrations, surprised that even this could be so improved. We have some jazz that is only available to us on tape (Paul Desmond); so we tried that out, and it was good too. We also have a tape of Harvey Mandel and Jerry Garcia live at the Matrix in 1968 which is terribly muddled and frosty, but we used to listen because we are such rabid fans of Harvey and because Harvey and Jerry complement each other so well and Jerry plays so spicily. Well, we rarely hear it due to the poor quality, but our new system reduces a lot of the frosty muddle, making it easier to freely pay attention to the guitars. Yay! We tried our acoustic Hot Tuna videotape, and it was beautiful. Jack and Jorma blend so well, and the sound was mellow and crips, very full. So, it was time to try the radio tuner, and it works. We are able to find more stations, and the classical stations are greatly improved. So strangely, we may start listening to more radio than ever; unexpected and nice. Well, weve been enjoying getting to hear our old music (From ABBA to Zappa) and all points in between and beyond in new ways. Weve decided that we need the master tapes so that we can do our own engineering on the best equipment, because quality seems to be in great part all about engineering. The drive for better equipment is immediate and strong. Our fairy godmother is on endless vacation, so this is truly wonderful. Thanks again for doing what you do and for making the acquisition such a good experience. JK and BK, FL
Quality is what sells, be it service, products or anything - and to me, McIntosh quality is legendary, not to mention the service and response. To this, I must add that Ryan of Audio Classics is one fine example of a highly customer oriented personnel. My deal with him on the MC2000 (and the MCD7005/MAC4100) in December/early January could not have beem more pleasant and joy! J.S., AudioKarma.com
For used, do contact Audio Classics (price may be a little higher than the ones you get on eBay and the like) but services and quality should be tip top. Especially the service. I know cuz I have bought from them 2 items, the MCD7005 as well as a MAC4100 receiver. Hope you can find what you wanted from the website or better still, email Ryan and surely he will respond. J.S., AudioKarma.com
Just received my new all wood cabinet from "Audioclassics".Very nice,solid tiger maple,finished in a nice dark stain.Installed it on the Mac and it looks like a million bucks.A vast improvement over the original.Good price $149 plus shipping,a little over $220 CANADIAN at my door,10 days,just thrilled. Thanks all at Audioclassics.If you have a MAC4100, look seriously into this it is worth it,a classic receiver now better! B.R. Canada
MAC 1700. (The tuner in that thing is incredible!) Anyway, with the MAC1700 driving my ancient Klipsch Cornwalls and the MAC4100 driving the old Klipschorns in my second system I have an embarassment of sound riches thanks to you - much appreciated! C.G., IL
the MAC4100 I recently purchased from you continues to be an absolute delight - what a beautiful unit! C.D., IL
My Dad loves the MAC4100.The tiger maple panels make the unit look very classy. I just tried out the new cables and it's as if I have a new cd player.C.M. Canada
Received the MAC4100 cherry wood panels today. Absolutely beautiful. Much Much Nicer looking with the cherry. The receiver takes on a whole new "look". J.P.,MA
You did a great job in packing the equipment... I checked the MAC4100. Wonderful! It sounds great and tuner section is a delight. The condition is better than B1! Thank you. J.G, France.
I'm just writing to thank you for all your help. ...the Mac 4100 .... sounds and works great.You all were great. Thanks again, J.R., NY

Convenient payment plans: Audio Classics, Ltd. accepts Mastercard, VISA, Discover and American Express. For Your protection, we thoroughly investigate the validity of all credit card charges. To avoid delays, we prefer to send credit card orders to Your billing address only. You can pay by personal check, postal money order, certified check or bank cashier's check. Personal checks are subject to credit verification and can delay orders up to two weeks. COD orders must be paid by cash, bank check or money order and require a 10% deposit. The deposit can be paid by check or credit card.
Expert Packing: Your purchase is packed in the original shipping container whenever possible. Double boxing is used for extra protection on most items and Your shipment is insured. Large or heavy items can be crated at an additional charge. Audio Classics, Ltd. ships by your choice of UPS, FEDEX, US Mail, BAX, Roadway or Consolidated and you pay the shipping and handling charges.

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