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Home > Amplifiers > MC352
McIntosh MC352   Product Brochure [pdf]
350 WPC See also MC352SE Original List Price: 5399.00 EA

Grade: B1 B1: 3449.00 EA
Physical: Some light scratches - Excellent Condition
Electrical: Meets or exceeds original specs, all functions operate
Comments:with box.

McIntosh MC352
File Photo for Representation of item. May not be the actual item offered for sale.

350 WPC Balanced Amp. Designed by Charlie Randall.
Shipping weight: 160 lbs.

Related Categories:   Interconnects    Speaker Cable    Line Conditioners

Feedback: Many thanks for the fast delivery of the Mcs-... Everything was packed securely, and arrived in 'as new' condition. Everything works perfectly & the aerial picks up all the radio stations we listen too- and the MC352 is sounding great! Again, many thanks- your service & friendless is a credit to Audioclassics! N.K., Australia
The MT-10 is beautiful, and after one tiny hitch, it was up and running. So far, it's like someone replaced my albums with copies that have more stuff on them.... The MCD301 is also wonderful... They are a perfect fit with the C48 and the MC352.... I can't thank you enough for the expert help that Mike provided me through all of this. I was told that to buy used McIntosh from anyone else was just too risky, and I believe that this is true. Thanks again…R.R., NC
Sitting here and living the c2300 for the first time. Sounds great out of the box. More detail and a whole lot more depth. A whole new experience. More important was the level of service you provided in turning around my MC 352. Looks great with the LEDs. I have been in sales my whole life and appreciate when I get smothered with great service. I can't imagine buying anywhere else. D.M., NY
"Outstanding company! Knowledgeable friendly staff. I had the pleasure of dealing directly with owner Steve Rowell, recently with the purchase of a Mac C48 preamp and Mc 352 power amp. Fantastic equipment, fantastic store. Don't hesitate to buy from Audio Classics!!!" P.D. NY
like to thank mike for helping me build my stereo. mcd500/ c2200/ 2 mc352 and b7 phantoms. I want to take a minute to thank yall for your service. yall are the best in my eyes. a company that helps there customers after the sale. and takes pride in helping there customers. my best to mike. and the team thanks again R.B., TX
The MC352 came in loaded on a pallet at my office 2 days earlier than expected. I got it home that night and had it set up and running in my music room within an hour or so and stayed up all night, just listening. It is GREAT with my C48 and my Klipsch H3'S. The condition of the unit is Brand new and is truly a beautiful piece of machinery. The balanced cables and accessories fit perfectly. The MC352 replaced my old MC 7270 which still is a great Amp, just not up to the 20 year newer technology. The MC352 with it's dual balanced circuitry is a major improvement over the very good older amp. The MC 352 preforms outstandingly with it's silky rich sound and it's wide dynamic range which reproduces percussion instruments as they actually sound. The MC 7270 and C28 are now in my shop with my K Horns and all is happy, at least for the moment.Doing business with you was a pleasure and your technical knowledge made it all happen. M.M., LA
.... got (the MC352) amp today. Its really nice. just wanted to take a min. to thank ya for the perfect service. you got a customer for life. still have a few more items to get. R.B., TX
I just wanted to let you know that the MC352 has arrived! Your recommendations and customer service were the best I have ever experienced. The sound of the MC352 is in a word PERFECTION! I listened for hours and just couldn't stop running back to the shelf to grab another CD to audition. Even my fiancé, who I must admit thought I had gone off the deep end with all of the system talk, was right there with me...! The MC352 has made the speakers COME ALIVE into a sound of their own! We look forward to many years of musical BLISS! Thank you and I look forward to my next McIntosh purchase from Audio Classics. J.R., VA
C220 & MC352: Got'em, hooked'em up and played'em all day. I let me friend have the chair all afternoon. He's an old retired guy, I think we're the only 2 audio guys on the island. He was absolutely blown away and may be calling you. .... it's absolutely effortless, smoother, way more dynamic, detailed and very open.....and warm, beautiful. Thanks, I am very happy with my purchase. M.S. HI
You were probably wondering ... FANTASTIC ! I am amazed at the enjoyability of the music this amp creates. As with all your previous recommendations, the MC352 adds to the overall sonic pleasure of my system - actually, I can't imagine the Dahlquists sounding much better. One very tangible thing has been (CD by CD and record by record) a consistent, reduction in the need for the dbx/3BX 'assistance' - probably not a surprise to you, but unexpected by me. Apparently, the passages are being brought out by the raw power, which is not raw at all, just evident. So much for my audio terminology finesse. Overall, the fun of the visit, your attention and helpfulness, and last but not least most generous dealmaking was truly an experience I owe you for. Thanks an awful lot, L.C., PA
Today i received the MC352 :-) Thank you, the shipping an package was very professional. he comes on a pallet. I'm very happy :-) M.S. Switzerland
C2200/MC352 I got them going! I'm literally moved to tears, while I'm the victim of a subtle abduction, strangled in a mellow embrace of sound marvels... I thought I knew what high fidelity is about, but I just realized I was wrong! You never stop learning (and getting amazed)! The "thickness" of the sound is frightening, bass is as deep as can be, the depth and reconstruction of soundstage a world-class reference, the timbrical correctness is just incredible, the black holes surrounding every instrument so black you might get lost into them, the proportions between instruments never matched before, subtle details I heard for the first time from CD's I've known for 20 years and that I've used as reference recordings for a number of times... ! A legendary experience, apparently so unreal that I'm afraid I might be dreaming...! The C2200 is a real monster of accuracy, the M352 a muscle tiger tiptoeing on velvet cushions, and my old Tannoys turned out to provide as good a companionship as anyone would desire, a real miracle! Is my audiophile career at an end? Maybe not, but...should this be the case, I wouldn't mind! My heartfelt gratefulness goes to all those who, a various levels, have given their contribution to make this dream come true. Hoping to see all of you soon again, receive my kindest regards, S. Italy
I was playing the Chris Isaak song Blue Spanish Skies on my stereo at about 35 watts continuous on all four amplifiers and it sounded unreal.The bass was incredible and it made my body feel like it was suspended in mid air. The guitars cascaded like a waterfall through the song and the vocals were deep and powerful but still subtle at the same time. The entire time this was going on my body was pulled into the pulse of the song.It was like an out of body experience without the use of drugs or meditation. McIntosh really hit the nail on the head with this equipment. C.M., Canada
Just got through about 6 straight hours of listening to these PMC OB1 Speakers. VERY IMPRESSIVE. They sound fantastic. They seem to be a perfect match for the McIntosh C2200, and MC352. The sound is warm, while clear and well defined, with really very good bass response for a smaller Bass Driver. The mid's and highs and very good. From very soft to very loud volumes they perform very well. They never seem stressed or strained at high volumes. They play just the music, and that is just what I want. Thanks for suggesting these to me. M.B., CT
the items arrived and they are marvelous. Very great sound. Thank you again, see you next business. All the best E.C., Italy
I have owned and enjoyed McIntosh equipment for over 40 years and I trust McIntosh. Every day I use my C-46 preamp and 352 amp to play compact disks when I exercise in the basement and/or I use my other C46- and 205 CD player upstairs. I have also had a wonderful relationship with Mike at Audioclassics. I will only buy equipment that is made by McIntosh and that Mike sells to me. In these times of disposable everything, it is nice to be happy with a good quality purchase that endures. J.S., VA.
I would like to inform you that it's arrived... (The MC352!! ..... I took half a day off and I went to pick it up with my car.... Wow, was so heavy, It's been a challenge to unpack it and to position it on my hifi rack, but I did it all alone. It is pefect, also packed in a way very professional and safe. In this moment is playing and finally I'm starting to relax. Thanks again to you and all the audioclassics staffs, you are very professional, I hope one day we could met personally. I will start to advertise you to all my friends. R.M., Italy
I just wanted to let you know that the MC352 is everything I hoped for and much more. This thing is just amazing! I thought that my MC150 was great but the MC352 takes the music and emotion to the next level! A pure pleasure to listen to! Thanks for all the help, I am a customer for life! Will talk to you here in a month or so when I purchase the MX406. Many Thanks, M.R., NE
Wow, the amplifier is fantastic. ....The cosmetics is incredible. Sound impressive. A pleasure doing business with you, because there will be more. I apologize for my English. I'm not able to express all my gratitude and joy. S.V., Spain
.... I've been busy listening! I love the Summits and I'm glad I went with them over the vantages. The McIntosh gear is fantastic. I know it is expensive, but I think it is really a great value for the high end world. Thanks again, J.H. NY
I received the MC 352 few days ago : all is perfect! a wonderful sound ! Thanks for your advices; C.G., France
I would like to inform you that it's arrived...(The MC352)!!!!! Wow, was so heavy, It's been a challenge to unpack it and to position it on my hifi rack, but I did it all alone. It is pefect, also packed in a way very professional and safe. In this moment is playing and finally I'm starting to relax. Thanks again to you and all the audioclassics staffs, you are very professional, I hope one day we could met personally. I will start to advertise you to all my friends. R.M., Italy
I've been listenig to the MC352 for all week end. The amp is very good, just what I was looking for. Great ! A.M., Italy
.... both of us were very surprised by what we heard and the difference in sound quality that we were being treated to. Of course, I am sure that the C45 and the MCD201 also contributed to the improvement we heard. Still, I am very confident that a good portion of that is due to the 352. I am very surprised at how good the Proacs now sound. I was debating whether or not I would now also have to improve my speakers, but I don't think that that is necessary anymore. Interestingly enough, the improvement in sound quality of the MR85 really surprised me. Even the digital cable music that I pipe in through my sound system suddenly sounded much better. All this to say that while I expected an improvement, the improvement was more, a lot more than I had anticipated. I think my wife said it best, after spending all kinds of money shopping at the outlet mall and assessing whether or not we got our money's worth, listening to the amp she said, "now that's a worthy buy". So thank you for your advice and for your patience, it's very much appreciated. Please thank Brian for the demo he gave us with the Dream system. R.H., Canada
I have began something I call "listening sessions", with chosen friends, and musical reporters I know. The session open the morning at 10h30 and finish at 15:00. Each person bring one of his favorite record (CD or vinyl) and I play it on my system. Then I look their happy faces, and it's my reward. We drink a glass of wine with some light food, and everybody come back home with a lighter footstep Y.M., France
Well, after some adventures with french administration, and much more money as provided, the MC 352 is at last, arrived well and safe. Comparing with my last Conrad-Johson MF 200, wich wasn'nt bad, the 352 is better everywhere. So now, I think everybody knows this is one one best amplifier on the hi-fi planet and my dream comes true. I was waiting for this moment from 30 years. The particular sound of this amp, is something near silk touch of valves amplifiers, but with powerful very very far from tubes. The difference between a BMW 325, and a Ferrari. My la Scalas blow and sing as never. i've upgraded their filters and now the amp drives them very strongly, but finely. As we say in France "an iron hand in a velvet glove". The most important, may be the only thing to mention here, is the real kindness of the Audioclassics team. A very special mention to my friend Mister Frank Gow. This man is an exceptional person, very rare. So patient with my questions, with my anxiety. Cool, calm, and a great expert. If you need to buy a good machine, the only adress : Audioclassics.Thank you again, Frank, and I think I shall give you some news regulars.Y.RM, France
..the McIntosh MC352 amplifier was delivered. Hooked it up and noticed a big difference in the sound from the Mc2250. Clean and fast, not as warm as the 2250. The construction, sound quality and the physical appearance of this instrument is in a class all of its own. The large meters are easy to read. This instrument is not only pleasing to the ears but to the eyes as well. Massive size & weight. This amplifier is a prime example of the engineering, quality and well thought out design that has separated the McIntosh instruments from all the rest. I highly recommended this amp. M.A., LA.
Good call on that amp. Ah the new mc. Is nice. Thank you for your guidance on the mc352 and the autographed book. The amp and book I will cherish them both for the rest of my life. M.A., LA
Now gear with the Audio Classics LED kits allready installed is a blessing & i'd be willing to pay a bit extra for such gear,i wouldnt classify putting a better lighting system from AC in Mac gear a mod, more like a must. from AudioKarma.com listing
When I was a little kid in the early seventies my dad would wake the whole house up on weekend mornings with lots of classical music, simon & garfunkel, cat stevens, and pancakes..yummm. My dads stereo back then was a Pioneer 4 channel reciver with some huge homemade speakers made by one of my 4 brothers. That system was awesome ! Then as we got a little older my sister started dating this guy Jim, one day in the late seventies I went over to Jims house I saw and heard my first Mcintosh stereo ! From that day I was a Mcintosh person, even though I was only 14 and could not afford such equipment I knew people that could afford it ..so whenever I was around my dad or brothers or anyone who would listen I would tell them to buy a Mcintosh stereo . Dad fell first in the early 80's and bought a whole Mcintosh system 2255 c33 xrt22's thorens turntable, Tandberg reel to reel. That stereo still remains in his home today !! My brother ... fell after dad in the mid 80's and started buying Mcintosh pieces , my cousin .... bought a Mcintosh system with Klipsch spkrs. I got married :-) By the late 80's I had somehow aquired 2 pairs of Mcintosh speakers (xr5's i think ) along with a 2125 amp and c27 preamp !!, I was in heaven . Over the years my brothers ..... have all purchased Mcintosh systems and they are all different . I've listened to alot of systems in my lifetime and lived with an everchanging system my whole life, Ive always owned solid state amps and have been very happy with them ...but somewhere in the back of my mind I always felt I was missing something special for not owning any tube gear . Now , on a hot summer afternoon in Texas the UPS driver pulls up in front of my house ...after I help him get the 1 large box and 1 lighter one thru my front door I start unpacking the Amp and CD player, everything arrived in perfect condition ! After a week of listening to a lot of rock and jazz the mc352 and cd201 is a match made in Solid state heaven !!!!! I am hearing soooo much more information now!! AND any thought I had about buying tube gear has gone right out the window !! The music coming out of my dynaudio speakers is ...well ...So MUSICAL !!! Im still in a state of musical bliss re listening to my whole collection of cd's all over agian !!! I cant say enough how this amp-cd combo is giving me sound like the finest tube gear without tubes !! ... I lOVE YOU GUYS !!! :-) Customer for Life ! M.M., TX
A note to McIntosh from a satisfied Customer: I just thought i would drop you a line to tell you that I fullfilled a dream i had for about 15 years. I was able to afford some used McIntosh Gear from Audio Classics a few weeks ago. Sorry i could not buy new but it took me forever to be able to get whatI got. I know that new equipment sales keeps your company going of course, but for what I wanted it was just out of reach and I couldn't wait any longer to own a piece of McIntosh gear. I was able to pick up a MC352 and C41, and I can tell you that i am in heaven. I am hearing music I never heard before. These pieces have such musical presence it is unbelievable. There are just no words to explain the experience of hearing a McIntosh in your living room for the first time! It was worth the wait, and I would like to say thank you for being a fine company and making some of the most beautiful sounding and looking audio equipment on the planet. Again, I wish I could have bought new, but I was able to get some incredible equipment and start my McIntosh dream off on a good foot. I will some day build on my investment, and hopefully get myself a new MCD201 as soon as possible. Thanks again M.B. CT.
I got the MC352 and C41 about 3 hours ago - hooked it up immediately upon arrival,took the day off work to be here for the UPS truck, turned it on, put in one of my CD's and................. WOW! This was worth the wait. You were great to work with. I already told someone else to call you guys about getting a setup like mine! M.B., CT.
many thankses to you and the staff audioclassics for the splendid one mcintosh mc352 that or received. it still compliments and thanks. m.p. (italy)
I love it it. I can listen all day, it is such a pleasant sound and the realism and clarity are beyond belief. D.I., CT
I finally set up the MC352 this past weekend and it is truly rich to listen to. The clarity and warmth makes my speakers sound so much better. The hard quality is gone and definition improved. What a find! Thanks so much. I look forward to making further improvements at some point and I will call you then. D.I., CT
The MC352 arrived today, and I hooked it up (I even managed to get it into my rack - guess I don't know my own strength!) It sounds wonderful! I'm on my second SACD through it, Thelonious Monk's Straight, No Chaser. (Diana Krall's The Girl in the Other Room was first). I can already tell that this amp is going to log a lot of hours And the condition is excellent...... R.S., IL
I bought mine a few weeks ago from Audio Classics. I couldn't be more happy. Especially with the Service from Audio Classics. Outstanding ! R.M. TX
Couldn't be happier with the AMP. I'd do business with you guys again any day of the week! T.H, MA
This amp is very amazing out of the box. All aspects of my system have improved considerably. The bass response is phenomenal. The gorgeous appearance doen't hurt either. I am sure the sound will improve as the amp breaks in. I can't thank you enough for the great advice and for steering me in this direction. M.D., NY
...thank you. I never thought my B&W 802's could sound as good as they do, the MC352 is a perfect match for these speakers. I've had the Nautilus 802's for about 5 years and now I can see that I never truly heard them before, incredible sound. S.M., PA.
the MC352 arrived... I spent the days inbetween rearranging my entertainment center and running a second dedicated circuit from my main electrical box for the new McIntosh. I converted the new 352 and my other 352 into Mono and hooked them up to my Transparent Ultra speaker cables to my Watt/Puppy 7s. The sound is better than great, it is everything I could want it to be. Like being there is an overused phrase but totally appropriate in this case. There may be something better out there, but who would possibly care. Thank you for your professionalism and friendliness, thank the entire staff at audio classics for truly caring each time I called with a question including Kelly in the business office and Dick in shipping. I have never dealt with a better group of people. I have been excited with new equipment before, but this time I am totally satisfied with my entire system. Thanks again, H.A., FL.
MC500 is slightly older, (1994-1999) and, of course, a bit more powerful, but the MC352 had the Quad-Balanced design that the MC500 lacked. This gives you even lower distortion and better S/N, and is the standard design for our bigger amps today. The MC352 was our best selling amp through out it's model life and Audio Classics offers a kit to convert it to the Fiber optic/LED lighting so the bulbs wont burn out. Unless you have a very inefficient speaker that needs the extra watts of the MC500, I would go with the 352. Chuck Hinton of McIntosh Tech Support
Thiel CS3.6, MC352, C2200, MVP831, VPI Scout. Let me tell you the Thiels sound unbelievable with the 352, I kept reading that the 3.6's need huge amounts of power and current... they take every bit of the power that the 352 delivers while sounding effortless... I sit only 5 feet away from them with the meters approaching 350! I could never feed my KEF Reference 3-2's even half this amount. And the Thiel customer service is second to none. Anyway, thought you would be interested in how well these speakers do with McIntosh components. Now all I have to do is buy another MC352 to run bridged mono! Thanks, B.F., OH
..... in shipping for doing such a great job in preparing my MC352 for shipment ..... It arrived in perfect condition... D.vZ., MI
RE MC352 : This is one awesome amp!! Just what the B&W 801's needed to make them sound off. I am now using it for the low end with the MC275 driving the mid/highs.Just finished listening to Beethoven's Emperor piano concerto. The sound was fantastic, probably the best rendition I have heard. A.G., AR.
The MC352 arrived today. WOW! It is in great shape. Now that it is all set up I can not believe how good my speakers sound. I was starving them with the 100 Watts from the MC7106. Ernie, you did better than right by me, and I really appreciate it. R.R., OK. I wanted to let you know how much I am loving the MC352 C2200 combo with the WattPupps. Way cool. Thanks again. C.B., MN.
RE MC352 : This amp has now been here for a few days.Brilliantly packed and working very well. Really a pleasure doing business with you. J.D., South Africa
First of all, let me tell you how much i enjoy the MC 352 you’ve selled me in January, and how I was enthusthiastic with your professionalism in shipping, informing and so on… It was magic: on Monday afternoon I’ve ordered and paid on your website, and the amp was in my house on Friday, near Paris…JM. A., France
the performance of the (MC)352 vs. the (MC)300 is definitely noticeable - I like it alot! - weighs a ton though - Lucky for me I can't afford (well - spend the money on) one of their bigger ones........yet! Can't help but think that Mac must get some sort of twisted satisfaction everytime they sell something and the poor buyer has to bust a nut moving and unpacking one of their products... Oh well the amp is everything you reported. J.R. NY
As expected, the new McIntosh pieces are wonderful. I admit initially having low expectations for the (MR85) tuner but was quite surprised in the overall tonal quality improvement and reception ...almost CD quality sound and imaging using a cheap Radio Shack dipole antenna! The new MC352 far exceeded my expectations also. It literally transformed my whole system! I'm no longer needing to use the tone controls and the loudness switch to compensate for inadequate bass and excess treble. It gave dynamics to the system that just were not present with the MC162. And, the speakers are also transformed from merely good to now much better balanced, less excess treble and now a strong, full bass, with great imaging ..... I don't know if you've ever heard what a MC352 does for the SL-6 speakers, but I think that even you what be quite pleasantly surprised! Looking forward to my next McIntosh upgrade.W.R., NY
Re: McIntosh C2200, MC352, MCD205, Nautilus 801s RY COODER AND DANS FLASHLIGHT are performing well. (We are) are awash in two channel splendor thanks to your superb selection of wonderful instruments and outstanding installation...I cant recall spending some twenty thousand dollars in a more pleasant satisfying manner. I would have written sooner if my relaxed state of mind permitted. I'll be calling soon for further insights into the windmills of two channel and the likes....AND now some COUNT BASIE, ELLA, EMANUEL AX, YOYO MA, FLEETWOOD MAC, JOAN BAEZ and on and on and on.........N.G. NJ

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